A Bunch of Tips for a Reiki Life


Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah

As Reiki channels we love Reiki-tips, don’t we? Those quick, easy-to-follow tips that make life better. Here is a bunch of tips that can make life blessed with Reiki.

Reiki is a spiritually guided energy which allows one to manifest their desires and needs for the highest good of themselves and all connected to them. Until and unless you direct the energy the manifestations may take time. Energy is converted from one form to another; you need to create the need and desire and direct Reiki energy towards manifestation. Therefore, have a strong intention of your need and direct Reiki accordingly.

Toilets and bathroom are exactly where we wash away all our negativity and unwanted energy that we gather along the day. Usually the energy in these rooms is very low or should I say cluttered with unwanted energy.

1. Draw a large Cho Ku Rei (CKR) in the centre and all four directions of the room. Intend that all unwanted energy have been drained out of the room leaving your bathroom clear and safe. Alternately, place a small bowl of salt every night or leave it during the day while you are at work. (CAUTION: do not allow this salt to touch your skin when you discard it).

2. In continuation, draw a large CKR along the door step (or on the bathroom door) intending that it filters out all negative energies from entering your house or bedroom.

Cell phones are such necessity in today’s time that we seldom realize the harmful effects of its low vibrations which disturbs our healthy equilibrium. Ever felt dizzy, drained or zombied (!) after a long phone call?

3. Draw a CKR every morning on your phone and intend that its low vibrations do not affect you. Alternately, filter the vibrations of a cell phone from affecting you. Draw a HSZSN intending that the filter is on for the next 24 hours. I read an article where we were advised to Reiki our cell phones so that conversations over the phone are calm and happy.

4. You could Reiki microwaves, television, refrigerators, and computers the same way.

I came across a post that read – If you have a bed to sleep, food to eat, a family to share your joy and sorrow with and a roof above your head, you are richer than you think.

A bunch of tips for a Reiki life
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5. Make chi balls whenever you feel the need for it. Put your entire family and your residence in it, visualize a happy, healthy family, THANK the Universe for all that you have, you may charge the visualization/ intent/ chi ball with Harth, Sei He Ki, Kriya or any other symbols of your choice. Toss it along to your residence or the Universe.

6. Take a jar with a lid/ cover, draw Reiki symbols on the outer side of the jar (or place them inside the jar in case you feel the need to not display the symbols), send Reiki to it that you will use this jar for the benefit of your house, to protect your house, for all that your house has given you. Place it anywhere you like – your altar, at the entrance, etc. Drop a coin or money paying your gratitude to your house. As you do so, THANK the house. Listen, now do not use this money to throw a party or get a new pair of shoes. Either donate the money to charity or use it for the betterment of your house – new curtains, carpets, maybe even flower pots, etc. Your house represents your way of thinking and assists you in your development; give it your love and gratitude. Make it your home ☺

Whether you take your vehicle or the bus/taxi, you need to be safe from accidents, from delays. You must keep your car safe as well.

7. Before you leave draw six large CKR on all sides of the car, even the top and bottom of it, intending that it is safe and takes you to your destination on time. You might even want to draw a HSZSN over it and intend that it is protected till it comes back home by the end of the day or till the day you own that car or maybe till the car exists. Look at your car with appreciation; it always loves your attention.

After a long day, your aura touches and gets intimate with the aura of many others – imagine your aura in a crowded bus. Yes you protect and shield yourself but you really don’t want to bring those unwanted, cluttered energy home.

8. Filter the energy you want to invite inside. Similar to tip 2, you may draw a large CKR at your entrance intending that only and only positive, uplifting, healthy energy move into your home.

9. Also before you enter, snap around your aura three times in three directions – top, front and back (of your head) with either one hand or both intending that all unwanted energy has snapped out of your aura as you enter home.


10. Always draw life size, huge symbols while using symbols to manifest your daily needs. This not only creates an energetic atmosphere around but also a mental impression for your brain to comprehend that – IT IS DONE (like I am safe/House is safe/Car is safe/Negativity is out, etc)

11. Do not impose anything. If something doesn’t necessarily sync with you, don’t do it.
However, all you need is knowledge of the symbols, your belief in them, and a strong intent.

12. Always add “for the highest good of all concerned”. Am sure I do not need to add why or do I?

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Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah is a Biotechnologist and a Reiki healer and teacher. He practices Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and has embarked on the journey as a Pranic healer. He feels Reiki has helped him accept and let go and live life to the brim. Find Vedant on Facebook at Healing Child.


  1. bro u keep surprising us with the knowledge. loved the jar tip specially shall surely try dat.
    keep spreading love n light always

  2. Radhika darling,
    Yes that’s something I was bowled over when I was told to practice gratitude even for your residence… We are 3 of us at home. And we all thank our residence each day.

    It feels good. Practice it.

  3. Hey Vedant, again a lovely one from u, the best part being the ease and practicality of al of these and are pretty simple ones that can help all of us collectively. Thanks brother…

  4. it showed i wrkd in right manner to clean my house .. yesterday day i cleaned n next day i saw your posts with same techniques. .. like universal assurance. reiki rays wrks for highest good for all. thank you so much vedant . thank you so much reiki rays… you help me a lot …

  5. i had never thought about our home in this angle and perpective.. wonderful i have been missing such wonderful things to thank my home will start right today

  6. hi Vedant, thanks for this very useful article.

    i had a query reg. tips for washrooms… where and how does one discard the salt that you put at night? Do you throw this in dustbin, or throw in the washbasin to leave no remnant? Please guide.


    • Sorry for the delay in response Anisha.

      You can discard it in the washbasin but pour a lot of water to wash off any remnants from the bowl and the basin.

      Do not throw it in the dustbin, the idea is to wash it off.

  7. Hi Vedant, Thank you very much for the useful tips, specially the tip of jar, definitely I am going to try this, Thank you once again, God bless you.

  8. Such a great article! Wonderful tips on how we can incorporate reiki into our daily life! Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙂

  9. Love these tips, thank you so much. Couple of question can we draw the symbols put them in a jar and put the jar in our car for protection? and can we use the money in the jar in our home to help pay bills or buy groceries?

  10. Thanks a ton for the wonderful download of tips of how to keep ourselves protected from any low or negative vibrations. In this world of mixed vibrations especially when we are making a conscious way upwards it is so important to cover protect ourselves to retain our vibrational state. The ways of using reiki for doing this is so well explained in simple and practical ways and truly inspires me to do…may the Universal Energy bless you….

  11. I am level 1 practitioner but learnt symbols from internet…can i use or should i wait till I am attuned to level 2

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