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Life After Reiki

Article by Rinku Patel

Few days back a random thought popped. What was my life before Reiki? Why I was not introduced to Reiki sooner?

The answer to that is, you don’t choose Reiki, Reiki comes to few chosen ones at the right time.

First time I heard about Reiki, I was in U.S. After that I moved to India and I inquired about Reiki. Yet it didn’t pull me enough for me to pursue it. After few years I moved to Bangalore and then I could not resist. I had to explore, pursue and learn. My life is literally divided into Pre-Reiki days and Post-Reiki days and I am sure most Reiki channel feels the same. As compared to Pre-Reiki days, Post-Reiki days are sheer blissful. Reiki changed me completely; from my life situations to my perspective towards life and everyone. The things or people I used to dislike earlier held no importance in my life. I used to break down in stressful situations, was not able to cope with difficult situations.

Post-Reiki, I am at peace with myself. The things that used to hurt earlier doesn’t matter anymore. Reiki has given me much needed mental strength. It gave new self-confidence and self-love. I have extreme control over my negative thoughts now which brought positivity, happiness and abundance in every aspect of my life. This prominent change in me is liked by few and disliked by few. It does not matter if anyone doesn’t like this NEW me. What matters is the inner peace I got Post-Reiki. Reiki is a pure blessing for me and I am sure everyone who practices it feels the same too.

I have asked few of my Reiki friends about how Reiki changed their life. Let us read how Reiki changed their life.

Ananya Sen (my mentor, inspiration and friend)
Well I don’t know where to start, there are so many great and horrifying changes after Reiki! There is Rebirth after Reiki in all aspects and is rebirth easy? Definitely not, but totally worth it! If I have to pick on one thing that Reiki has brought about in me, it is my belief in myself. I used to think that other people are in control of my life, but I know now that I AM the creator of my life. Reiki makes it easy.

Life After Reiki

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Darshan Bafna
Reiki has truly transformed my life beyond words. It has helped me grow in all levels of life and allowed me to access and utilize the abilities that were dormant.

Vedant Bohra
Reiki happened to me because my grandmother had faith in me and would demand Reiki from me. Surprisingly, she responded to healing sessions directed through me than anyone else. This faith of hers made me learn and delve deeper. Today, I know for sure that no matter what the circumstances are, Reiki will take care of everything. An inner stillness and peace prevails throughout. I let Reiki into every issue in my life from finance to clothes to food to relationships. I feel blessed literally all the time.

Radhika Mehta
Well, to begin with, honestly speaking Reiki has now become my lifeline. Before Reiki I found myself lonely, was depressed due to negative thought patterns, and met few wrong people who aggravated my pain, I felt confused, hopeless, was just going with flow but didn’t actually know which direction I was moving. Everything in life just seemed to be a big question mark. I really didn’t know what to do and how to come out of it. Just then my Higher-self guided me to Reiki. Everything just fell into place on its own, I met the right teacher, got attuned and started doing self-healing regularly. This brought a 180 degree turn to my life. My negative thought patterns stopped completely. I started seeing things with a positive attitude. With self-healing I started feeling better day by day. I started being more hopeful, happy and cheerful which a very important factor of life is. I now had clarity in my life. The biggest blessing that Reiki brought me was that my self-worth, myself love has increased in my own eyes. I feel valued. My confidence shot up, intuitively I am guided which helps me take better decisions. I came across some awesome people who shared similar interests like me and I am still learning a lot of new things from each one of them. Those who didn’t serve any purpose in my life were automatically cut off or moved back. Also from my experience I have noticed Reiki pushes you and makes things work out for you which are for your highest good. I always wanted to help others. And through Reiki, I can help them which brings happiness and contentment. And as they say “You don’t choose Reiki but Reiki chooses you” I feel blessed to be the chosen one. Thank you Reiki 🙂

Charisma Phatak
When my elder son was 2 year old, he was detected with severe respiratory disease. He was critically ill and fever would strike him every week and was administered with heavy doses of antibiotics. He was reduced to bones. Doctors said he MIGHT outgrow this disease after he completes 5 years of age. 5 years of age? I was dumbstruck, three more years of this sickness. I was really disheartened. One night as I was putting my child to sleep, something inside me urged me to start Reiki again. I was then already a Usui Reiki master, but due to pregnancies and parenting, somehow I lost hold of Reiki meditation. My sister (a Reiki master) along with other Reiki masters helped me in giving tips for karmic Reiki healing of my son. Within 4 months of my Reiki healing, he was completed cured of this illness. He is now a happy, healthy kid.
Whenever I have any deep desires to be fulfilled, I do Reiki. Reiki has manifested almost all my desires. If some wish did not come true even through Reiki, I realize it was not in my highest or greatest good. Though I do Reiki almost every day, but anytime when I feel sick or lonely, I call upon my lifelong companion Reiki for 2 minutes, and I bounce back to life with full zest. For me, life after Reiki is like unlocking the door to unlimited happiness inside and outside me/you.

Piyusha Sinha
Life’s most beautiful gift for me-Reiki. Getting attuned to Reiki has opened me up to understand a lot of things about myself, others and life in general. Somehow it’s become easy to accept everything without dissecting every moment. I can actually…like really feel the energy and vibes of people, places, good energy and even extremely bad energies now. When I come in contact with something which has got very negative vibes, my head starts pounding, like it’s a warning that something is really bad here. As soon as I get away from that place or object, the pounding just goes. It has saved me and my loved ones from countless difficulties. Every day of my life I’m thankful that Reiki has come to me.

Soumya Renuka
Yes, Reiki has changed my life. Earlier I had lot of negative attitude towards life. Because of that I had lost hopes and happiness in life. After I started Reiki my life started to change. From negative to positive thinking. There is more peace, happiness, love, calmness, abundance in my life now.

Jhilmil Bhalwar
In the run of life we get so busy to realize importance of spirituality. Like every other girl after college I got busy with my job and friends, then got married henceforth adjusting to whole new innings of my life… few years later I was blessed with 2 children… with time the tussle began, all unwanted negative thoughts blocked my mind, then peer pressure in workplace, kids daily tantrums, too many demands and expectations from my husband and so many things which led me to darkness and I became impatient, short tempered, pessimist and my behavior really affected my family, kids and friends. One night as I was sitting reviewing all events taking place in my life.. I heard a voice, it was my inner self saying ” it is a human nature to crave for love and happiness without knowing the fact that all love and happiness dwells in our soul…” soon I felt the urge to restart practice of Reiki regularly which I had discontinued several years back and soon with time all things fell back to place, I was a changed person.. my babies cries became a music to my ears, their troublesome habits made me laugh at their innocence, my nature improved, I moved away from negative crowd, I further quit my work and decided to create awareness among people about the miracles of Reiki.
Though I can say I am still not perfect, I have still lots more to learn but I must say life after Reiki changed to a very positive outlook. I have started loving myself, people around me… I feel grateful and thankful to god for giving me the best of everything in life. Thanks to the light of my life, my lifelong companion, my God- REIKI

Life After Reiki is – ‘MIRACULOUS’.

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Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel is a Reiki Master Teacher, Doreen Virtue certified-Angel intuitive, Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Crystal healer, Angel card reader, and Indigo card reader. Other than that she is a Certified Tarot card reader and spiritual writer. Rinku can be reached via her email address reikithemiraclehealing@gmail.com and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing

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    thank u Rinku..very good and motivational article.

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