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Q&A: Does Reiki Work For Any Illness?

A question that often pops up in Reiki discussions, especially from non-practitioners or beginners, is:

Does Reiki work for any illness?

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The answer is that Reiki can work for any illness, and it’s been proven to work on practically any condition.

The patient should have a desire to be healed and accept the healing energy. They should also understand that Reiki is not a silver bullet, and that lifestyle changes might be needed in order for healing to occur.

Also, the energy works at its own pace. Many times, old emotional issues have to be released, which will clear the blockages and allow the energy to flow freely again, which will then bring about improvements in the physical condition.

Multiple sessions and ongoing treatment for longer periods might be needed, and patience and persistence are key factors. An understanding of how Reiki works will be very helpful.

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