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Hone Your Intuition with Reiki

Article by Sue Wang

At its essence, Reiki is about giving peace and love to others. The release, relaxation contributes to healing of the body and mind. For me, this beautiful energy also brings the gift of intuition, information from helpers and angels. It enriches the work within ourselves and with a client.

I had experienced the magic brought on by the high vibration of Reiki when I was being attuned to Level One. I heard “Hello, Mommy!” as my teacher worked over my head. It was Jonah, a newborn I lost sixteen years ago. I had communed with him only once when I was in trance with a hypnotherapist. Others in the room for the attunement also felt his vibe. Reiki opened a channel for us, and I have been able to communicate with Jonah ever since. As my Reiki training progressed, this soul revealed he is one of my healing guides.

Over time, I have integrated my intuition into the work as a Reiki Master. The connection with guides offer valuable information and has been a great tool for me. I remove cords, entities, decipher internal dynamics, with positive feedback from clients. It is a gift to be shared.

Here is how I approach it.

Set intentions for Reiki receiver’s healing. This dedicates the treatment for the client’s benefit. Let her know you may get insight from guides that can help with the intended healing process. This keeps the messages relevant to the topic at hand.

Be open to your perceptions, in images, sounds, smells, words, ideas, and/or sensations when you invoke Reiki. Symbolic or literal, they can reveal energy patterns or inner dynamics. In my earlier Reiki work, I used to ignore the images that came to my head. With encouragement from my Reiki teacher, who happened to be a medium, I accepted the information as a bonus to help with treatments. For the client, the insight provides an affirming way to consider the health issue or crisis. The acknowledgement of internal dynamics can bring about conscious release of what no longer serves a purpose. It empowers the client.

Angels and Reiki

Ask for meaning of message if it’s unclear. As you get comfortable with working with intuition, integrate the messages with what chakras represent. It is a two-way communication when working with guides. We can ask for clarifications. For example, while treating a client’s swollen wrist, a ball of sticky dough was shown to me at the second chakra. It was removed. The client could not think of the dough’s significance when I mentioned it. I asked guides for explanation, and it was revealed the client have a female yeast problem, which resonated with her. I mentioned eating less bread, and she said it was one of her goals. Yeast or candida was related to inflammation –the guides offered another way to help with the wrist and overall wellbeing.

Another time, a client set the intention of relaxation and bringing new business. As I worked on her second chakra, on power relationship with others, I was offered an image of a little girl with an ax hacking hard at a tree stump. I told her about it afterward and her face lit up. When she was four, a neighbor’s boy took an ax to her head and she had to go to the hospital. She had not thought of the incident since. The treatment brought up her anger and power issues. Our work released some deep-seated fears she was holding. She felt lighter after the Reiki session. Next day, she had a great conversation with a potential client.

Believe that Reiki is high vibration energy and love. It does not attract negative entities, as some practitioner may wonder. Before I give a treatment, I ground myself and ask for Archangel Michael’s protection for extra assurance. This way I can be free and open to receive information. If you sense something negative or untruthful, invoke AA Michael and ask him to clear the room of energy that doesn’t serve you and client’s highest good.

Relax and discern. As you open yourself to the Reiki and guides, the information will flow. How can you tell the information is from healing guides? Its tone and content is positive, supportive, and compassionate. It brings peace and comfort, which is the goal for giving Reiki. If you are getting something else, like judgment and absolutes, be sure it’s not ego-based.

Always check if the messages resonate with client. If not, surrender to the moment. We are the conduit, not the source. Be mindful that this is not about you, your performance as an intuitive or healer. There is no right or wrong information when you offer them with the goal of helping. Sometimes it may not immediately ring a bell with the client. You can only plant the seed and wish her a good outcome.

Go ahead, and ask for assistance from helpers, angels, and guides while you practice Reiki. Explore the possibilities with yourself and clients. This takes the healing art of Reiki to another level, and makes the work more meaningful for the practitioner and receiver.

