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How to Make Powerful Healing Cards Using Reiki

Article by Beena Rohra

How to make Powerful healing cards for self and distance healing using Reiki with some more tools.

Q1. How do we enhance healing power using other healing tools with Reiki?

Answer1. Reiki itself is very, very powerful, complete and best. Since it’s invisible, it’s a bit difficult to show proof to few healing clients. Well actually we don’t even have to show any proof. But if it’s possible to convince a doubtful mind, using some more tools; along with it, why not use them?

Many of these, we already use, but with different names.

Like for chakra healing we draw a circle, read it with dowser, heal it with Reiki.
So before we see how we use Reiki with the tools, I will define in short a few of them.

  1. Energy Circles: These are drawings (Very Powerful). We can use; circle, square, amoeba, triangle etc. Basically it should be a closed figure. Inside this switch words (trigger words) are written. e.g. – When, we say “WOW” – our eyes twinkle, our mood is happy, we love everything around. Kat Miller has collected many such drawings and keeps making new ones using information by different authors including Quantum K., Lloyd Mear etc in her site blueiris.org.
    A basic energy circle is such that.
  2. Healing Codes: These are numbers got by use of Dowser. Internationally accepted authors, have whole list of these too. And for everyone’s use, even Kat has got the different collections under one file – Quick Codes. (Quantum K. , Lloyd Mear etc)
  3. Emotional Cause: In Reiki we also have learnt that the Root cause of any issue is Emotion. Collection of causes of issue and affirmation for the same is given by Louise Hay in her book “You can heal your life”.

    How to make Powerful healing cards for self and distance healing using Reiki- with some more tools

    Image by solarisgirl

Q2. What goes INSIDE the circle?

Answer2. Inside the circle, we write what all is needed to heal a problem/ to add up to something/ make a new habit.

Following things can be used inside the EC circle:

  • We can use Louise Hay’s collection of emotional reasons of any problem.
    Inside the circle we write the affirmation associated with the issue.
  •  Switch words.
  •  Healing Codes.
  •  Prayers.
  •  Decrees.
  •  Mantras.
  •  God & Lords names.
  •  Famous healer’s name or quality one needs.
  •  Meridian points names used in ACU-Reiki.
  •  Bach Flower and homeopathic names.
  •  Sanjeevani codes.

Q3. What goes outside the circle?

Answer3. Outside the circle, we need to write, all what has to be removed or avoided for stopping the problem/ leaving a bad habit.

  •  Write the emotional cause of the issue.
  •  Wrong habits like alcohol, laziness, wrong eating habit etc.

Q4. How to add Reiki in this?

Answer4. We can add Reiki power to this by:

  •  Writing symbol names.
  •  Drawing symbols.
  •  Giving Reiki for few min by absent healing method.
  •  Holding in hand and giving Reiki.
  •  Keeping in Reiki box.

Q5.  How to use the combination method?

Answer5. For distance healing, self and for giving to healing clients, we can use this as:

  •  Laminate it and keep a glass or bottle of water on this for 30 or more seconds. Water gets charged. Now drink the water.
  •  Stick it on wall.
  •  Keep it under the pillow of the person being healed [But do not write anything outside the circle]. Write only inside the circle.
  •  Write the name of person inside the circle and start healing.
  •  Take an empty photo album, make EC for different purposes. Keep them in this album, with purpose written behind. Using sticky notes, write the person’s name before healing. Then remove it.


My experience with the combination healing.

1) I used the EC for weight transform with many codes and switch words, symbols, Acu-Reiki points, Bach flower and Angels names for around 100 people (distance healing). Many had great results. Eating habits changed. Fitness started.
2) To keep under pillow – gave to 3 healing clients, who had high diabetes. Now it’s decreasing. And after observation in 21 days, the doctor even changed the doses- little by little. (May it heal completely!)
3) Gave to students. Increase in concentration, liking of bore subjects, will power to study etc are observed.
4) Few healing clients observed thyroid readings less.

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Beena Rohra

Beena Rohra

Beena Rohra is the owner of ShivMira Alternate Healing and Meditation Center Pune. She is a Reiki channel since 1998 and became master in 2007. Reiki has helped her face all ups and downs of life easily. Hence it’s easier for her to teach people about Reiki powers. Beena is Reiki Usui Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Ace-Reiki, Magnified Healing, Angel Therapy, Angel card reading, Dowsing, Spiritual Healing (Lord Shiva), Crystal healing, Mantra Therapy, Switchwords, EFT tapping expert. Her favourites are AcuReiki and Reiki-bottle meditation. She combines it with every art and great results are seen. Even in card reading- Reiki and Angles help get perfect guidance. By God’s grace, she is happy with her parents and daughter in Pune. Contact info: ReikiMasterBeena@gmail.com and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShivMira.

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    Hi beena intuition power ko strong kaise kar sakte hai uske liye kaya karna chahiye

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      Meditation and Third eye chakra strong healing.(with balanced all chakras- else head may ache )

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  • PAREE May 28, 2015, 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful article. May relki light always guide you to write awsome article in the future. BEENA JI COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS ” Sanjeevani codes”?.

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    Saw ur post now..


    And thanks for ur compliment and blessings

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