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Reiki for Couples

Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master

Reiki is wonderful for bringing in greater harmony and love between couples. Here are a few things we can do to improve relationships. Bear in mind though, that it is important to respect the law of free will in healing – you cannot try to form a connection with a person who is not interested without creating problems in your own energy and theirs.

If a couple is going through a difficult phase, the first place that shows energy disturbances is the bedroom. If the bedroom is messy, clean it up, either by yourself or with help from a friend. Cleanse the bedroom energetically as well. You could buy a small rose quartz ball and place it near the bed for additional energetic support. Make sure to cleanse it regularly though.

Almost all relationship problems happen due to a lack of proper communication, and with couples, also the lack of intimacy. Both the issues can be healed through meditation.

Communication problems are a result of improper listening, and this happens because we are carrying too much pain inside to be able to really listen to what the partner is saying. A problem always exists on both sides, and if there is a problem in the relationship that you seek to heal, lead by example.

Here’s how you can clear yourself so that you can listen better.

  • Sit comfortably and enter a meditative state
  • Become aware of all the things you dislike about your partner
  • Become aware of how these are just your feelings, and that you are refusing to accept your partner as he or she is in this moment.
  • Imagine the emotional healing symbol over your whole body a few times, requesting Reiki to completely heal and resolve your emotions. When those feelings aren’t strong anymore, or have completely disappeared, you are done.
  • Make sure you also heal your ears regularly as part of your daily self-healing.

    Reiki for Couples

    Image by Takmeomeo

Lack of intimacy is a result of many problems. If stress is the main cause, then it is very important to make sure that your daily self-healing is regular, and if your partner is not a channel, give him or her a regular healing as well.

To connect more deeply with your spouse, ask him or her to sit in front of you, and draw the distant healing symbol a few times between the two of you, till you feel a connection. Once this happens, draw the emotional healing symbol on both of you and request Reiki to heal all emotions. Finally, end with the power symbol to seal the connection between the two of you.

If your partner is also a Reiki channel and is happy to participate, one wonderful thing to do regularly is to sit facing each other and practice flooding each other with plenty of loving energy. You could do this just before the exercise mentioned above.

Note: If you haven’t been attuned to the symbols, just request Reiki to do what is required. For example, instead of using a symbol to resolve emotions, simply request Reiki to resolve all the emotions. That will work just fine.

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Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel

Having learned Meditation as a child, Ashwita incorporated Reiki into her life during her early teens. After a decade of witnessing the magic Reiki, she felt compelled to take up Reiki professionally, and ended her corporate career in 2007, taking up Reiki full-time. She eventually incorporated EFT, hypnotherapy and past life therapy into her work. Apart from her healing work, she teaches Reiki and meditation, and her book ‘Healing Through Reiki’ is available on Amazon. You can connect with her through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Reiki.Bangalore,
her website http://www.reiki-bangalore.com/ or visit her blog http://www.ashwita.com/zen/

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