Case Study: Warding Off Evil Spirits through Tiger Reiki


Article by Jhilmil Golande

Few days ago I got a call from my client. Lets name her Mindy. She was in deep distress. She suspected that she was under the attack of evil spirits and further complained of lack of concentration, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and so on. After hearing Mindy’s problems, I closed my eyes and meditated on the Reiki technique which would ward off the evil spirits. My mind immediately got struck with Tiger Reiki technique.

Following are the steps:

1. I grounded myself by imagining that roots are coming out from my feet and digging into the core of mother earth.
2. I shielded myself with the white golden light.
3. Invoked 3 times: Dear God, Archangels, spirits guides please help me in warding off evil spirits from Mindy’s aura through Tiger Reiki.
4. I have connected to Mindy through HSZSN.
5. I have activated Tiger Reiki through ”Hu“ symbol.

Tiger Reiki
Image by Hans

6. I called upon my guardian tiger to assist me with this process.
7. I sensed presence of evil spirits through aura scan and sacred whiskers symbols ( All lines to be drawn inwards). I could feel pain and tingling sensations in my hands.
8. I then drew the same sacred whiskers symbol around Mindy’s aura by drawing all the lines in outward direction.
9. I visualised that all the evil spirits have vanished through the roaring sound of my guardian tiger. I then sealed the treatment with CKR.
10. I affirmed that I have been successful in removing evil spirits from Mindy’s aura.
11. I again grounded, shielded myself and brushed my auras at the end of the treatment.
12. I thanked everyone ( God, Archangels, My Spirit Guides, My Guardian Tiger, Mindy, Myself and Tiger Reiki, Mother Earth) in the Tiger Reiki process.


I got a call next day from Mindy, saying that she slept peacefully last night without any fear of evil spirits.

You can also do this treatment for a week to completely ward off from evil spirits.

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Jhilmil Golande

Jhilmil Golande

Jhilmil Golande has done graduation in Civil Engineering followed by Post graduation in Construction Management. She quit her job in a renowned Real Estate company to follow the Divine path of Reiki. Reiki has changed her life in many ways. She specializes in Magnified Healing, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Magic Reiki, Money Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Quan Yin Lavender Flame, Tiger Reiki and Tarot Card Reading. She, along with her sister Charisma Phatak, own Supreme Reiki Center at Pune, India. She can be reached at


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