The Hug Therapy with Reiki


Article by Harshitha Ram

Why do we suffer? Do we suffer? Does suffering exist at all? The answer to all of these is ingrained within us. Any situation that causes pain or distress leads to acute suffering. Suffering and anger are relative when it comes to mental illness. Suffering is a mode that we choose to express our worry or anxiety.

There is no or actual mental suffering that exits in reality. Let’s keep it simple and leave aside the physical pain due to diseases and the like. Taking alone the mental illness will be dealt here. We live to experience life and actually have no idea, as to what events or instances we would witness. It could be something the way we wanted and we tend to embrace it and call it a good one. Whereas, there could be a situation that turnout otherwise. Now this is what we call a bad or a disheartening one. How do we overcome this? The answer is a simple “ACCEPTANCE”, but it takes a lot of seasoning of the mind to gain such an attribute or rather the practice of Reiki will give or perhaps create such an attribute of acceptance within oneself.

Accepting the situation and living in reality has a long way to a successful, peaceful, and a meaningful life by creating a stable and a powerful existence. How do we work our way to acceptance?

We often hear people say “ hey move on’, that’s the way it is, or that’s life and so on so forth. We in such vulnerable situation will feel hurt to hear such statements. In an ideal situation we can actually move on and work our way forward by spending some time to factually understand the event. Ask the below questions to yourself:

  1. What is the actual situation?
  2. What exactly happened or which incident made you feel provoked?
  3. What makes you feel otherwise?
  4. What did you expect of this situation?
  5. Why did it not turn out the way you thought or wanted?
  6. What was your part to such a result?
  7. What implications you might have (had) being in this situation?
  8. How better this situation would have changed if not for such results?

When you split the issues of a particular incident it is useful to find a lot more information or will understand the basis in its true sense.

Now your perception changes, and you will literally begin to appreciate that tiny expression of gratitude, feel the other side of the story or a sensible statement that was uttered by the counter-part involved in the situation. At last, when you realise it is not for your mistake that lead to the result, you are at ease and sure will feel the comfort of doing to the best of your ability for a better outcome. This eventually will lead to acceptance of reality.

Hug Therapy Reiki

Use Reiki to heal every incident or analysis of the situation and also to your counter-part who actually hurt or had caused a discomfort to you. Request them to accept your love and peace. You may use symbols like Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, three times and at the end of the session imagine that you hug each other and say to yourself that you will have an enduring relationship with them and have no loose ends to any problems or misunderstandings. Also tell yourself that you feel good about the situation and it’s for the highest good. If you’re unable to imagine a virtual hug there is always a cute teddy, which you can use for the Reiki session.

Try it; this is an amazing way to make yourself stronger. The truth is everybody is going to give you some experience in life, which we can’t control but what we can control is our own ability of a clear and a strong mind that paves way to joy. Being punished by anger or mental illness is undesirable; the hug therapy will certainly evacuate such unpleasant feeling. We become what we think; so let your thoughts devolve with positive energy as it is better to work out on our own salvation.

Good luck,
With love and light

Harshitha Ram
Harshitha Ram

Harshitha is a Lawyer and an International Arbitrator by profession. Being a Usui Reiki Master, she has a deep passion for Reiki and practices in every walk of life. She has been attuned at the age of 14 and since then she is specializing in Idol energy practice coupled with Reiki. She has over 15 years of rich practice and her work also include metaphysical connect through distance healing and intuitive notions. Her personal experience of Reiki on humans, animals, plants, objects, and idols have intensely helped her in sourcing love, peace, solution and happiness. She will be glad to connect with people interested in learning, healing or seeking supportive atmosphere. Harshitha can be reached at


  1. I love reikie n personally ll bless ppl who have been mean n nasty to me. Its der evil karma. But u must not maintain relationship with dem, it encourages der bad behaviour. U cud pray dey come to straight path but u do not have to connect to dem. Eves teasers cant be hugged or d gals supporting dem. U can pray for dem tp come on right path n u move away from d situation for everyones good. Allah created us n all our actions being a woman ia very difficult. Forgive everyone n pray d bad ppl are removed from ur life for der n urs highest good.

  2. Being a woman alone is difficult n being in a world where women are women’s enemy are worse. But reikie is ur frd, it brings ppl in ur life who become ur strength n help u to pass d hurdle. In d end pray n bless ppl who are mean to u, it takes courage to do that. Forgive and move on. The worst part is when ppl tell u its a misunderstanding n color d picture wrong. U still forgive n bless dem. Forgive n bless d place n move on.

  3. Ur technique works when u know der is no malice behind anyones action. But when u know der is malice n self interest, via reikie u gain higher perspective of things n forgive dem. Forgive nosy men n women. Liking someone or admiring someone is not wrong but u cannot cross d line of throwing urself on dem when dey dont like u at all, or being nosy in der life, thats evil. I like ppl, but i wish dey they are happy n get married. Bless everyone in ur life bad or good cause dey teach u lesson to grow n forgive bless dem n leave d place. Riekie always supports good intention n u ll find frds who help u like angels to overcome d bad. Reikie teaches bless everyone in ur session for der highest good, keep no grevience for anyone. Via reikie world gets more forgiving n more beautiful. So when u leave d place u r happy n all r happy.

  4. I love reikie and it has taught me to keep no malice for anyone, cut ur cords regularly n i personally pray to everyone I have been hurt by or hurt dat v all are blessed in our own way. Everyone’s journey is different n u cannot compare each others life. V get wat god has decreed for us, so I don’t understand ppl getting unhappy with others happiness. But at d end if d day v all ll go to same source so v must forgive. I cannot to to d level of being frds wid ppl who hve malice or were bad, but I forgive everyone n bless dem n pray to d source v all are healthy, happy n prosperous n der is positivity. N sometimes for ur own good u must leave a place for u need to fly….n dey need to grow der.

  5. Your technique is perfect too, it ll help to give peace n bless d situation. For reikie teaches us to be a better person. I have noticed since I do reikie no matter wat ppl hve done I forgive n can never behave d way dey dem. Have compassion for dem. Ur technique to assess the situation is perfect too. Very nice article, thankyou x!

  6. I love this page n love ur articles, Reikie found me in 2010 n since then I have never looked back, this page is very sacred cause its shares reikie principles. Its my dream to attune everyone to reikie whom I meet so dey r healed n are happy????????????????. Thankyou for writing, loads n loads og good wishes to u xxxxx!

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