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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #20: How Do I Protect Myself from Picking up Client’s Energy?

Protect from Client Energy

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Question by Lisa Marie:


How do I give through myself, rather than of myself, and how do I protect myself from picking up the clients’ bad karma or bad attachments?

How do I come through a session better off than I started without releasing my own goodness into the client? I need to release God’s goodness into the client, have it come through me, not of me.

Answer by Patti Deschaine:


My name is Patti Deschaine and I am a staff writer / contributor for Reiki Rays.

In regards to your question how can a Reiki session be through myself and not of myself – in your question I hear that you may be concerned about giving too much of yourself in a session, giving away your power or picking up something from the client, such as an attachment, negative energy, or bad karma.

When we call in Reiki energy, we become the vessel through which the energy travels. With breath and intention, we call in Universal Healing Energy and that energy flows through us to the client. It’s not our personal energy and once it is flowing, it does not require any effort on our part. Giving a treatment does not deplete us in any way. We become like a hollow reed.

That being said, there are things we can do in regards to self-protection. Many of us are empathic and sensitive to the moods and emotions of others. Clients may have negative attachments and we want to be sure we have done some preparation prior to the session.

First, create a sacred space. Prior to the session, call in Reiki energy and use the symbols available to you to cleanse the space. Repeat until you’ve done this in all four directions of the room. When I do a Reiki session, I call in my spirit guides, my angels, and my ancestors. In that way, I am never alone and not using my own power. You can call in an angel and ask for protection. I call in Archangel Michael and I ask that he shield me in a pure white protective light. You can call any angel or helping spirit you feel a connection with.

Be sure that you are properly grounded and feel your feet connect deeply with Mother Earth. You may also carry a protective crystal such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or another stone that resonates with you.

Elements can be used to transmute negative energy. Simply allowing water to run over your hands after a session will remove anything you may have picked up. Or you can imagine a pure violet flame cleansing your aura.

Do these things and proceed with your session with confidence that you are loved and protected.

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