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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #16: Should I Put my Hands in the Prayer Position and Invoke Higher Beings Every Time I Send Reiki?

Reiki Prayer Position

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Question by Aleksandra:


I’m a Reiki practitioner level II in the last two months and I’m still questioning myself all the time if I want to start my day with Reiki and live Reiki and be Reiki and do Reiki all day long.

For example, I want to take a shower in the morning, and then I want to Reiki the food for my cat, and then I want to send Reiki to my bed and maybe some certain situation.

The question is, should I actually put my hands in the prayer position every time, invoke Reiki and supreme beings, and then channel the Reiki, and after that I have to say thank you? Do I have to do that every time for every single thing I’m doing? Like, when driving a car, if I’m going to send Reiki to an emergency vehicle that is coming across, or if I’m having a dinner with a whole bunch of people, it’s not going to be OK if I put my hands in the praying position and start doing all that.

Since I don’t want to become like OCD and I believe that’s not the purpose, if anybody can explain me how to send Reiki during the day – that’s basically my question.

Thank you.

Answer by Tammy Hatherill:

Hi Aleksandra,

My name is Tammy Hatherill, a Reiki Master Teacher based in Darwin, Australia.

A quick and simple answer is no, you don’t need to put your hands in the prayer position every single time that you want to bring in the Reiki energy. It’s all about intent with Reiki. So if you’re in a car and driving along and you come across a car accident, you can just say a quick Reiki prayer in your mind, and that will still go out to the victims of the car accident. It’s all about intent. You may remember in your training that it all comes down to intent.

Because Reiki is an intelligent energy and it will go to where it needs to. Saying a Reiki prayer in your head, an invocation in your head, will channel that Reiki energy.

Another possibility is, every morning that you wake up, you might do your invocation, bring in the Reiki energy, and ask for that Reiki energy to stay with you all day.

Another really nice way to incorporate Reiki energy as well as doing the invocation of the morning is: put the Reiki symbols into the showerhead. So each time you have a shower, the water comes out and it’s been Reiki’ed.

I’ve actually made placemats, so my food goes on a placemat, and I have little placemats for the drink so that my water gets Reiki through the Reiki symbols.

I would do Reiki anywhere and everywhere that you can – but the answer is no, you don’t need to do the invocation every single time. If you have time to do one in your head, if there’s no way to do the prayer physically, do it in your head, and it will be just as effective. It comes down to pure intent. Reiki is intent.

I hope that helps you.
See you later, bye for now.

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  • Aleksandra May 16, 2015, 8:18 pm

    Thank you so much Tammy! That really helps 🙂 I understand intention but wasn`t sure …now I`m peaceful.


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