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Emotional Healing with Reiki: A Guide for Reiki Practitioners, Part 4

Article by Johannes Verheijden, Reiki Master

Editor’s note:

This is Part 4 of a multi-part guide for Reiki practitioners.

Over the next few days, we’ll publish the other parts as well.

The series starts here.

Guided meditations

If you have a chance to do a distance Reiki session using Skype, Facebook video, Messenger, Google Hangout, or any other means of direct communication, you will find that it will enhance and enforce your treatment. It is not necessary for a regular distant treatment, but if you would like to use guided meditations (or guided fantasy as they are called as well), you will find it works out wonderfully :).

When doing guided meditations you will have be listen very carefully and chose your words very selectively, in order to make it feasible for your client to completely create a situation that is tailor made to his/her situation. Think of as many details as you possibly can, but leave all options open.

For instance if you bring your client to the sea in a guided meditation, think of everything that could happen, be seen, heard, smelled, felt. What is the weather like? Are there clouds and if yes, are they thunder clouds or just a veil of clouds or streets of clouds, are they far away or close by, what is their colour etc, or are there no clouds at all and is the sun shining (a watery sun, a hot sun, is it morning or noon or evening or night etc). What is the temperature like is it cold, or warm or chilly or…

You can mention all these things in an open way, like suggestions, and if your client responds or resonates to one of them, you can address that and take it from there. Do not push your client into any direction. She/he will lead you, you only provide the possibilities and make way for your client to get to that situation / emotion that he/she needs to go to in order to heal. Once you are there support your client with CKR DKM and SHK while he/she goes through the situation and emotions that has been blocking happiness for so long.

One guided meditation that will surely help your client is the following:

Your client is standing on top of a hill/mountain looking down. The top of the hill is the very moment you are there. From the top of the hill/mountain your client walks down. Every time your client sees, hears, feels, senses something that was significant in his/her life she/he places a flagpole. Just that, you do not have to address the situation, just put a flagpole and move on. Guide your client with the suggestions, questions of what might be there. Weather, animals, nature, but no emotions, nor situations! You continue all the way down to the bottom of the hill/mountain, placing flagpoles along the way. When you are at the bottom of the hill/mountain, you turn around, look up and see all the flagpoles. That is when you start sending Reiki to all of them. Use whatever symbol you think is necessary or all of them. After sending you walk up again to the top and see what has changed.

Of course you can do this meditation for yourself as well 🙂

Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden (1965) has been Reiki Master since 1998. He has been working with energy for as long as he can remember and over the years Johannes specialized in healing emotional issues. Ever since he first got in touch with energy work Johannes resonated to it. It “spoke” to him and over the years he learned to channel the energy and to heal people emotionally by using energy, often in combination with massage, or aura reading/healing. Johannes is initiator of the World Reiki Wave, which will take place for the eighth time with thousands of Reiki practitioners joining on the 21st of June. He is based in Zeewolde, the youngest village in The Netherlands. Johannes can be reached through Facebook by www.facebook.com/ReikiMasterJohannesVerheijden, or by e-mail: joh.verheijden@gmail.com

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