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Is Reiki a Form of Faith Healing?

Some people wonder about Reiki, and whether or not it’s the same as, or a technique similar to, Faith Healing.

Is Reiki a form of Faith Healing?

Short answer is: No.

Many people think that Reiki will not work on those who have no faith in its existence but that is not true. It’s not a form of faith healing as it’s not a religion. It is a divine energy which can be invoked only by a trained healer.

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As a principle it is important to have the consent of the receiver before the healing session. This is because Reiki works on the principle of removing negativities from the system. This can lead to some unpleasant feelings or events initially and so it is important to make the receiver aware about it and take his consent before the session.

For example, if you try to heal a relationship between two people there is a possibility that after a session there may be a big argument amongst the two and only then things come back to normal. What may look like an argument or fight is actually removal of negative emotions that are suppressed within them. It may also be that the two people see incompatibilities, and choose to change the “terms” of their relationship – as Reiki only works for the highest good, and it is sometimes possible that life has in store something greater for each of the parties.

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  • A R HAZARIA KALYAN May 5, 2013, 5:16 am

    This is very much true. It’s the basic principle of Reiki. If you dont remember the 5 principle you can not achieve the inner child with abundance

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