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Sue Wang

Sue Wang

Sue Wang, Reiki Master, Career & Life Coach, became a Reiki teacher after experiencing miracles, relaxation, and new ways to empower the Self through Reiki. During her level 1 attunement, Sue’s intuition opened up to connect with a son who passed shortly after birth. She uses Reiki to promote healing and give insight on the mind-body connection. A seasoned coach, Sue has worked with high-achievers and those who want to live a resonant life in innovative ways. With a tool box including psychological astrology and journaling, Sue helps people champion their causes. Her book, MESSAGES from the Black Recliner: A Memoir of Healing the Body & Spirit, garnered praise from mental health and health care practitioners. Visit her at www.Connect2Self.com and www.Facebook.com/c2self for news on her eBooks and upcoming online course.

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  • Radhika Mehta July 18, 2015, 5:18 pm

    Awesome.. Thankyou!! The other day i was just thinking abt reiki and intuition and today i read your article

    • Sue Wang July 21, 2015, 4:55 pm

      Love it when synchronicity occurs! Hope this gives some tips and impetus to integrate Reiki and intuition.

  • Shubhada July 22, 2015, 8:02 am


    • Sue Wang July 22, 2015, 1:35 pm

      Great, Shubhada -hope this article offers some ideas for your Reiki practice. 🙂

  • Kim Roadley September 12, 2015, 7:13 am

    thank you, there are many thoughts on intuition and reiki, some say it’s a no no.i myself am a medium and sometimes I get messages for my clients whilst performing Reiki.I always ask first if I get a message, do they want me to relay it after wards.
    In the debrief afterwards I will then tell them what I have seen or heard,it’s a great comfort for many and even they will see their loved one during treatment too.

    • Sue Wang September 12, 2015, 3:45 pm

      Kim, excellent comment. I was quiet about the intuition Reiki had brought me for a time. But its benefits, as you mentioned, brings people peace when they most needed it. I consider it a part of the healing powers and gifts of Reiki. I am very specific about the intention of the session, and would only received information pertaining to the session. Reiki is also about enlightenment—it brings us insight and awareness, and joy at a different level.

      In the ‘secular’ world, Raven Keyes, who is a well known Reiki Master and works with Dr. M. Oz, recently published about doing Reiki work with angels. Including the intuition during Reiki is not unusual. It feels natural. I believe whatever is given us to use for helping a client during Reiki, as long as we are clear and discerning about it, is a part of Reiki.

  • Toni September 5, 2016, 6:57 am

    I always get messages during reiki and see guides. I have a hard to waiting until the end of the session to tell them. Actually I pick up things while going a chakra balance. I usually relay while I’m doing it. Not sure if that’s that right thing to do?

    • Sue Wang September 18, 2016, 1:57 am

      I feel if you are offering the insight from a helping intentions and detach from how it is received (ie not seeking approval, kudos, or power), it is okay to do. I’d suggest staying with the chakra balancing (since that’s why clients come) and learn to sit with the info until you are done. Best wishes!

  • Peg October 3, 2016, 4:21 pm

    Are all reiki master/teachers able to receive intuitive information? I am a reiki/ master teacher and do not have these gifts to share with the clients. I do however see a purple healing light during my own meditation reiki healing. I was hoping that these intuitive gifts would develop aftervgetting attuned to the master- teacher level but nothing yet…

    • Sue Wang August 26, 2018, 10:52 pm

      Hello Peg. Very belated reply to your comment! It’s been almost two years, and I wonder if you have some new discovery with your Reiki treatments and meditations. I’ve had the sense of urgency to receive images, which made me: 1. too conscious, 2. not quite in the flow. I found that the more I relax, the more the information will come. Also we have different gifts -some are more visual with images, some can see energy, some can hear or have a heightened sense of touch. Stick with the meditations, keep doing the Reiki,and see what emerges. Best wishes, Sue

  • Nicola Hodges January 10, 2020, 2:27 am

    So sorry to hear about your son passing … but pleased he managed to contact you and give you some peace.

    Interesting information, and helpful website in general !!!

    Warm regards ☺

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