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Reiki and Professionalism

Article by Tammy Hatherill, Reiki Master

No doubt many of you, who are now Reiki professionals, have worked in industries other than complimentary therapies. I will also make a leap of faith by saying, many of you may not have liked the structure and control of big business. I for one, really did not fit the mould of a good employee, as I was always standing up for the rights of employees, or the underdog in some way. I would clash with Management because it was my belief system that a company must look after its employees because without the people doing the work, there would be no success or money for that organisation. Nothing irked me more than people being treated badly, unjustly and unfairly. However big business does not always see this and I was always banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

So it was a breath of fresh air to start my own Reiki business and instil in it my love of treating everyone with respect, love and light! Although I don’t have employees, I do have many Reiki students and have taught numerous masters. I instil in them professionalism, and the ability to work with and communicate with people they may not ‘click’ with or even ‘like’.

Those following my articles will know of a group of Reiki “professionals” who have not treated a number of us in the highest order. I refuse to keep quiet about bad behaviour, as mentioned above and have found that the reaction of those I’m speaking up against have been the same as big business. Without rehashing it all – their answer was to stop all communication with me. After an issue with one Master – most of them stopped communicating and it was obvious my name had been slandered within their community. I have also been told this is the case.

Thus I write my articles and I speak up against injustice but never with malice. It’s my full belief that bullies don’t want people to speak the truth and it’s this behaviour that I feel is being displayed. Although I would never publicly humiliate any of them or use any names or identifying markers, I will always speak the truth and share my experiences. This of course does not go down well with some who know this is about them or a friend of theirs.


As I’ve been living my truth and really embracing Reiki and it’s precepts/principles my life has gone from strength to strength and I feel amazing. Many of my students and fellow masters are saying things to me such as I am glowing. Physically they see a glow and radiance and they say it’s very, very obvious and that my whole aura has changed. I can’t see this myself but I feel the difference in my heart. I feel so much love for the world and everyone in it. Even those that do treat people in a manner I find in-just. It helps to know people are either coming from love or fear, and so if coming from fear that helps but doesn’t excuse bad behaviour (this extends to me as well).

Recently I had a Reiki person from the lineage who I don’t energetically agree with; give unsolicited advice to me on something she had completely and utterly wrong. I could have ignored it, however because I am so strong within myself now and have the ability to be assertive whilst being caring, I told her nicely that I didn’t need her advice. I also reminded her of the mirror technique and what she was saying, was now reflected back to her to dig deep within herself. I then wrote a lovely message and posted it:

Surrounding myself with glorious crystals.

I’m feeling really awesome!!

This week I’ve had some massive break throughs with the family!! I have an aunty now emailing and communicating with me again, and a cousin. My cousin wrote me a lovely hand written letter as she felt that was more personal, and then we spoke on the phone for an hour or more. So people are starting to come around and realise I’m not such a big bad person simply because I speak my truth. It’s really hard when people (friends or family) have an ‘idea’ of who you are and they stick to that no-matter how you’ve healed/moved forward or changed. So that’s great.

Also I want to share something big!! An article is coming out very soon on this very topic. People up here in Darwin seem to think I haven’t moved past the ‘Reiki’ community who shunned me and treated me poorly.

Let me clarify. I have emailed, say hello to them when I see them, and make referrals to them. What do I get back in return is being ignored (by most, I had a lovely chat with a Reiki Master at one of the Buddhist meditations before Christmas)… so it’s not all of them but most of them. Generally though it’s no acknowledgements of my emails or referrals to them, zilch, zero nothing.

So is it me who hasn’t moved on? or is that community who when I told them how their behavior impacted on me, felt so uncomfortable about this that they’ve bandied together and decided to ‘ignore’ all Tammy’s communication. I can assure you this is precisely how it feels.

A woman who I will name “Jane” up here is the woman who teaches her Reiki masters that if you don’t’ like someone you don’t have to deal with them.

I teach my students that if you don’t like someone and they are pressing your buttons, it’s a GREAT opportunity to DIG deep! Ignoring them will not result in anything.. this is a great way to learn more about yourself . YOU can deal and communicate with people you don’t like. It’s about professionalism and leaving human ego at the door.

Reiki and Professionalism

Image by mjjurado

Reiki is about love and light and sharing… so how can ignoring a person, even if you don’t like them particularly, following the reiki principals/precepts?

I have tried to mend bridges.. The chasm the bridge needs to cross – only came about because I pointed out how behaviours had affected me and how deeply hurt I was by actions. Had I not said anything would a bridge need to be built? Probably not, and the chasm wouldn’t exist… but I would still be treated as i was which really wasn’t nice or pleasant, and I certainly would not be moving forward as I am now. Their behaviour was terrible, and telling them this actually made things worse for me because they did not like it!! Not at all.

