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Clearing Misaligned Energy with Reiki

Article by Reiki Nurse

All of us have certain behavioral patterns that we’ve developed over the long journey of our Lifetime(s), often without even being aware of those specific behavioral patterns. In stressful or chaotic times, those behaviors (coping mechanisms) that have worked to get us past or through many situations are usually the ones that we continue to use; even when part of us knows that they’re not only unhealthy, they simply don’t work as effectively as they used to. It’s like beating our heads against a brick wall, over and over, and expecting different results.

These behaviors are, in essence, our ‘coping mechanisms’ that we’ve developed as part of our personality and our psyche over the years. Because we are all Light beings (or spiritual beings) having human experiences, we have the innate ability to rise above old habits and unhealthy patterns. From that vantage point, if we are brutally honest with ourselves about our Shadow (Egoic Mind) we can clearly see the truth behind each ineffective pattern that we’ve clung to in the past.

When we can see clearly our flaws and ineffective behavioral patterns, we can make healthier choices that allow us to work directly from our Core, from our Spiritual heart center.

Most of our unhealthy coping mechanisms were developed in our childhood; but some of our unhealthy behavioral patterns can stem from beyond this Lifetime, to past incarnations. It really does not matter where along our Journey we developed the unhealthy patterns; what matters is that we are Conscious enough at this point on our Journey to have a willingness to change.

Clearing Misaligned Energy with Reiki

Image by Spirit-Fire

Some of us may not have been allowed to express our inner most feelings when we were children; and we inadvertently pushed those unexpressed feelings deep down within our Self. That stuck energy (emotions are energy!) remains in our lower chakras and energy Meridians, where it festers until we bring it into the Light to be healed. We may have learned to ‘stuff’ our feelings and emotions as we got older, with substances or other unhealthy behaviors, such as: food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or other substances. The energy of the emotions that we’ve stuffed along our Journey remains within our very cells (cellular memories), where it festers like an open wound. At some point in our Life, we may seek psychotherapy or learn to utilize self-expression to release the misaligned energies of those stuffed feelings in a healthy manner.

In my personal experience, Reiki has proven extremely useful in helping me to release much of the misaligned energy that has blocked and darkened energy field. When I feel I’ve done as much personal work for myself as I can, I seek out another Reiki practitioner to assist me on my healing Path. We can all benefit from focusing our Reiki treatments on transmuting and releasing all the stuck and misaligned energy from energy fields, as well as from the energy fields of our clients. If we have an honest and open relationship with our clients, we can discuss certain goals for releasing some of the misaligned energy from their energy systems during each Reiki treatment.

When we are honest with ourselves about what it is we truly desire, we can open ourselves to connect our desires to the creative power of our Higher Self. Trusting our Higher Power, we know that we are exactly where we are meant to be, and that any challenges we encounter bring gifts of growth, light, and experience. We are, after all the Creators of our own individual realities, and when we combine our Spirit with powerful, healing Reiki energy, we are free to create joy, peace, love, and bliss.

Thank you Reiki Grand Masters, Reiki Angels, Reiki Spirits, and Reiki Elementals!

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Reiki NurseReiki Nurse is a Registered Nurse, who is also certified in Usui Rhoyo Reiki and more recently in Karuna Holy Fire® Reiki as a Master Teacher. Reiki Nurse holds a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a professional license as a Massage Therapist. Reiki discovered her gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience as a young child, and has also studied various forms of divination throughout this incarnation. Reiki Nurse grew up in New England, U.S.A., and currently resides in South Florida for the last 16 years with her Toy Poodle, Kody. Her first book “Family Sin: How Reiki Helped Heal My Life” was published in February 2018. Reiki Nurse can be reached via Facebook: www.facebook.com/familysinbook, website: www.kathirancourt.com, or blog: www.nurseswithreiki.blogspot.com.

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