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Reiki FAQ

Article by Rinku Patel

People who are contemplating to learn Reiki or healing with Reiki have many questions regarding Reiki. Same goes with newbies. They too have lots of queries even though they have been taught. Teaching method differs from teacher to teacher. So some students have more queries whereas some are confident. I have asked some of my friends to ask me questions regarding Reiki, things they want to know as non-Reiki person. I got lots of questions. Few questions I dug from internet to include in this article so that I could answer simply in my way. I have tried to answer all the questions in simple and easy way so anyone can understand.

Reiki FAQ

Q1. What is Reiki?

The founder of Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is a Japanese form of natural and spiritual healing technique administered through Life Force Energy by a Reiki channel. Reiki heals person as a whole- body, mind, emotion and soul. Reiki always works for our highest good. Reiki healing can be done in person as well as distant healing.

Q2. Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn Reiki. Reiki is a very simple healing system, no special background is required. Anyone is eligible to learn Reiki regardless their age or health.

Q3. Why should I learn Reiki?

There are innumerous Benefits of Reiki. Reiki connects you to Life Force Energy so you can heal yourself and your near and dear ones too. We all know that everyone has healing capacities but once you get attuned to Reiki, the energy and healing power reaches another dimension. If you learn Reiki, first and foremost you can heal yourself. Daily self-healing helps balancing the chakras, keeps you healthy, happy and joyous and connects you to your higher self and spirit guides. Reiki keeps anxiety and stress at bay. It can harmonize relationships and heals emotional trauma. Reiki fills you with peace and serenity. You can heal your family/anyone wherever they are across globe without traveling.

Reiki FAQ

Image by mlinkseva

Q4. How is Reiki session performed?

Reiki practitioner set the room, may put on calming music or call upon their angels and guides. Client is told to lie down on Reiki-bed and take few relaxing breaths. Practitioner may then scan the client’s aura, in person or with distant healing method, to analyze the disturbances detected in the client’s aura. Based on the scanning, they lay their hand few inches over the client’s body and administer the flow of Reiki. Practitioner may lay hand over various part of client’s body (non-contact) as per requirement. Treatment can be done through distant healing method too.

Q5. What can be treated with Reiki?

List is never ending. Listed below are few examples:

  •  Body, Mind, Emotion, Soul
  •  Any Physical illness/problems- major or minor
  •  Relationships- Couples/Singles/Family/Parental/Children/Colleagues/Boss/Friends
  •  Emotional trauma/problems
  •  Past karma
  •  Past lives issues
  •  Mental issues
  •  Future situations
  •  Ancestry healing
  •  Stress reduction
  •  Anxiety
  •  Sleeping disorder
  •  Chronical disease
  •  Fatigue
  •  Pain elimination/reduction
  •  Balance chakras
  •  Space cleaning
  •  Remove spirit
  •  Ward off negativity
  •  Purify food and water
  •  Removes toxins
  •  Cleanse chakras and aura
  •  Enhance creativity
  •  Connect to higher self
  •  Removes side effects of medicines
  •  Natural self-heal
  •  Strengthen immune system
  •  Treats illness from root
  •  Enhance psychic powers
    And more….

Note: Reiki practitioner never encourages you to stop your medical treatment.

Q6. Is Reiki substitute for medicine?

No. Reiki is a complimentary healing system. No practitioner will ever encourage to replace medical treatment with Reiki. Reiki can be combined with medical treatment to make recovery faster. Reiki works in harmony with other healing modalities too.

Q7. How many Reiki sessions are needed for a treatment?

Sessions required totally depends on the reason of treatment and client’s ability to respond to Reiki. Each individual responds differently to Reiki treatment. Some problems may need couple of sessions, some may need more and some even takes months to heal. Length of the Reiki session totally depends on root cause of the problem as Reiki heals a person as a whole: body, mind, emotions and soul. Every Reiki practitioner uses different techniques for healing hence duration of sessions may vary from practitioner to practitioner. After couple of sessions, healer and client both will get the idea about how the client is responding to Reiki.

Q8. What is Reiki attunement?

The Reiki attunement is administered by a Reiki Master Teacher to the student which gives them the ability to treat themselves as well as others. During the attunement some students feel vibrations, hot-cool sensation or some may get visions. Some may not feel anything so it doesn’t mean that attunement is not done properly or something is wrong with them. With daily self-healing they can easily channel the energies.

Q9. Can I learn Reiki by watching videos or reading Reiki books?

You can follow books or videos once you have been attuned. You cannot heal anyone if you are not attuned to Reiki.

Q10. How long does the attunement last?

Once attuned, always attuned. Though there is no harm in re-attunement if anybody wants to.

Q11. How does Reiki treatment feel like?

