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Full Moon Ritual with Reiki and Four Elements

Article by Reiki Master Moumita Rudra

I have been practicing moon phases for long now and I really enjoy doing them. I combine my moon rituals with Reiki. The beauty of Reiki is, it enhances the power of everything we do, for our highest good and best interest and also, Reiki can be used in many beautiful ways. Hope you find this helpful.

In this ritual we will use four elements – water, earth, air and fire.

We can do this on full moon day and/or 1 day before and after full moon as well.

You will need:

  • 1 white candle (Fire element), regular size
  •  1 clay pot (Earth Element)
  • 1 glass bowl and water ( Water element)
  • If you wish, some fresh petals / Essential oil to sprinkle around the space
  • One white paper and a pen
  • A glass of drinking water / green tea
Full Moon Ritual with Reiki and Four Elements

For better understanding, I will break down the steps:

  • Create a sacred space
  • Clear the energy of the space with Reiki or any other modalities which you are comfortable with. I sprinkle salt and smudge the space
  • Sit comfortably at a place where no one will disturb you for 20/30 minutes
  • Keep the earthen / clay pot in front of you
  • Keep the glass bowl filled with water in front of you
  • Light up the candle. You can dress the candle with essential oil and charge it with Reiki
  • Take few deep breaths and relax completely
  • Ground yourself and call for protection – either by calling Archangel Michael or create a egg shell like shield around you
  • Call upon your Reiki guide, masters, angels and anyone with whom you work closely
  • Draw and invoke the symbols you are attuned to around you – over your head, all four corners and below you
  • You can play any soft music during the process
  • Now focus on the flames of the candle – as long as you can. If you are doing this for the first time, you might have a slight head ache. You can close your eyes anytime if you feel any discomfort
  • Now visualize mentally the areas you want to work on – anything that is bothering you and anything that you want to release from you
  • You can scan your body mentally – from toe to head, scan each and every part of your body very carefully and try to see if you can see any blocks or patches
  • Mentally keep a note of every discomfort you can see or feel. Make a mental note of any unhealthy attachment which you want to release
  • Now take the white paper. Draw the power symbols in all the four corners. If you are not attuned to any symbol then leave this part
  • Now write “I am willing to release the following …” then write down the areas you have visualized or felt to release during your meditation. It can be anything. Do not judge. Just write down
  • At the end write your name expresses the attitude of gratitude
  • Mentally draw the Master Symbol if you are attuned to it
  • Now burn the paper in the candle and have the intention that the universe has taken the worries and the problematic areas from you. You are free!!!
  • One the paper is burn, leave it on the clay pot or bury the ashes in mother earth
  • Wash your wand in the bowl water ( here you can have few rose petals or any other flower you like. If you do not have petals, you can put some essential oil also )
  • Conclude the entire process by thanking Reiki, your guides, angels and everyone

Dispose the water, petals and melted candle on earth.

During this, you may feel dizzy or have a headache. If you feel any discomfort, you can either stop it or take a break. I will suggest meditating at least for 20 minutes to 30 minutes for the best outcome.

The best area to perform this is under the Full Moon, if you have an open space. If you do not have any open space, you can sit near window, balcony or even your altar.

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Moumita Rudra

Moumita Rudra

Moumita is a Reiki Master Teacher, a spiritual healer who practices Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, Soul Mate Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and some more. She is also a tarot and oracle card reader. She offers in online/distance tarot consultation healing, as well in-person consultation. She also communicates with angels and believes that the angels are always around us looking forward to guide anyone who needs it.
Her journey into healing has been magical where she was chosen by Reiki over various situations and gradually revealed beautiful insights of life, spirituality and healing.
She is now a fulltime mother, raising her daughter with love, kindness and compassion with a dream to pass on the beauty of healing to her offspring.
She quit her 12 years long corporate job recently to spend more time with her daughter and doing things that she really loves and enjoys doing. Healing is one of them.
She created her Facebook page The Healing Space by Moumita in 2015 with a dream of spreading more joy, love and awareness. She believes that we all come to this earth to spread love and spiritual awareness can help to spread love.

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