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Clock of Magic (Part-II)

Article by Darshan.S

This article is an extension of the “Clock of Magic” article.


It is well known that the influence of the moon is a very important element in the fluctuations of psychic energy. With the same power that the moon has to raise the tides of the sea, the moon plays upon human souls especially women, who, since the beginning of time, have learned to recognize the ways and powers of the moon and how to use them. The gravitational force of the moon affects every point on the earth and therefore every human being, every animal, every plant and every atom on our planet.

The moon, in its feminine aspect, was often said to denote the four faces of woman. The waxing moon represented the face of a young maiden, the full moon was the face of a mother, the waning moon that of a wise grandmother and the dark unseen moon that of the witch or crone. Each indicated the way energies were being reflected in the world.

The dark face of the moon was seen as the potential that was hidden and waiting to come into expression, the waxing moon as that which was developing and coming into maturity, the full moon as the fully developed and mature, and the waning moon as the giving out and sharing of that which has been nurtured and developed. We then return to the dark moon and a period of rest and renewal before the cycle begins again.

The Cycle of the Moon

The moon takes 29 ½ days to orbit the earth, measured from new moon to new moon. During the course of a complete circuit, the two main impulses are the waxing and waning moon, while the few hours of the full and new moon are characterized by special forces that make its power stronger.
There are four cycles of the moon: the dark or new moon 4 days (hag), full moon 3 days (mother), waxing moon 11 days (maiden), waning moon 11 days (grandmother).

Waxing Moon

The moon is referred to as waxing in the phase when it first appears as a crescent to when it becomes full. As the moon grows it will exercise a magnetic pull on all things exposed to her energy. It is a time for regenerating, absorbing and creating. It is the perfect time for a fertility ritual, or for psychic protection, or to set off on new avenues of the spirit such as creative projects and business proposals. It is also a good time to plant herbs and flowers.


Image by catman55

During the 11 days of the waxing moon everything that you do to build up and strengthen the body is more effective than when the moon is on the wane. The body absorbs more readily, so restorative and strengthening remedies and methods are more effective at this time.

Full Moon

The full moon is the high tide of psychic powers and can be helpful in all types of ritual and magic. When a special task needs to be completed or a difficult project dealt with, the great power of the full moon is helpful in giving you the energy to complete.

For some people the time of the full moon is a difficult one; they can become edgy and ill at ease, more sensitive and emotional. If you find that the power of the moon makes you feel out of balance in any way, avoid performing rituals at this time. Try to understand why the moon affects you so deeply. Use this time to relax and meditate, and learn from these influences about your own powers. It may be that you have been in denial and will become comfortable with yourself and your own rhythms when you begin to examine them. Once you learn to ride the rhythms of the moon you will find that it becomes easier to adjust at this time.

Many people who work in the medical and security professions have told me that during a full moon their business is busier more people are admitted to hospitals and more people commit crimes.

Waning Moon

During this period, when the moon goes from full to black, the moon is said to be waning. This is a time for undoing, for receding, for eliminating and separating. If you wish a peaceful ending to a love affair or business partnership, this is the moment to work on it. It is the time to let go of past experiences and undesired parts of yourself. In the tradition of witchcraft this was the time to remove warts. In a modern capacity, this is the time to go on a weight-loss program, to detox, to let go of overindulgence, drinking, drug taking and any other habit. The waning moon is also the ideal time to cut herbs and flowers.

In the past, witches were said to put curses on people during this phase of the moon.

The Dark or New Moon

This is an appropriate time to think over the month, to rest and evaluate. The new moon is not usually suitable for performing any kind of magic or psychic work. However, some people find that they are more psychic during this phase and may wish to exercise their abilities.



Darshan is a Reiki healer & teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Professional Dowser. He owns a Metaphysical Store called “Crystal Alchemy” through which he helps spread awareness about Crystals and other Healing Modalities. You can reach Darshan at www.facebook.com/Crystal.Alchemy.Store, www.facebook.com/TheHealingOcean.

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