Every Reiki experience differs from person to person, healer to healer, treatment to treatment. Some feel heat, some feel coolness, some gets visions, some falls asleep, some may get vibrations or some may break-down and cry. Again, it is not necessary that everyone feels something. Some may feel nothing. If your client feels nothing, assure him that Reiki always work no matter what. For distance healing too, client may feel any of the above or may not feel anything.

Q12. Can Reiki still flow if healer falls asleep?

Yes, if a practitioner is asleep and his hands are placed on someone and if that person needs Reiki, Reiki will start flowing.

Q13. Does Reiki practice any particular religion?

No. Reiki doesn’t follow any particular religion. People from all religions and beliefs can learn Reiki and be a healer. Reiki is a simple stress reducing and healing technique that anyone can use once they are attuned to it. Reiki is called ‘Spiritual healing’; it does not encourage giving up on one’s religion or change religious beliefs.

Q14. How do you know that energy is flowing?

Again, it is same as above. Some feel heat, some feel coolness, some gets visions, some falls asleep, some may get vibrations or some may break-down and cry. Again, it is not necessary that everyone feels something. Some may feel nothing. If your client feels nothing, assure him that Reiki always work no matter what. For distance healing too, client may feel any of the above or may not feel anything.

Q15. Can Reiki be merged with any other healing modalities?

Definitely YES. Reiki can be merged with any other modalities. Reiki energy compliments other Reiki forms, medicines or any other healing method. For example, you can give Reiki to someone who is hospitalized for faster recovery, can Reiki your medicines to reduce side-effects, charge your crystals for crystal therapy, or even can be merged with Angel Card Reading or Ho’oponopono prayer.

Q16. Is Reiki safe?

Yes, Reiki is 100% safe. It does not have any side effects. It works only for person’s highest good.

Q17. Can Reiki be administered to remove negativity?

Yes, Reiki removes negativity surrounding person or any space: house, office, or any area. Practitioner detects heavy energy and can remove and cleanse the person or area.

Q18. Any particular hands positions when giving Reiki treatment?

Yes. You will be taught hands position in first degree to treat self and others. Distant healing method is taught in level two.

Q19. How to do distant healing?

You will be given distant healing symbol when you learn second degree. You then draw and invoke symbols and use the distant healing technique taught to you. You can heal anyone across globe. Reiki energies travels across space, any dimension, distance or time. You can heal your past, past lives or future too. The Reiki distant healing symbol bridges time and space.

Q20. Can plants and nature be treated with Reiki?

Yes, you can see obvious difference between regular plants and ‘Reiki plants’. Reiki can be sent to nature to reduce natural calamities impact. I always encourage giving healing to Mother Earth.

Q21. Can Reiki be given to children and pregnant ladies?

Yes again, Reiki can be given to children. Children are in fact more receptive towards Reiki energies. You can Reiki your child daily, Reiki their food, Reiki their bed and so on. Give healing to your children when they are unwell. Reiki them to sleep better. List is endless.
Reiki can be given to pregnant ladies. It is totally safe. It will balance and heal all the chakras and keep the baby healthy and safe as well.

Reiki FAQ

Image by Megan

Q22. What are the Reiki Symbols?

There are traditional Reiki symbols and non-traditional Reiki symbols. Here I will just give introduction about traditional Reiki symbols. Reiki symbols are considered sacred healing symbols that opens the door to higher energy levels, higher awareness and intuitive power, spirituality and manifestation powers. Students are introduced to Reiki symbols during their level 2 attunement. Reiki symbols help connect to Universal Energy in a more powerful way. Invoking Reiki symbols during a healing session makes the healing faster and more powerful.
There are 4 main symbols- click on the symbol names for detailed explanation
Cho Ku Rei → Power Symbol
Sei He Ki → Emotional/Mental Symbol
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen → Distant Connection Symbol
Dai Ko Myo → Empowerment (Master symbol)

Q.23 What if I giveaway too much energy?

No, Reiki is a Divine source of energy. There is nothing like giving away too much. Though some healers feel drained out after a healing session. If that happens, the healer should make sure to ground, protect and shield themselves.

Q.24 Why is Reiki considered ‘intelligent’?

Some believe Reiki ‘intelligent’ because it is a Divine energy; some believe it to be ‘intelligent’ because it is guided by spirit guides; some believe it to be ‘intelligent’ because Reiki always flows wherever it is needed most; some consider it intelligent because Reiki heals person as a whole: body, mind, emotions, soul, and aura.

Q.25 I am not specially gifted. Can I still learn Reiki?

Anyone can be a Reiki healer. You need to be attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master to heal self and others.

Q.26 What is the best method to draw Reiki Symbols?

