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Walking the Path of Energy

Article by Stephen Parato

The word “Reiki” kept making subtle appearances in my life…

While traveling around New Zealand a few years ago, I met a friend who mentioned that his parents ran a healing center in Spain. He elaborated, in a tone of hinted wisdom, saying that they were both Reiki Masters. The word instantly piqued my curiosity. “Reiki?” I inquisitively asked myself. I was vaguely familiar with the term, but didn’t know exactly what it was. Though I may not have been fully aware of it at the time, a seed had been sown in that moment.

Over the next couple years, Reiki began to make more and more frequent appearances. I would hear it mentioned in songs or stumble upon articles discussing Reiki. It got to the point where I had an insatiable urge to try it out for myself. Sure, reading about it was interesting and mentally stimulating, but I needed to experience this “Reiki” thing first-hand.

My inclination towards Reiki was a blend of skepticism and curiosity, spiced with an intuitive sense of knowing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I scheduled a session (with Reiki Master Beth White, in New York City near where I was living) and went in with cautious excitement. It would be my introduction to the world of energy work.

As soon as the session began, there was no doubt that energy was indeed flowing through my body. I felt like her hands were everywhere at once. And there was an interesting feeling on my face the entire time; almost like a wide, interdimensional headband being stretched over my face. Although it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, it was a comforting feeling.

Just as I began to assimilate the novelty sensations of Reiki energy within my body, I had one of the most profound experiences of my life. She gently massaged my right shoulder and energy surged through my right arm, bursting out of my palm in a continuous bolt of blue lightning. (The “blue lightning” was what I saw, or experienced, in my mind’s eye while the energy rushed through my arms and out of my palms.) Then she did the same thing with my left shoulder, producing the same electrical rush, but this time it was (what I perceived to be) orange lightning. The intensity of the experience left me lying there, awe-struck with amazement.

Walking the Path of Energy

Image by Daniele Zedda

After the session, we talked for nearly two hours. When I finally asked her about the “arm lightning” she calmly assured me that Reiki is, without a sliver of doubt, part of my life’s purpose.

In the days following that first Reiki session, I took note of a few changes. My abdomen, which had previously been in a state of discomfort, was back to normal. During my workouts, I noticed a significant increase in balance and coordination. I felt an intensification of energy flowing through my body, an unwavering feeling of bliss and the irresistible urge to spread love. My default state was a deep inner peace and I was able to calm my mind much more easily than before. I also saw that my eyes seemed to have more vibrant color and depth to them. They emitted that twinkling radiance of the soul smiling through.

I hit the ground running and completed my Reiki Level 1 training as soon as I could. Then I did Level 2 this June. I’ve been immersing myself in energy work every day since, practicing on myself, family and friends as much as possible.

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with distance healing, to both hone my ability to heal others and squash any lingering doubt in my mind. I find myself spontaneously sending distance Reiki to people, simply going off of the whims of my intuition.

One of these enlightening experiences occurred last weekend. At the end of a yoga class, during savasana, I found myself transitioning out of a deep, thoughtless meditation and into a focused Reiki meditation. I started sending Reiki energy to my dear friend, gravitating towards her jaw. I don’t know why, but I was visualizing cupping her jaw with the energy. Later, she told me that her jaw had been hurting and that the pain disappeared right around the time I sent the energy.

These intriguing validations help alleviate doubt and serve as subtle reminders that I’m on the right path.

The world is a truly miraculous place when you pay attention to the signs and start following your intuition.

Reiki has become a torch for me, a tool of illumination, helping me to navigate through the magical caverns of life.

Gratitude fills my heart and wonder fills my soul. The adventure into energy continues.

One love.

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Stephen Parato

Stephen Parato

Stephen Parato (aka Stevie P) is your friendly, neighborhood Earth traveler. A Reiki Master, anxiety annihilator, holistic health & wellness advisor, unorthodox yogi, explorer of consciousness, philosopher, author, poet and positivity connoisseur. Stevie P’s home base is Portland, Oregon and you can find him online on his blog Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great. Website link: http://www.feelingoodfeelingreat.com/. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FeelinGoodFeelinGreat.

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  • Julie March 2, 2015, 2:11 am

    Thank you for a great article sharing your experience!

    • gus magilke March 3, 2015, 1:30 am

      Stephen, my experience with Reiki is much like yours although it rook many years before I became attuned. I am now a Reiki I I and am starting my own practice
      Thank You

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