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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #19: How does Reiki Help in Treating Autism?

Reiki Help Treating Autism

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Question by Shimah:

How does Reiki help specifically in treating autism?

Answer by Johannes Verheijden:

Hi Shimah, good afternoon, Johannes speaking.

Thank you for your question. It is quite a difficult matter to treat autism. Autism is a situation where the brain is being kept secret sort of, and communication outbound is very difficult.

So what you do is, you treat the aura, obviously, with the symbols known to you and then what you basically do is, look at the child and communicate with the child as far as his or her interest is. If a child is very much interested in making drawings or stars or whatever, get into that and be very creative and assist that child in his or her development towards his or her own interest.

From there on, you can gradually and with very slow steps, you can try to make contact, or make a connection through Reiki using various symbols. It doesn’t really matter what kind of symbols you use.

However, if the child does not want you to touch him or her, don’t. Keep your distance, make it safe, get into his or her world and then take it from there.

Good luck!

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