Temple of Gods


Article by Darshan.S

This is one such technique that was revealed to me during my exploration of Atlantis where existed centers of spiritual learning which were also found in other civilizations like the ancient Babylon, the Aztecs, Ancient Egypt, the Indus Valley civilization etc. It enabled all souls to achieve God realization through their centers/institutes of knowledge. Hence the name “Temple of Gods”. The visualization facilitates you to access higher realms of learning.

The Process

• Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. Clear out all the distractions.
• Invoke the divine Reiki to flow through you. Call upon your Reiki guru’s, Reiki masters, Angels, Archangels, Spiritual Angels, Spiritual Guides and your personal Reiki master to assist and guide you during this process.
• Shield and ground yourself and use whichever technique that is comfortably to you to reach the state of Alpha.
• Once you are in Alpha state, take three deep breaths and as you exhale say the words relax yourself. Once you are completely relaxed visualize a white beam of light connecting from your heart centre moving up towards your crown connecting you to the centre of the cosmos. Next visualize a white light connecting from your heart chakra moving down to your root connecting you to the centre of the earth.
• Once you have connected with your divine father and mother visualize a white cloud in front. Draw the symbol HSZSN on the cloud and ask it to take you to your own Temple/Sanctuary.
• As you climb on to the cloud visualize you’re travelling across the Universe and the cloud lands you in front of a gate.

Image by MikeBehnken

• Step down from the cloud and reach towards the gate. Open it, step inside and close the gate.
As you close the gate and look ahead you see a temple in front of you. This is your own inner sanctuary. Climb up to this temple.
• In this sanctuary you have all the tools and resources that you need in order to overcome all the issues and challenges that you are facing in the here and now. What you find in this Temple/Sanctuary is dependent on your spiritual level. You may find a lot of tools to help you along this journey of life, you can access the hall of records (Akashic records), meet your spiritual guides and angels, view your past life. What you do here is completely dependent on you and how you use your creative faculties.
• Once you feel that the healing has been completed climb down the stairs to the gate from which you entered. Open the gate step outside and close the gate.
• Climb onto the cloud which you travel to this place with, draw the symbol HSZSN and ask it to take you back from where you came from.
• Once you have enter your physical body make sure that you ground and centre yourself.
• Withdraw the light from the centre of the cosmos and centre of the earth into your navel and seal all of the energy in your navel.
• Thank everyone who has assisted you in the Healing and has kept you safe and protected.
• End the session.



Darshan is a Reiki healer & teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Professional Dowser. He owns a Metaphysical Store called “Crystal Alchemy” through which he helps spread awareness about Crystals and other Healing Modalities. You can reach Darshan at www.facebook.com/Crystal.Alchemy.Store, www.facebook.com/TheHealingOcean.


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