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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #35: Both my client and I had migraines and other symptoms after Reiki healing. What’s going on?

Reiki Migraines

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Question by Sheila:

Hello, my name is Sheila.

I did long distance Reiki on my friend who had difficulty in sleeping. The end result was that she did not sleep at all, woke up with a migraine, tender shoulder. At the same time, I ended up with my own headache, diarrhea, and nausea, on the same day.

Where did that go wrong?

Thank you for your help.

Answer by Tammy Hatherill:

Hi Sheila,

This is Tammy Hatherill in Darwin, Australia, Reiki Master.

I don’t necessarily think anything has gone wrong with your distance healing for your friend. She may have ended up with a migraine because what’s happened is that the energy that you’ve sent through may be detoxifying her body and she may be releasing it and that can cause severe headache, it can cause people to feel unwell.

I know sometimes clients can get nausea, headaches – it’s just their way of reacting to their bodies suddenly being cleansed and unblocked – and the headache is just like Oh my goodness, what’s going on? It’s just the body’s natural reaction; I assume it didn’t last very long.

As for you having a headache, possibly you were still connected to your friend. Did you sever the connection afterwards or were you still connected on an energetic level? Because if you were still connected on an energetic level, it may not have been your headache. I suspect it was probably her headache, coming from detoxing. So yes, make sure you protect yourself, make sure you disconnect after a session has finished.

Thanks very much, I trust it has helped. Bye!

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