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How to Really Know if You Have been Attuned and Blessed

Article by Tracy Morrow

One of the most common questions Reiki teachers receive from their students is, “How do I know if I have been attuned and blessed?” This is especially true of students who don’t notice any sort of experience during their attunement. While many students will feel sensations, such as warmth or tingling, emotions of being overcome with peace and love, or will have some other beautiful experience, some students will notice nothing at all. Those are the students who will be left wondering if they were in fact attuned and blessed or not.

The first thing that is important to keep in mind to make sure to communicate to students is that oftentimes there will not be any sort of noticeable experience. That does not mean the attunement failed, or that they were not blessed. It just means that the energy has its own way of working and there is no concern whether or not they have any notable occurrence.

One way to make sure students feel secure in being attuned, and that they are in fact being blessed, is to make sure to point out universal truths before their first attunement. One important truth to discuss with students is that they are already filled with Life Force Energy because they would not exist without it. An attunement does not grant them what they already have; an attunement simply balances them out and clears blocks in the energetic and chakra systems in order for the Reiki to flow through in an optimal way. It may dial in refreshed or stronger frequencies of energy, however, those frequencies were already there as they always are in life.

How to Tell if You Have Really Been Attuned and Blessed

Image by Tracy

Another important teaching point is that it is the student’s intention to open their energetic system and receive the attunement that is ultimately what is the most important. This intention grants the attunement in the first place. As long as the intention is there, the attunement will happen. How it is experienced is a unique occurrence to each person and that experience, noticed or not, will be exactly what the student needs at the time of becoming attuned.

Some students will need additional help in feeling connected due to being too attached to their mental processes, or having high anxiety, or low feelings of self worth. Encouraging these students to become diligent in living the precepts and finding other ways to break through mental blocks will be most helpful. For example, practicing mindfulness, yoga, meditation and clearing rituals are all ways that creates union and develops enhanced skills of perception. Energy exercises such as working with energy balls is also helpful to allow the student to develop a heightened sense of perception.

In regard to feeling blessed, each and every one of us is already blessed. Any subsequent blessing is but a remembrance of what already belongs to us. We are Blessed Children of Source and there is truly never any reason to think that we are not blessed. In this blessing, the ability to experience all of what Reiki offers has already been granted.

When students become educated to true knowingness of Reiki and Life Force Energy, are encouraged to rejuvenate their connectedness, and are reminded of how blessed they already are, they will never have a reason to question “How do I know if I have been attuned and blessed?” Instead, they can relax and become more open in developing their sensitivity to what they already have had from the very beginning.

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Tracy Morrow

Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at Inspir3.com.

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  • Rinku January 21, 2015, 3:15 pm


  • sheila January 21, 2015, 3:27 pm

    Thank you for this great article. I finally found the explanation I was looking for. I recently received a distant attunement and couldn’t figure out why I had a vision of a bent over sunflower that I watched stand straight up and was fully bloomed. I thought well that was silly and didn’t ask any questions but it has been on my mind ever since. A blocked solar plexus makes perfect sense to me! Thanks again.

  • Mary January 21, 2015, 3:35 pm

    This is very helpful, having been a person who is accustomed to not used to feeling sensations which are not of physical origin, Attunement becomes just another disappointment. These kind words have fixed the problem for me. Thank you.

  • Mari Dreamwalker January 21, 2015, 9:08 pm

    I love your website. It shines with the simple and pure radiance of Reiki Love. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher of over 25 years and find that often teachers make Reiki complicated in order to sell more goods. I was one of the teachers in the early 90’s who broke the silence of the symbols and radically lowered the price for training. Wonderful work you are doing. I invite you to visit my website.

    Many Blessings,
    Mari Dreamwalker, MA

  • Tracy Morrow January 23, 2015, 8:29 pm

    I appreciate learning that this article has been helpful to others, thank you so much. And, thank you Mari, you have a lovely website yourself!

  • Yianna March 30, 2015, 1:49 am

    This is very true. Upon receiving my first attunement I experienced something incredible even my Reiki master was amazed and in their 20 + years experience had never seen that type of manifestation. 11th day of meditation and fasting it appeared above me in a massive ball of gold. I kept saying: I’m NOT ready over and over. Then it descended on me with force, my palms were alight with balls of fire, my whole body went freezing cold but my palms were burning. I stayed like that for about 1 hour. 2 years later I had my second attunement I didn’t realise it had even happened until my master told me that she saw my life energy even stronger and that I was much more in tune with the world around me. Love and light to ALL 🙂

    • Tracy March 30, 2015, 1:22 pm

      That sounds like such a wonderful and blessed experience Yianna! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Kerrie March 31, 2015, 4:52 pm

    🙂 ☆☆ ♡♡ Xx

  • Susanta Lahiri June 21, 2015, 7:17 am

    Thanks for clarification.OneCromium steel small strip inserted in my left hand as an internal support ,this was inserted after some accident 10 yrs. Back,,it passed trough bone and not exposed.I have taken Reiki initiation. I like to know there shall be no blockages For Reik to flow.What I mean that it will be affecting energy flows while healing.What is KARUNA reike.This KARUNA reike is experiment or proven things.I found nothing in the books by Dr.Mikao Usui, excepting few more symbols not taught up to 2nd stage of initiation.