I personally prefer coned fingers method. You can draw with index finger, paint brush method, with both hands, with third eye or pen-paper. You can draw symbols anywhere and everywhere.

Q.27 Can level 1 practitioner use Reiki symbols?

No. Symbols are introduced during level 2 attunement. In level one, main focus is on self-healing. You can self-heal, heal others (hands-on), protect, shield and aura cleanse.

Q.28 Why 21 days cleansing?

Each chakra takes 3 days to get cleansed. So 7 chakras take 21 days. It is called detoxification period.
Day 1, 8 and 15 cleanse Root chakra
Day 2, 9 and 16 cleanse Sacral chakra
Day 3, 10 and 17 cleanse Solar-plexus chakra
Day 4, 11 and 18 cleanse Heart chakra
Day 5, 12 and 19 cleanse Throat chakra
Day 6, 13 and 20 cleanse Brow chakra
Day 7, 14 and 21 cleanse Crown chakra

Q.29 Can Reiki heal Vaastu-Dosha?

Yes, invoking symbols and strong intentions to remove doshas (faults) and negativity heals vaastu-dosha.

Q.30 Can Reiki cause negative effect?

No, Reiki never harms or cause negative effect. It can never be used with the intent to harm or cause negative effect. Reiki always works for one’s highest good.

Q.31 How long does it take to heal a disease?

It depends on what need to be healed, if the issue is small or long-standing. It may take long if the issue is chronical disease or related to past life. Also depends on how the client is resonating with the energy he is receiving from the healer.

Q.32 Does Reiki take away negativity?

Definitely yes. It removes all negativity and blockages from person’s body, chakras, meridians, emotions, thoughts, and aura. You are taught shielding and grounding methods to protect yourself from negativity. There are numerous way to detect and remove negativity. Detect all types of negative energy.

Q.33 Is it possible to learn Reiki by watching videos or reading books?

No. You need Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master to initiate Reiki. You can improve and increase your knowledge by reading books or watching videos but you can not initiate Reiki without being attuned.

Q.34 Can Reiki heal ancestors?

Yes. Reiki can heal DNA, our past generations and blockages associated with ancestors.

Q.35 Is anything wrong with me? I do not feel anything during Reiki.

Nothing is wrong with you. Some feel vibrations, some feel hot-cold sensations, some get visions or some feel nothing. Do not worry. Always remember, Reiki always works whether you feel anything or not. All it needs is immense faith.

Q.36 How to know which chakra to heal?

The healing is based on physical cause as well as root cause of the disease. You heal the chakras according to physical, mental and emotional issues. Here is one of my previous article that shed more light on Disease and Associated Chakras.

Q.37 Can I charge my food and water with Reiki?

Again yes, charging your food and water with the intention to remove toxins and negativity is the key to happy and healthy life. Reiki infused food will be tastier, will cleanse your immune system, align molecules into proper pattern, infuse cells, helps with digestion and remove toxins and negativity.

Q.38 Can Reiki help me financially?

Reiki FAQ

Image by pfala

You can give Reiki to your money with intention (or affirmations), to your wallet, your bank accounts, your debit-credit cards, your tax refund forms, properties, jewelry or any money-related things. You can put intention slips with affirmations in your Reiki box. You can use Crystals to attract abundance.

Q.39 Can Reiki improve relationships?

Reiki can improve any relationship: couple’s issues, parental issues, friendship, boss-employee relation or even make amends between enemies. Reiki brings harmony in relationships. It removes anger and resentment from heart and fill it will love and light. With the help of Reiki symbols, strained and stressed relationship can be mended. It will heal the past event that was the root cause of the issue. It also clears mental blockages related to the opposite person, brings balance between mind and heart conflict and remove misunderstandings and ego.

Q.40 How long should I wait between each of the Reiki levels?

It depends from teacher to teacher. Some teachers advice the gap of only 21 days between levels; Some keeps the gap of couple of months; some keeps the gap of 2-3 months between level 1-2 and 6 months or more between 2- 3. It also depends on student, how he is resonating with the energy.

Q.41 Does healing differ from healer to healer?

The techniques used by healers may differ. Some healers merge different techniques, forms and variations of Reiki. Some merge other healing methods like Crystals, Pranic healing or Past Life therapy.

These are the most common questions asked by a newbie or a non-Reiki person. I have tried to give answers in short, without going into small details. I would end up writing a book if I go into detailed explanation ☺

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Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel is a Reiki Master Teacher, Doreen Virtue certified-Angel intuitive, Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Crystal healer, Angel card reader, and Indigo card reader. Other than that she is a Certified Tarot card reader and spiritual writer. Rinku can be reached via her email address reikithemiraclehealing@gmail.com and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing

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