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Article by Vimi Karnik

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”– Anne Christian Buchanan

The feeling of becoming a mom is the feeling which does not have any parallel. This most divine and ecstatic feeling will also have you on a roller coaster ride of euphoria. The exhilaration and consciousness of carrying a life within you cannot be expressed with mere words. The waiting period of nine months is cherished with eagerness and in anticipation to have the life that you have created in your own hands and there are no two opinions that it is worth waiting for.

The long wait sometimes can be accompanied with some physical discomforts and mood swings. But the small bundle of joy that you will bring into this world is worth all the restlessness and apprehension. And to aid you through these months, Reiki can be your support system.

Reiki – the pure unadulterated energy is proved to be safe during all stages of pregnancy. As the child, initially a fetus, is within you and a part of you, this energy will automatically flow and encompass the child.

During pregnancy it is common for the expectant mother to feel physical discomforts like nausea, acidity, vomiting, swelling on feet, high blood pressure, fatigue etc. Most of these complaints can be abated by giving Reiki to the Sacral Chakra.

Reiki For Moms To Be
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In fact, all the chakras are overactive in the body of a pregnant woman. During that time, the body is very sensitive to any form of toxins – be it toxic wastes or toxic energies. The body detoxifies itself and then the toxic wastes are released in the form of vomiting, nausea, emotional outbursts and so on. This detoxification is directly related to the hormonal changes in woman and it is the result of overactive chakras. These overactive chakras can be balanced through Reiki. But at no point of time during pregnancy should the pregnant lady discontinue her doctor’s consultation and prescribed medicines.

While giving healing to the pregnant lady, one can follow the following procedure:

  • Prepare the room by lighting the candle and incense sticks.
  • Play soft music.
  • Draw power symbol Cho Ku Rei in the air in all four corners of the room to seal the energy.
  • Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and call upon Archangel Gabriel to connect with the expectant mother. Archangel Gabriel will be a constant source of strength and love during pregnancy.
  • Let energy flow through the expectant mother with the intention of balancing the chakras so that both mother and child are grounded and protected.
  • Give special attention to Sacral Chakra while giving Reiki.
  • Say the following prayer invoking Archangel Gabriel’s blessings. “I now invoke your divine assistance in the form of blessings to (Name of the expecting mother) so that she may draw strength from the Universe and accept the gift of the child nurturing in her womb. Please shower your eternal blessings on the child developing in her womb. Embrace them and take them under your wings. Amen.”
  • Repeat the whole exercise twice a week during pregnancy.

Then the day comes when the wait is over and the expectant mother is in labor. Draw HSZSN and call upon Archangel Gabriel to hold her hand and let the energy flow for the smooth delivery of the baby. Roughly at the time when umbilical cord is cut, call upon Archangel Michael, the healer of the past karmas, to cut the cords of the new born baby from its past life, so that he/she can easily step across the threshold of his/her past life without having its shadow on the present life. The new born baby will also adjust well with the new environment after leaving the mother’s womb.

Thank Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael and rejoice in the celebration of the new life…..

Vimi Karnik

Vimi Karnik

Vimi could safely say that she didn’t find Reiki, but Reiki found her. Apart from being a teacher in one of the reputed schools in Surat, Gujarat, India, she is a Reiki channel and Angel Card Reader. Vimi is planning to learn more and go deeper into spiritual healing. She likes to travel to different places and is an avid reader.


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