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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #12: How Can I Get Over my Fear of Judgment Doing Reiki?

Fear of Judgement doing Reiki

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Question by Maryam:

I have been in a situation where I have felt the need to lie about whether or not I have done Reiki for another person for fear of judgment. It didn’t end well at all but the person I did distance Reiki for really did benefit from it, and I thought that was great.

And also I had to interrupt doing Reiki for fear of judgment. I want to be able to do Reiki for anyone, anytime and anywhere.

How can I get over my fear of judgment doing Reiki?

Answer by Patti Deschaine:

Hello Maryam,

My name is Patti Deschaine and I am an on staff contributor here at Reiki Rays, a Usui Reiki Master of many years, and a Shamanic practitioner.

In answer to your question – fear of judgment is common. You’re not alone in that.

But first, in Reiki we do not use our own power. Instead, we harness the power of Universal healing. When we call in Reiki healing, we are actually calling in that power that has been given us through the attunement process, and in this process we are never alone. We become like a hollow reed that allows the energy to flow through us freely.

When I do Reiki, I call in my guides, my angels, and my ancestors for assistance, and can therefore be very confident that the healing is powerful and beneficial.

Trust Reiki. This intelligent energy knows exactly what is needed and sends our healing accordingly. We can always act confidently and without fear of judgment when we use our powerful Reiki tools.

Also, I’d like to address your first concern – the fact that you lied. I hear in your voice that this bothered you. It is important for you to be able to forgive yourself. A lie, whether big or small, and even if done for the right reason, diminishes us and lowers the very important energy vibration we strive for.

I hope that you’re doing regular self healing as this is very important in building up confidence and strength. Self forgiveness is also key. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend. Would you hold that against them, or advise them to move on and focus on the good that they’re doing?

Getting over the fear of judgment takes time, practice, and regular self healing to boost your energy vibration. You are on the right path and doing great things with the help of the Universe. Use that as an affirmation in your daily meditation and call on spirit for strength and assistance whenever you are unsure.

I wish you well on your Reiki path and feel that you’ve made a great beginning.

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