So please BEFORE you judge me on being the one not moving forward or past this hiccup, did you know of my efforts in overcoming the issue??

Do you know all my communications are ignored?

I wouldn’t change a thing in my life though because all of this is just a glorious part of learning and growing.

Love, light and harmony.

Many people whom I did not know wrote under it in agreement that when buttons are pushed, its best to dig deep to see why and how to overcome things and not to ignore and hope the problem goes away. It was nice to see so many people see the point that ignoring an issue does not solve it.

That evening I went out with fellow reiki masters and students to an un-related event, although it was a meditation. And we had the most divine time. The woman I’d told I didn’t want her information, was there. I could feel her energy had shifted toward me but I was fine, because I was having an amazing time. My friends again told me how radiant I was and how much I glowed. Even the event organisers and the lovely lady who owned the building said how smiley and happy I was. I really did enjoy my time. It was magical.

When I came home I was on a high and could not sleep. So at 2am in the morning I was awake to receive a message from the woman I’d been assertive with, stating that she had removed me from her Facebook group because I was rude and insulting to her Reiki master and her friends and she would not tolerate it. I was amused as I know and am confident in myself that no posts have ever been rude. Yes they contain my truths and my views on things, but never rude and never have I publicly named anyone.

I’ve come so far in my journey I was able to respond with acceptance and I understood she needed to do what she needed to do. I also pointed out that her actions are precisely what all of her group does, and that is ‘dump’ Tammy the moment I do something that goes against their belief system. Long story short, this woman began to send me messages that I am dull and boring and drama filled and she finds me utterly BORING and that’s her truth and that perhaps we should unfriend each other. My response was, she was more than welcome to unfriend me and that I respected her truth and if she found me dull and boring and drama filled, then perhaps she should. She did and blocked me as well.

What I am so proud of is my students and fellow Reiki masters. Unlike the ‘lineage’ this woman is from, whom if one person has a problem with another, most of them follow suit (firsthand experience here). I have taught my students, just because I may have an opinion on someone, don’t let that become your opinion. You are unique and have the ability to make up your own minds, you don’t need to follow me to the point I dictate your likes and dislikes. How cult like would that be?

Judge someone

I also teach that people are coming from love or fear and for whatever reason my standing up for myself and my truth (being assertive) and then writing the truth that I have tried to mend bridges, created some sort of fear in her that she’s reacted to in the negative. Due to this knowledge, her rejection has not caused me any pain whatsoever; unlike the unbearable pain I went through 18 months ago and was the catalyst of all of this division.

The evening of me becoming defriended, one of the Masters taught by me, shared a course, this woman is running, on her reiki business page. I was so proud of the master, so very, very proud, because she is embracing the Reiki precepts/principles and is embracing all I have taught her and the others. Just because I have an issue with someone or they have with me, it does not mean others need to take sides. It’s amazing to see students of mine blossom and become so strong within themselves, knowing they are doing what is right, what is just and what is fair. I would never want people to become caught in the middle and have to take sides. I feel that is where our group is different. Does that make us better? No!!. It makes us different and it makes us unique from big business and different from reiki communities that need same thinking mentality.

It’s been an absolutely freeing few days and I feel so very blessed to be glowing and shining and that my fellow masters and students are absorbing the lessons of fairness and justice and love, love love. We are all one… some come from fear and some come from love… knowing that helps with dealing with people we don’t connect with.

Does this help you on your journey and in understand people in your world? If so I’d love to hear your views below.

With love, light and harmony.

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Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill is the owner/operator of Tammy’s Tarot and Healing. She is a well known Tarot and and Reiki Master/Teacher, and shared her love of tarot for over 12 months with a regular radio segment on 104.1 Territory FM. Tammy is the author of two books: Trapped Behind Bars and The Diary of a Fallen Angel, and is a journalist for numerous organisation: Reiki Rays, Tiny Buddha, Personal Growth and Hypnotherapy Journal Australia. You can find her website at www.tammystarotandhealing.com
and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammystarotandhealing/

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  • Sarah February 10, 2015, 12:35 pm

    You are graceful and honest!! Such a reaction to dump you from her site. Why did she dump you? Wouldn’t the first thing be to contact you and say, “Tammy I didn’t like what you wrote on my page, so I have removed it. I don’t like what you’ve written and if you do it again, I will remove you.” It seems she was waiting for a reason to remove you and that passage was reason enough. Standing up to her initially may have been what she was seething over. Well done you for being so graceful and for not allowing her reaction or her name calling of being boring and drama filled (how can you be both??) upset you. Love your energy Tammy. You may not be perfect but you are sure honest.

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