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How to listen to your Higher Self and not to your Ego during a Reiki Session

Article by Luzia Light

When I began my Reiki training many years ago, every Saturday morning on my way to the course, I drove past a church and the big display board in front of it read: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”, which is a quote by St. Francis of Assisi. I always saw this as a divine sign, and it was literally a sign, too! 🙂 It reminded me to stay humble and it reminded me that, although I was learning to be a healing practitioner, I was not actually doing any healing, I was merely an instrument.

As healing practitioners we must remind ourselves that we are assisting in the healing of others, but that it is their bodies that do the healing, we are just showing them the way, nudging them in the right direction. We are also strengthening the faith and trust of the client in their own healing power. Here are some thoughts on how to get the ego out of the way, remove the illusion that we may be more powerful than others or even possess power over them, and instead find peace in the fact that we are servants to the divine energy, who allow healing to happen.

1. Ground your feet and open your crown chakra.

During a Reiki session, ground yourself, by letting energy go through your feet into the ground. Focus on opening your Crown chakra at the top of your head, so you are able to receive divine guidance. Know that there is a great difference between divine guidance and your monkey mind thoughts. You may be tempted to listen to your own logical thoughts and advice, which may or may not be helpful. When you are open to divine guidance, listening to your Higher Self, it is always the best possible solution or advice for your client.

2. Listen to your Higher Self not your Ego.

  • The ego wants to feel in control and assert power over others.
  • The ego wants to feel superior and recognized for it’s amazing ability to heal others.
  • The ego thinks s/he is very special and better than others.
  • The ego might also try to make you believe that you are worth nothing and are a complete fraud and failure.
  • The ego always works with extremes: it’s either the worst or the grandest, it’s either nothing or all, it’s either the worlds riches or living on the street in rags.
  • The ego makes you feel fearful and anxious and turns your stomach into knots, makes your shoulders tense and overall creates a feeling of resistance in your life.
  • The ego makes you feel weak and helpless.

    How to listen to your Higher Self

    Image by Esparta

  • Your Higher Self makes your feel calm, content and at peace.
  • Your Higher Self is centered in divine truth, aligned with the love of the Universe.
  • Your Higher Self has the best interest at heart for you, your client and everyone else.
  • Your Higher Self is strong and makes you act from a place of inner power and authenticity.
  • Your Higher Self trusts in the abundant flow of the Universe that provides us with Healing Love and everything else we need and desire.
  • Your Higher Self reminds you of your divine heritage and your self-worth and deservability of all things good.

3. Take time before every session to find your inner peace and calm.

The ego can try to sound like your Higher Self, so when you are giving Reiki, be aware of how you feel in your gut. Do you feel calm, centered and joyful? Or do you feel tense and anxious? When you are in a peaceful state and feel the love of your Higher Self and connection to the divine, you will always receive wonderful, uplifting messages that make you and your client feel good. To make sure you are in that peaceful space and connection with your Higher Self, take some time before every session to center yourself with meditation and/or prayer. Light a candle, breathe deeply, focus on opening your crown chakra and let all your worries, fears and concerns about your own current life situation go, let the divine take care of everything, while you are focused on being “an instrument” of divine peace and healing.

Luzia Light

Luzia Light

Luzia Light has been practicing Reiki since 1997. She lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Follow her blog “The Daily Goddess” at www.luzialight.wordpress.com and on Twitter @TheDailyGoddess.


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