Treating Emotional Problems with Reiki


This Reiki technique can be used to help heal emotional crisis or wounds. It strengthens the emotional immune system, allowing for better dealing with the emotional problem.


1. Sit down comfortably and relax.
2. Draw the mental healing symbol in the air and pronounce its name thrice. Imagine it remains in the air where you drew it.

Image by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

3. Cover it in a white or golden healing ball of energy.
4. Seal everything by mentally drawing the power symbol and repeating its name thrice.
5. Take the energy ball in your hands and contract it so that it’s smaller, but just as powerful.
6. Physically push the ball into the heart chakra.
7. Give Reiki to the heart chakra for about 8- 10 minutes or as long as you feel guided to.

This technique takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

A wonderful thing about this technique is that using it regularly tends to erase our obstructive behavior patterns so naturally that we don’t even notice it. As a result, all the anger and fear or jealously begins to ease, making room for a calm, peaceful atitude that simply invites happiness into our lives.


  1. Thanks for this healing technique, wonderful results, I’ve experimented with this tip and have found it to be useful for the solar plexus chakra too especially when clearing energy attachments that I may have picked up, as they seem to connect there when I’ve not grounded and protected fully. Great emergency back up plan that can be done anywhere solely through visualisation and can be used in Reiki sessions by transferring the visualised symbols ball to participants, cant stress enough the importance of grounding and protecting before any energy work(Reiki) love and light to all.
    Ps more tips please.

  2. I’ve shared very sensitive and personal information to one of my relative who is my friend as well. We stay in the same locality.
    Now I am scared that she will spread the things which I’ve shared with her which can destroy my life.
    Please help me to come out of this fear and situation using Reiki. How can I do it.


  3. I love all your helpful techniques and ideas I am a level 2 practitioner who is still trying to find her way I love and am intrigued by everything about reiki but have a big problem with visualizing I hear all the time it will happen when it’s meant to but any advice on how to achieve it sooner would be wonderful.
    Thankyou <3

    • Amanda, I’m a Level 2 practitioner as well. Prior to being attuned , visualizing was difficult for me as well in guided meditation. But I kept at it and then I began working on my chakras through Chakradance (which is wonderful by the way) and visualizing became easier and easier. keep at it. My Reiki Master said that anything you want to happen, regularly tell yourself “I choose to believe that I can visualize….whatever it is you want to visualize”. I do this with auras because I absolutely want to see auras. 🙂

  4. Just a quick question or maybe a revision question…..when u say give reiki for 8 minutes,do we continue to visualise?What if our concentration breaks in between?Does it hamper the reiking?

  5. Interesting. Whenever, I feel negativity intruding or attacking I’ve imagined a ball of light expanding with a kind of shield around it and pushing negativity or intruders away. Never knew this was used to help heal. Just seemed natural way to protect.

  6. I always begin with a deep breath and release and start with Chokurei, then the following symbol, then lock it in with the initial power symbol. It seems to work as well.

    Many Blessings!

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