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How to Improve Intuition for Enhanced Reiki Treatments

Article by Tracy Morrow

Establishing a deep connection with clients during Reiki sessions is an essential aspect of offering the highest quality service. Of course, there is no requirement to know details about those who are receiving Reiki. Regardless of intervention, life force energy will flow where it is most needed. At the same time, the ability to offer additional insight is a precious gift that will further enhance healing opportunities for those who come to you for assistance.

When you are able to connect with your Reiki client on an intuitive level, you will be able to sense:

• Problems within the aura such as blocks or tears.
• Chakra problems such as blocked, inactive or overactive chakras.
• Outside influences that may be creating negative energy around the client.
• Anything else a client should be made aware of, such as spirit guide messages.

An example of using intuition during Reiki sessions happened during an appointment with an elderly woman. A message came through that she should look in a specific area of her home. Upon investigation, an heirloom family ring was found that the woman had been avidly searching for. A great deal of stress was immediately lifted upon finding the beloved ring. This fortuitous event allowed her to continue to heal in ways that otherwise would have been impossible.

Many Reiki practitioners find that their intuition naturally expands as they self-heal and live by the Reiki Principles. In order to best serve self the clients, there are additional methods that can be used to increase this growing intuition. The first step toward this achievement is to gain an understanding of what your intuitive senses are.

Your intuition is a messaging system between your conscious and your True Source. While popular explanations include “hunch” or “gut feeling”, your personal messaging system may work differently than that. The truth is that we all have multiple intuitive, or psychic, senses. These function similarly to how our physical senses operate. As you will learn, some will be stronger for you than others.

How to Improve Intuition for Enhanced Reiki Treatments

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The intuitive senses are categorized by “clairs”:

  • Clairaudience refers to “clear hearing” and may be heard as sounds or even actual voices.
  • Claircognizance refers to “clear knowing”, without having any way of knowing what you are suddenly sure of.
  • Clairempathy refers to “clear emotion” and will feel as if the feelings of another person, place or thing is your own feelings.
  • Clairgustance refers to “clear tasting” and does not require that anything be put into your mouth.
  • Clairscent refers to “clear smelling” and can be noticed even when no evidence of what could be causing the aroma is evident.
  • Clairsentience refers to “clear feelings” and can be felt of sensed in any part of the body or emotions.
  • Clairtangency is also called psychometry and refers to “clear touching”, such as touching a belonging of someone and learning information that would otherwise not have been obvious.
  • Clairvoyance refers to “clear seeing”. It may come as flashes of images with your mind’s eye.

Finding out which intuitive senses are the strongest for you is as easy as asking questions and then becoming very still. Pay attention to how you receive the answer:

  • Do you suddenly just know the answer?
  • Do you get images flashing in your mind’s eye?
  • Do you hear noises that lead you to an answer?
  • Do you taste something unusual, even though nothing is in your mouth?
  • How else are you receiving stimuli that lead to an answer?

Use a journal to write all your impressions. Soon, it will become clear what your strengths are in regard to accessing the intuitive world. Focusing on these strengths will allow you to improve your overall intuitive abilities. Nothing special is required, only that you pay attention and realize that your intuitive senses are a natural part of your being, the same as your physical senses are.

As you are exploring your intuitive senses, you might want to make sure to touch objects and see if you get impressions. You may suddenly know information about what happened to or around the object. For instance, who the object used to belong to and additional information about the owner.

As you gain confidence in how you receive intuitive messages, you will be able to access them on much deeper levels. It is easy to ask questions, remain still, and then record what these senses are communicating to you. Even if the answers you receive fail to make sense, record them anyway. Upon reflection, you may realize some definite trends in the language your intuition uses.

This next step is more challenging. It requires that you have faith that the messages your intuition offers are correct. It is important that you respond to these messages accordingly. The more you believe what your intuition communicates to you and base your decisions around them, the stronger and more prevalent they will become.

When you work to improve your intuition, Reiki sessions gain considerable value. Additionally, you will feel a deepening in your connection to True Source. This connection will further enhance every aspect of your life and your service to others.

Tracy Morrow

Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at Inspir3.com

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  • Rewansh June 16, 2015, 1:36 am

    Superb article Tracy, if thought carefully it actually digs deep into much important issues pertaining to regular life and well being. Thank you.

  • tiana Pollari January 18, 2017, 5:27 pm

    thank you for this article Tracy.
    , i need to do some writing to figure mine out, enjoyed reading it. would love a session with you. thanks again

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