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The Wonder of Energy

Article by Johannes Verheijden, Reiki Master

The wonder of energy, the simplicity of energy, the beauty of energy, the stillness of energy, the colours of energy, the love of energy, the lightness of energy… Have you ever felt it? Have you ever connected to entities that are able to share their energy with you other than human beings? Have you ever enforced your own energy with that of other living beings, like trees, a lake, a mountain, clouds? Have you ever travelled to a planet? No? What a shame… Let me take you on an little expedition and let us discover the beauty of energy.


Colours have a significant meaning in everyone’s life. The colours you wear, the colours you have in your house and see around you say something about you. They reveal a mood, an atmosphere. They can calm you down, make you energetic or even depressed.

On the internet you can find plenty of explanations of colours, from the meaning of colours in print to the meaning of colours in Feng Shui to the cultural meanings of colours in various countries. Colours are very powerful and very useful when sending Reiki.

What you do is colour the symbols you send, depending on the extra energy or mood that you wish to enforce it with. The instant change in frequency of the energy you are sending will have a different effect straight away and your client will respond to it. Please do take into account the different frequencies that the colours might have. Experiment, try with friends or in a Reiki circle. Play with it. You could even colour different symbols with different colours, or colour a single symbol with different colours, depending on the situation.

Perhaps you are familiar with the colour shower meditation in which you visualise that you are standing under a shower of colours that are healing and beneficial for you and your whole body is being filled with colours. You can do this to your client as well using symbols of various colours. Send a zillion symbols with either a wide variety of colours, or a single colour, or a few colours to your client and let him/her take a shower in the coloured symbol shower.

The wonder of energy

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You can wrap someone in coloured symbols, like a cloak, or pinpoint a single spot where a symbol with a coloured symbol is needed. Whether it is physically, psychologically, spiritually, in a thought, a cancer, a blockage or whatever. Try, play, mould, create. That is your task as a healer, to explore every possible way.

Other entities

Try this: connect with a tree, any tree will do. Ask permission first and when granted, connect with it… Ask permission to get to the heart of the tree and when granted suggest to cooperate. If agreed, share your energy with the tree and feel the energy coming from the tree to you. Now entwine the two energies to one and feel what this does to you. Now, you can send this one energy to a client, or a situation, or just wrap yourself in it… Before you disconnect, you thank the tree.

The same you can do with a flower, a plant, a lake, a river, a mountain, another planet, a galaxy, whatever. But do remember: Each contact should be done with the utmost respect!


Sounds are mood makers. Many memories come up when hearing a song from your youth, or a special occasion. Single sounds have a frequency that corresponds with chakra’s. There is plenty information on the correspondence of sounds and chakra’s on the internet. However, sounds also correspond to memories, situations, emotional states etc. So you can enrich your symbols by sound. Singing, humming or just playing it in your head, while you send Reiki. Feel the different frequencies and vibrations when you do this. Try this in your Reiki circle, or when working with a client. Make music, make compositions, you can even ask your client to hum a sound and see how your symbol responds to it. You can find a sound (or tune even) with a single symbol, or with a combination of symbols. Or you can do it the other way around and see what symbol resonates to a single sound. Furthermore you can find out what sound a situation responds to, or vice versa. Or an emotional state, or… the possibilities and combinations are endless as music itself is. You do not have to be a great composer to be creative with sounds, just plunge into the wonderful world of sound and explore.

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Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden (1965) has been Reiki Master since 1998. He has been working with energy for as long as he can remember and over the years Johannes specialized in healing emotional issues. Ever since he first got in touch with energy work Johannes resonated to it. It “spoke” to him and over the years he learned to channel the energy and to heal people emotionally by using energy, often in combination with massage, or aura reading/healing. Johannes is initiator of the World Reiki Wave, which will take place for the eighth time with thousands of Reiki practitioners joining on the 21st of June. He is based in Zeewolde, the youngest village in The Netherlands. Johannes can be reached through Facebook by www.facebook.com/ReikiMasterJohannesVerheijden, or by e-mail: joh.verheijden@gmail.com

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