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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #31: Why Does Reiki Feel Warm Some Times, and Cold Other Times?

Reiki Warm and Cold Hands

Another answer to the same question by Angie Webster is here and by Rinku Patel is here.

Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below.

Question by Gillian:


When I do Reiki my hands are hot, and the patient or client feels the heat. But sometimes my hands are ice cold and this reflects on the person too.

Could you explain the cold energy please? Thank you.

Answer by Deborah Lloyd:

This is Deborah Lloyd, and I am the third author to answer your question, Gillian. I agree with what both Angie and Rinku said. During Reiki sessions, I have intuitively received these messages about the sensations in my hands.

A few times when I experienced coldness, what I intuited was that a specific chakra area was depleted of energy as the client had overexpended energy, without replenishing it. I remember one client who worked as a nurse and gave much compassion to each patient she was assigned, and her heart chakra felt “empty.” During our discussion after the session, she started to talk about the emptiness she feels within her personal life. She noted she is in a difficult marriage and does not feel loved and supported by her husband. So, she gave love, but was receiving little love back into her heart.

Other times, what I have been told about sensations in my hands is that they correspond to the type of energy that is being channeled into the client. For example, some clients need powerful energies, corresponding to the solar plexus chakra. For me, it feels like an electrical power surge went through my body, and my hands feel huge. Or, other clients may need nurturing and compassion, and I feel the gentleness flowing through my hands. Yet, others may need security and solid grounding energies and the energies feel secure and confident. As each of us practices Reiki more and more, these nuances may become more evident.

However, it is not necessary to identify and understand what is happening energetically for the client. We only need to trust that Reiki always works for the client’s highest good, and healing will occur where needed, and at the right time.

Many Reiki blessings to you!

Thank you!

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