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The Sun Light and its Use in Reiki to Make Aura Healthier

Article by Chanchal Gupta

Sun is the only and the ultimate source of energy on this wonderful and lively planet – THE EARTH. The life force prevailing on this planet is due to the combination of many components, out of all those constituents, the optimum temperature maintained by the earth is the major cause of the life on the earth. The property of earth’s atmosphere to absorb the required amount of heat and refract back the un-necessary heat and to preserve that absorbed heat with the help of ozone layer is responsible for beautiful flora and fauna.

We all are the master pieces created by the energy. As the earth has its atmosphere, all the bodies have their aura; scientifically we can call it magnetic field. Solar energy is the best energy to make us fit and fine. We all use solar energy in the form of food, the plants take in the energy of sun to make food and that energy is stored in the food and is then via food used by us for the various activities. Thus we all are making a small indirect use of solar energy. The sun arises, shines; spread its energy than sets. In these modern times and so called modern and busy life style sometimes for months we are not in the sun and even don’t see it. We can’t make any direct use of solar energy like plants.

Here I am sharing an efficient way to use solar energy that is flowing in abundance all around on this earth, to have a healthy aura and to make the aura an energy reservoir like earth’s atmosphere.

  • Sit in the sun in padmaasan on a mat, you can sit on chair also. (We can play some chant as it adds to our concentration power)
  • Keep both your hands on your knees the palms facing upward or in the position you feel comfortable.
  • Close your eyes. Take three long breaths.


    Image by Yuval Y

  • See yourself in the shape of pyramid, your base as the base of pyramid, your back, arms and sides as the sides of pyramid your head as the apex covered by a glass sheet. Feel you are connected to source, the sun, through the gateway, the crown chakra via anantkarna rod.
  • Feel the heat of sun, allow it to enter your body.
  • Feel bright white light of sun is falling on the glass, splitting into seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and falling on seven chakras in the body. See the chakras glowing with the light. Feel the color of chakras becoming brighter and brighter, size becoming bigger and bigger. Feel the pyramid is glowing with the glow of your chakras. Apply symbols CHKR, SHK, HNSJSN, SHK, CHKR with third eye or intuitively on all the chakras. See the symbols you applied are dancing in the enclosed pyramid don’t let them flow out. Expand the size of your body along with chakras, for this you have to expand all the muscles of your body, fill them with energy of the sun and Reiki symbols. Go on expanding size of your body in accordance with availability of time and comfort.
  • Now feel seven colors of light from front chakras falling on your back chakras, making them glow, united and flowing out of the body as single white light.
  • Try to expand your aura to the maximum, fill whole of the aura with small power and distant reiki symbols and the sun energy in small patches to make your aura a healthy and good energy reservoir.
  •  Allow the symbols to come out of the body through the apex of pyramid I.e. sahsaar chakra to the anantkarna rod and then to the source i.e. sun. See a rainbow of symbols from the gate way of your body to the sun. Feel the beam of light connecting you to the sun and making you glow with its golden light.
  •  Pay gratitude to the sun and to your surroundings. Rub your palms; energize your eyes with the healing power of your hand. Open your eyes slowly with a big and bright smile. ☺

Try this technique when the sun rays are slanting i.e. morning and evening not during noon and at least for fifteen minutes once a week. Sunday is the best option as according to Hindu mythology Sunday is the day of sun.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta (M.Sc.) is a Reiki Master. She is a science teacher and also Masters in Mathematics. These days she is practicing, exploring and trying to connect every aspect of Reiki with science. She is from Chandigarh and lives in Hoshiarpur (Panjab) with a family of :) :) :) :) . Reach Chanchal at Reiki Miracles do happen on Facebook.

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  • Wanda April 15, 2015, 8:34 pm

    I love this Sun Healing Technique.

    Thank You


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