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Reiki for Students to Sharpen their Memory

Article by Chanchal Gupta

Reiki, the universal life energy force is miraculous energy. As we all know miracles do happen in Reiki. Reiki can help the students to make their study time a value time. During examination some students complain that they study hard but could not retain, Reiki help to enhance the retaining power. Others say they are not able to memorize the contents. For them Reiki helps to increase the memory. Still others say they can’t recall the contents, while taking exam, what they studied earlier.

Here I am sharing an easy, handy, and very short technique which will help to add up to studies.


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Step 1
At the time of your studies:

  • Sit in a comfortable position. No mobile phone calls and chatting during prayer time to make you more concentrated.
  • Hold the study material which you are going to study during the due course of time.
  • Recall the Reiki and your guiding angels by saying prayers.
  • Connect you along with your study contents to the Reiki energy.
  • Draw symbols CKR, HSZSN, SHK, HSZSN, CKR, project all the symbols after drawing.
  • Allow the energy to flow from hands to books. Hold the books in your hand for one minute.
  • Start your studies as usual. Keep drawing symbols.
  • Say, thank you prayer before switching over to another work.

Step 2
In the examination hall:

  • Sit comfortably, take deep breath, before taking the question paper, recall the Reiki, do prayer by saying: “Reiki help me to recall all the contents which I memorized”, draw the symbols on your hand in the same sequence as mentioned above. (can draw symbols on writing instruments also).
  • Say thanks to divine Reiki light and guiding angels.
  • Take your QP with a broad smile and with full confidence.
  • Start writing, keep drawing symbols in between.
  • Leave the center after saying thank you prayer.

The whole process takes hardly two minutes and if you make it a routine, it don’t need any extra time. It really works wonderfully 🙂

Note: Reiki can do nothing with those who don’t study at all. It only helps in study and then recalling what has been studied earlier. Stay blessed.


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Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta (M.Sc.) is a Reiki Master. She is a science teacher and also Masters in Mathematics. These days she is practicing, exploring and trying to connect every aspect of Reiki with science. She is from Chandigarh and lives in Hoshiarpur (Panjab) with a family of :) :) :) :) . Reach Chanchal at Reiki Miracles do happen on Facebook.

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  • Vijaya February 22, 2019, 10:35 am

    Thanks Chanchal very much.. for this great ritual.. which may help me and my students also…
    I would be using to help my students to achieve better results in exams and life
    thanks a million

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