  • dr sunita August 5, 2015, 8:19 am

    Wonderful advice … better to work on increasing your sensitivity and intuition. .gratitude for such a divine suggestion .

  • paula November 14, 2015, 6:21 am

    I wish this had’ve been explained to me. A friend of a friend told me that Reiki was life changing and she couldn’t believe the energy that was just out there for anyone to use, it blew her away. When I went through my Reiki 1 I was devastated, I asked my teacher if I really was attuned because, quite frankly, I felt no change, nothing. I assumed it did not work on me. The teacher was offended and assured me I was attuned. I thought there must be something wrong with me. I lost heart in it soon after, because I felt I was a fraud 🙁 Thank you, Thank you Thank you xx (btw I am a person of no (not low) self worth, I also struggle with anxiety & depression, which may be why this occurred, as you state in your article)

  • Kat March 19, 2016, 8:23 am

    If one has a good caring Master/Teacher and have their teaching and attunement in person just like Master Usui did with his students they will know they have been attuned.
    Many say its all about intention, no this just a part. It is about grounding, clearing the person raising the kundalini and then settling it. This main confusing with people that are not being taught in person and with a well trained Master is they dont know the different between an “attunement” and “treatment” or distance healings. This is showing that we need to go back to the way Master Usui guided his students, which was in person and taking it slowly so people understand how to heal correctly. And if needed make a person wait maybe years between each degree. We need to understand that its not a quick fix and cant be taught over the net.
    As for people here saying that they felt nothing through their attunement this can sometimes be because they have been healers in past lives and its their soul saying “been there done that” and sometimes its will come in waves.

    • flavia day July 5, 2016, 9:45 pm

      thank you kat, you really helped me, as well as this article, I felt nothing except for a very light tingling, but, a few masters always referred to me as an old soul. so maybe it was my past life saying being there done that?

  • Heather October 18, 2016, 6:31 am

    This explanation helped me with my question too. That is the answer I was searching for.

  • Janine February 18, 2017, 3:22 pm

    What is ‘working with energy balls’?

  • manyanstarr December 9, 2017, 11:52 pm

    When you ask somebody who has made claims about Reiki, it is like listening to somebody who believes that the Earth is flat.
    They will claim that the system is Spiritual and Natural but it then requires a physical connection called an Attunement, but when questioned further they will say that you have to be at a higher level to understand what that is and it is the Masters energy that is transferred.

    The system of Reiki is created with the use of Words or Symbols and when written as sentences you create a combination of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration.
    By the application of a sentence to selected Chakras (energy centres) raises the vibrations of those Chakras and at the completion of each Level, 1, 2, 3, action is taken to retain that applied energy.

    To test the energy hands are placed over the Crown (either in the physical or as a distant) and be aware of Heat/ Warmth or just not being able to enter, if however you can appear to go into the Crown then the applied sentences/ energy are not retained.

    The way the reiki is taught is full of the Hypothetical and Assumptions whereas in reality the combined uses of Words and/or Symbols when written as sentences create Energy/ Frequency & Vibration that removes the dis-ease from the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional and what remains is a sense of calm.

    There are many ways that Energy Healing achieve simular results so don’t be in a hurry to reject the concept until you try.

  • manyanstarr January 4, 2018, 2:08 am

    Explaining what Reiki really is.
    Reiki is not Spiritual or Natural.
    It is the placement of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration when written as sentences of Language and or Symbols and those sentences are placed into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body selected Chakras through the Physical.
    At the conclusion of each level the applied energy is retained.

    What is it used for.
    To remove dis-ease from the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional so that it does not develop as a disease within the Physical and that a sense of calm prevails.

    The Medical profession ignores the fact that Reiki is an Energy System that assists in the recovery of a person after Surgery and in the case of Emotional upset greatly reduces the need for Psychotherapy and or Pharmaceutical intervention.

    How do you know if a person holds the applied vibrations?
    People generally advertise or display that they claim to have Reiki.
    There is a simple test that can be conducted to test this claim either at the physical or as a distant.

    At the physical, place hands over the Crown of the person, you may be aware of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter. This is what you may be aware of if the person holds the applied vibrations. This same effect will appear if the test is done as a distant with a proxy. However if the is no blockage as described then nothing is held.

    If the person does not want to be tested then do they really hold Reiki.

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