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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #8: How Can I Use Reiki to Realign my Energy Field?

Energy Field

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Question by Anuradha:

Hi, I’m Anuradha.

I want to know how I can help Reiki do realignment in my energy field, to be a balanced person emotionally and in dealing with every situation and communication, and also to strengthen my relationship with the help of Reiki.

Thank you!

Answer by Angie Webster:


This is Angie with Reiki Rays. You asked about how you could use Reiki to realign your energy field so that you might become a more balanced person emotionally and deal with situations in life more effectively and communicate better.

I also heard that you want to know how to use Reiki to strengthen your relationships.

The thing that’s of primary importance is to do daily self Reiki.

When you practice Reiki on yourself every day, you naturally rebalance and realign your system. Over time, with this daily practice you’ll find that you become more emotionally balanced and you just naturally make better decisions. Communication will start to flow more easily as well. So spend at least 10 minutes a day on this practice, and preferably more.

You can also use the mental and emotional healing symbol during your self practice if you’re attuned to Level 2, and this will help bring more emotional clarity and clear any blocks in this area. You can feel free to use this symbol anywhere your intuition leads you to. You don’t need to feel stuck only using it on the head.

I also encourage you to send Reiki ahead to your day as you wake up in the morning. You may choose to invite Reiki to flow through your entire day, or you can focus on certain areas that you feel you need particular healing and guidance in. Or, you could choose to do both. For example, if communication is a difficult area for you, you may wish to ask that Reiki flow to all areas of communication in the day ahead, so that you are able to give and receive with divine guidance.

When you use Reiki to heal a relationship, the first thing to do is to offer healing to yourself. This allows your own heart to be at peace and to open, removes any blocks that you have. Then you’re better able to be a healer for the relationship. To do that, picture sending Reiki to the cord between your heart and the heart of the other. This will remove any pain and strengthen the relationship. Use the distance symbol and the mental / emotional symbol if you choose.

It’s important, with this or any type of Reiki healing work, that you remember to let go of any particular desired outcome and allow the Universe to work as it needs to. Especially in relationships, both of you have your own healing that must be done, and we don’t know when the other person is ready to learn or experience any particular thing. We don’t know what their path is, and we don’t even know what our own path is meant to be.

I hope this answer’s been helpful. Thank you for your question.

Many blessings to you, and Namaste.

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  • EverLastCry April 30, 2015, 8:11 am

    My dear Angie!!! I also have that question in my mind and you answered it so nicely i really apreciate your good work|| Well Done…. Cheers!

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