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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #18: How Do I Protect Myself from Picking up Client’s Energy?

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Question by Lisa Marie:


How do I give through myself, rather than of myself, and how do I protect myself from picking up the clients’ bad karma or bad attachments?

How do I come through a session better off than I started without releasing my own goodness into the client? I need to release God’s goodness into the client, have it come through me, not of me.

Answer by Ashwita Vajandar:

Hello Lisa,

This is a really wonderful question. It is a problem many people have faced, especially empaths.

I recommend asking yourself one question before you begin healing: Does this person’s situation bring me pain? You know, like when you see someone suffering, and you really want them to get better soon. That is when you will end up giving them your own energies.

If you feel bad when you see this person suffering, or sometimes it could even be fear, over will I pick up her symptoms too? In either case, just feel your own pain or fear and request Reiki to resolve it. When you start developing a deep faith that every bit of suffering in anyone’s life is a part of your own spiritual journey, you stop picking up their pain. When this knowledge isn’t there, you want to remove your suffering and end up manipulating your energies subconsciously. This is when you take up their pain.

You are here as a part of this person’s journey, placed here by life, by Reiki. All you need to do is step back and allow Reiki to do whatever is best for this person. Don’t be attached to the results, and you’ll do just fine.

One additional thing I like to do is to request Reiki to heal me as well as the client when I’m healing. In that way, anything I might have picked up by mistake is also healed.

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