1. Dear hari priya,
    I cannot forget you, because of your advice i got the job in my 60, hope you can remember me.Archangel will help you to do good things.
    This article is excellent.
    With warm regards

  2. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all of the info on this website! There is lots of great information here and excellent tips. I look forward to my weekly emails that way I don’t miss all the good stuff!

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing and very interesting to know this special violet energy.Hari priya can I have your contact id because I have something to discuss.

  4. Great article &thanks for sharing. Even I’m sharing the reiki rays articles with my friends& relatives n even they are thankful to u…please keep sharing reiki articles &also along with that angels also… can u please guide me what is exactly angelic reiki n how it works n how to practice it…thanks once again ..love n light to u.

  5. Beautiful. I love the Violet Flame. In Reiki Seichem we use it a lot – there is a Violet Flame attunement, and when we work in the Sakkara / Fire element which is the mental body, we cone our fingers and spiral the negativity out, placing it in the Violet Fire. Also, the Violet Flame is continually evolving, we can now call on the Gold and Silver Diamond Violet Fire and the Lilac Fire of Source. Blessings

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