Salutation to Sun and Reiki


Article by Vimi Karnik

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

How very true! Sun has the power to create as well as erase the shadows. Sun is the epitome of divineness. Salutation to Sun, also known as Surya Namaskar, is said to have its origin in India. In India, sun is worshipped as God and a source of incessant energy and power. The most ancient scripture of Hindus – Rigveda defines ‘Surya’ (Sun) as the soul of stationary as well as moving beings. The Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a way of acknowledging sun’s divine power. It is performed at dawn facing the rising sun. Surya Namaskar, as performed traditionally, is a series of 12 positions merged together one after the other. It is a rigorous exercise benefitting the physical as well as mental health. These 12 positions involve stretching and bending. So at times it becomes difficult for people to perform. For them the Japanese tradition of Salutation to Sun with Reiki can prove to be an ideal way to absorb the dynamism of sun.

Following steps can be followed to offer Salutation to Sun with Reiki

  • Stand in open facing the sun. ( preferably at dawn)
  • Draw Cho Ku Rei with cone fingers in air to seal the energy.
  • Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and connect Sun’s energy with you.
  • Stand with your hands joined near Heart Chakra.
  • Thank the sun twice for existing and letting its energy flow in the Universe.
  • Clap your hands twice to remove any negativity surrounding you. Clearing away the negativity will help you remain focused.
  • Now chant the following mantra thrice
    Harae – Tamae (Cleanse all)
    Kiyome – Tamae (Purify all)
    Mamoni – Tamae (Protect all)
    Sakihae – Tamae ( May all beings be happy)
  • After this chant the traditional Japanese Sun Mantra ‘A – Ma – Te – Ra – Su Oo Mi – Kami’
  • Now bend your knees and raise both the hands towards sun so that the tip of your thumb and the tip of your index finger of left hand touch the tip of your thumb and the tip of your index finger of right hand thereby making a heart shaped window. Watch the sun with naked eyes for 6 to 8 seconds through this ‘window’. (Watching more than this can damage your eyes.) Experience the energy of the sun flowing to you and allow it to concentrate on Third Eye chakra.

    Salutation To Sun And Reiki
    Image by Bill Young
  • Now we can focus this energy of the sun at all the chakras starting from the Crown chakra. Maintain the position of open heart shaped window with your hands just above your Crown chakra without actually touching it. Imagine a violet or white ball showering energy upon you. (The color of the ball is associated with the color of the chakras) Stop for a while to experience vitality.
  • Then slowly take your hand to the Third Eye chakra so that the tip of your thumbs is in the direction of your forehead and the ‘window’ is parallel to the ground. Visualize an indigo or deep blue ball sprinkling energy upon your Third Eye chakra. Maintain the position for a while.
  • Likewise treat each chakra with the help of the ‘window’ created by your hands. Most importantly allow the sun’s energy to be absorbed by your Root Chakra as this energy will then spiral up to revitalize all your chakras.
  • Now bend down from waist with fingers pointing towards the ground. Let the excess energy be transmitted to Mother Earth.
  • Repeat the whole cycle twice.
  • Now make a Chi-ball and put your intention into it. Chant the Japanese mantra ‘Kamnagara – Tamachi – Haemasa’. (Let the divine flourish everywhere) and release the Chi-ball in the Universe.
  • Draw Cho Ku Rei and thank the Sun God for eternal energy.
  • Repeat the exercise daily.

As we begin our day soaking up the celestial and perennial power of sun, we are ensured of boundless energy and positivity. There are many benefits of Salutation to Sun with Reiki. I’m enumerating a few.

  1. Cleanses mind and body.
  2. All the senses become more alert.
  3. Enhances our sixth sense.
  4. Improves the function of heart.
  5. Boosts up blood circulation.
  6. Amplifies physical strength.
  7. Thyroid gland is stimulated thereby controlling thyroid or goiter.
  8. Helps in problems related to reproductive organs.
  9. Improves the quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers.
  10. Will remove toxicity and negative thoughts making space for positive thoughts.
  11. Helps us in grounding.

So, take time from your busy schedule and offer your prayers and gratitude to the sun through ‘Surya Namaskar’.

Vimi Karnik

Vimi Karnik

Vimi could safely say that she didn’t find Reiki, but Reiki found her. Apart from being a teacher in one of the reputed schools in Surat, Gujarat, India, she is a Reiki channel and Angel Card Reader. Vimi is planning to learn more and go deeper into spiritual healing. She likes to travel to different places and is an avid reader.


  1. Nice idea, a god way to start ones day energized by the sun, I wonder do you have an exercise for the Full Moon as well ??

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