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Article by Rinku Patel

How many of you have tried anything and everything you come across to lose weight? Have you tried exercise, joining gym, diet pills, dieting and following diet plans with no result? Let us put an affirmation along with little exercise and careful diet for few months and see the result.

This method you have to do before you leave for your college, office, shopping or anywhere else. Draw Cho Ku Rei on foot chakras and give Reiki using the affirmation “I release my body weight with every step I take”. If you are going for a walk or a stroll, do the same thing along with chanting the affirmation whenever you can. If you are alone, you can keep chanting the affirmation whenever you walk. If you are talking with others while walking, chant whenever possible. You can also carry Crystals, which help you to reduce your weight.

Healing Crystals

Give this affirmation few months and notice the difference. You must have noticed, I did not use Lose weight or Drop weight here. I used Release weight in my affirmation. The reason behind this is, as soon as you think or say Lose, our subconscious mind tend to find it back. You lose something, of course you want it back, right? As soon as you think or say Drop, our subconscious mind tend to pick it back. You dropped something so you are gonna pick it up. So when you use Release, it has our full permission of let go. You are letting something go with your free will. I request all my readers who want to lose weight to try this out.

Recently on my 21 days trip to Europe, I carried crystals to reduce weight along with me. I just used tumbles stones and made a small pouch which I call weight release pouch. Every day before leaving for sight-seeing, I used to draw Cho Ku Rei on foot chakras along with the affirmation to release weight. While walking, I used to chant the affirmation whenever I could. After 21 days when we returned, the first reaction when my friend saw me was: Rinku, you look thinner!!! And this was minus any dieting! In fact I love European food so dieting was the last thing on my mind.

So, don’t Lose or Drop weight, Release your weight now.

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Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel is a Reiki Master Teacher, Doreen Virtue certified-Angel intuitive, Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Crystal healer, Angel card reader, and Indigo card reader. Other than that she is a Certified Tarot card reader and spiritual writer. Rinku can be reached via her email address and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing.



  1. Wow RinkuJI, I will definitely do this when i’ll go out of home. I don’t have many crystals ,I have only one Citrine crystal (i’ll take my Citrine with me whenever I will go out) + Thanks also for “Importance of Foot Chakra” which you wrote on 1st May + today ” Release the Weight”. Beautiful opening & closing article for the month of May. May God always bless you to write wonderful articles.

  2. Thanks Rinku

    I have started the practice. I have put the wish in the reiki box of reikirays app on my mobile. And friends I would like to mention that I had put two wishes in my reiki box app and forgotten one day I was going through all the apps in my mobile and when opened my reikibox I was highly surprised that the two of my those wishes are on the way to completion. Very amazing are the ways of REIKI. REIKI has guided me to fulfill those wishes. Thankyou REIKI. Thankypu ReikiRays.


  3. Hii Rinku ji, I like ur tip & technique that”i release my body weight with EVERY STEP I TAKE.
    but most of the time..i was on bike or in front of Computer, so shall i change affirmation like–
    “i release my body weight with every second I SIT IN FRONT OF COMPUTER /every second I RIDE BIKE/ by 30kg till the END OF AUGUST ??
    Pls guide —
    Im waiting for ur reply.

  4. What a perfect timing Rinku! !!! I m continuously anxious about my increased wt. You r such a gem. Very intelligent article. Thanks for tips.



  6. This is a great article. I have my intentions in my reiki grid and it really helps keep it in my mind so I’m actively doing something about it too.

    I also put in the intention of choosing healthy, natural foods, and being more active because this is paramount in releasing weight. Plus I Reiki and crystal grid my water bottle. This has helped me overcome my addiction to diet coke, especially at work.

  7. Hi Rinku great I will definitely try this, can you please tell me which crystals you used in your pouch
    many Blessings

  8. I have a question about this yes I want to lose weight but I also want to build muscle.. Is there a different affirmation for that? Thanks!!

  9. Great article and suggestion; thank you! I would change the word Lose on the title of the eBook to Release. If release is the key word, then why not use it throughout the entire eBook? It will definitely stand out as well as reinforce the affirmation. To suggest not using the word lose or drop, but then have it in the eBook is contradicting. Just something to consider.

  10. Wow – another meaningful and informative piece. My weight has been steadily increasing over the years – watch this space. Many thanks – Mags

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