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Utilizing the Elements to Enhance Your Reiki Practice

Article by Tracy Morrow

Utilizing specific frequencies of Life Force Energy found in natural elements can grant measurable enhancements to the practice of Reiki. For instance, many practitioners are already aware of working with the specialized energy of a variety of crystals as a method to enhance their practice. While crystal work is deeply effective, it is simply one of many ways to utilize diverse types of energy in order to intensely enrich Reiki sessions.

When working with the circulation system, endocrine system, and any bodily fluids, making use of the element of water will deepen your focus and offer furthering results to your healing work. On an emotional level, water helps ease into the flow of life and surrender in the many ways a mindful and stress free life requires. Water is cleansing and purifying and can help in removing all types of blocks for yourself during self-treatments, and for your clients as well.

Having a running fountain or aquarium in the west corner of your sacred healing space, and dipping your hands in water during a treatment are ways you can begin to facilitate the connection to the energies abundant in water. You might also choose to send a carafe of Reiki treated water home with your client to further the results of your sessions. Offering the gift of a small shell is another way to offer the healing energy that water provides.

Healing of the skin, bones and tendons is supported with the element of earth. Earth is calming and will go to work grounding and stabilizing someone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, fear or other negative emotions. Going deep into the earth energies will bring great peace. Because the energy of earth is associated with dark, thick and quiet, it is also a great choice to use when working with sleep issues such as insomnia.

Having a planter of fertile soil in the northern part of your healing space, a bowl of Himalayan rock salt, or nuts and seeds from the earth, can all invite more of the earthly energies into your healing efforts. Giving your client a small herb plant that has been treated with Reiki is a wonderful gift to extend any Reiki session. A rock from the earth, and specifically an emerald or peridot crystal, are also wonderful gifts of earth energy.

The blood, digestive system, metabolism and muscles all respond favorably when using the element of fire. This element brings feelings of joy, passion and ecstasy. It gives life to the spirit and helps removes creative, spiritual and emotional blocks.

Lighting candles in the southern most corner of your healing space will invite the energy of fire into your work. Heating lava stones to use in Reiki sessions will also utilize this energy to enrich the healing experience. Gifting your client with those heated stones or Reiki treated candles will continue the progress made during your session.

The element of Air is the perfect choice to utilize when focused on sending Reiki for respiratory healing, or healing of the nervous system. Emotionally, it helps to usher in feelings of bliss and opens the doorway for heightened creativity. Air will also help to lift depression and lower energies because it is the element of new life and possibilities.

Placing feathers, or hanging crystals from the ceiling in the eastern portion of your healing space will help invite the energy of air into your healing practice. Fragrant flowers, incense and smoke from burning white sage are all helpful when working with the element of air. Gifting your client with a feather, flower or incense will prolong and increase the efforts made during your session.
Combining the elements of water, earth, fire and air in any variety of ways can bring exceptional results to any Reiki treatment. For the best outcomes, when grounding before sharing Reiki, remain open to which elements are calling to be represented during the healing session. This is important because it might not make sense to you to use earth when someone wants relief from a challenge with their digestion. However, it could be that anxiety is causing their distress and earth will enhance the efforts that will allow them to be calm and more conducive to their body’s natural healing system. Therefore, allow your intuition to guide you when choosing which elements will be most effective to include with each client.

Sending Reiki to the tools you use when working with the elements is another important aspect for gaining the best results. You can use the elements without giving gifts to your clients if you so choose. Oftentimes, the physical offering will help ground client’s healing experience to bring better results. Either way, you will find that utilizing the elements in your Reiki practice will deepen and enhance your healing work in what may turn out to be miraculous ways.

Tracy Morrow

Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at Inspir3.com

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