10 Ways to Fit Self Reiki into Your Day

Article by Angie Webster

One of the biggest things I see as a comment from other Reiki practitioners is that they can’t find time to do daily self Reiki. Some say they don’t do self Reiki at all because they don’t have time. Schedules are demanding, for sure. So I wanted to make a list of 10 ways that might spark the imagination and get folks thinking of creative ways to fit the wonderful gift of self Reiki into their day, if only for a minute or two here and there. It makes such a difference!

1. Do self Reiki as you fall asleep at night. No need to make it complicated. Simply place your hands wherever you feel led to that night and ask Reiki to flow. Allow yourself to drift off to sleep like this. Not only do many people find this a simple way to fit Reiki into their day, it is an amazing way to fall asleep!

2. Set an alarm to do self Reiki for a few minutes when you first wake up in the morning. Some people find they are more able to fit this in and it is a refreshing and relaxing way to start the day. You could make it part of a meditation routine, if you have one.

3. Give yourself Reiki as you browse the internet.

4. Watching TV or a movie is a very good time to do self Reiki. Take advantage of the fact that you are sitting still and relaxing to increase the relaxation.

5. While you are waiting in line. Waiting in lines challenges our patience. So take the opportunity to strengthen yourself. Any line works. The bank, the take out place, a long line in traffic. Just one hand placed discreetly on yourself keeps you calm and gives you a dose of self Reiki.

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6. One of my personal favorites is while cuddling with someone. I place on hand on the person I am cuddling and one hand on myself and let the Reiki flow. We make a big Reiki healing loop and everyone benefits.

7. Place one hand over each chakra for 3-5 deep breaths as you let Reiki flow. Do this as often as you have time.

8. If you find you have no free hands and you still want to do a bit of self Reiki, you can simply ask Reiki to flow into you! If you are attuned, Reiki is already flowing through you. Ask for it to flow and notice how you feel in the top of your head, your heart and your hands and feet.You may not always notice much, but very often you will feel tingling and warmth in these areas.

9. Give yourself Reiki while you read! Whether it’s a great story, a magazine, a textbook, or something online(even this article–hint, hint!),while you’re reading is a great time to place a hand on yourself for Reiki.

10. While outdoors in nature. This is a favorite time for me to take self Reiki. There are many ways to do it. Ask Reiki to flow as you walk. Sit under a tree and give yourself Reiki or simply ask it to flow. You may feel the energy of the tree, as well. Lay on the ground and do self Reiki, if you have time. I highly recommend doing this at least once. It is an amazing experience. Highly grounding and full of wonderful energy. Very healing.

Remember, the effects of Reiki are cumulative and its effects are often subtle! You have to keep doing it to see the biggest results, but the results are amazing in the long haul!

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Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master Teacher and author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She also teaches classes and workshops about Reiki and spiritual growth. She works often with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What It Can do for Yours. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her healing after a 20-year struggle with neurological and chronic pain issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, guiding them back to their own innate healing abilities. You can follow her at: angie-webster-healing.thinkific.com, https://www.facebook.com/HolisticSpirituality, http://www.serenityenergyhealing.com/


  1. This is my biggest challenge with self reiki. I forget with the chaos of the day and remember at night when I am in bed.

    Does reiki still flow if u fall asleep when you do reiki at night? I always feel like if I’m not awake it doesn’t flow.

  2. Vanessa, Reiki will continue flowing after you fall asleep if you fall asleep giving yourself Reiki.Your conscious focus is not required. But even if it didn’t, it’s still great to give yourself Reiki for whatever amount of time you can! A few minutes is better than none! Have you ever noticed how Reiki sometimes just “turns on” without you thinking about it? Many practitioners have. That’s because we don’t have to focus our own energy on it. It simply flows where it is needed, for as long as it’s needed. Same thing when you use it while falling asleep.

  3. Hi, I often find when I am sitting down or even walking through a store that I place both hands on my stomach (which I am having trouble with but doctors can find no answer) Could that mean I am being drawn intuitively to doing Reiki on myself. without me even knowing.

    • Absolutely! I’ve also read that where you place your hands can indicate an area where you are loosing energy, if this fell like it may be true for you imagine and intend Reiki to flow there and become some sort of healing bandage, a door that closes and locks, a needle and thread that stitches and heals exc. Your imagination is the limit in Reiki:)

  4. I find it really challenging to understand how a reiki practitioner feels okay to place their hands into a trusting client’s energy field without having done a self healing and done their utmost to cleanse, balance and energise their chakras regularly, even daily as much as possible. It’s the equivalent of a surgeon starting a surgery without washing their hands! I also don’t understand how if someone has time to read a book or watch TV, why they don’t have time to do a focussed reiki self healing with intention and full attention. This type of complacency really concerns me in our field. It doesn’t matter as much if you’re not a practitioner but even then, wouldn’t it be great to encourage people to switch off the TV and really get the most out of their self healing by being present, focussed and free of distractions? Try it for yourselves and see how amazing your life becomes. The more you invest in your self healing, the more miracles you’ll receive!

    • Judy, yes there are so many benefits to doing intentional self Reiki everyday! It is really important for those that wish to work with the energy regularly, so that they can learn how Reiki works and become accustomed to it’s subtleties, as well as keep their own energy fields clear so they can be the best channel for Reiki. As you said, we want our own energy to be as clean as possible prior to working with a client and that takes regular care. It also takes understanding of the energy, which comes with practice. For many,it helps to have many ways to use Reiki throughout the day, in addition to an intentional practice. I enjoy incorporating Reiki all throughout my day, in as many ways as possible, yet I never leave off my intentional self Reiki session in the morning and often do one in the evening as well.

    • I absolutely agree if you are treating others it’s most important to be balanced, cleared and centered, I would actually not have the confidence in treating others if I did not spend so much time on my own wellbeing, and for what ever reason you do Reiki you are making a promise that you will be a vessel for source to flow through, personally I take that really seriously too, you are accountable for the vessel you become x

    • Elizabeth, for some people Reiki has this effect rather than the effect of making them sleepy. Since this is the case with you, then it may be best for you to practice self Reiki at a different time of the day, such as first thing in the morning or on a coffee break or during your lunch break. Maybe you can choose a time when an energizing boost is an appropriate or even a helpful thing, rather than a hindrance.

    • I’ve noticed different symbols have different effects on me when I’m relying to go to sleep. Try doing self treatments with just one symbol and see if one makes you sleepy, for my the power and distance symbol are energizing but with the mental/emotional symbol and master symbol I’m asleep in minutes!

  5. I always do my self reiki while in the sauna every night. It’s a great way to relax and no one bothers me when I’m in the box!

  6. I found your article quite useful. When I was being attuned I remember my Reiki Master advising us to “keep it simple”. That advice seems to go against my nature, lol, but I’m working on it, and reading an article like this grounds me back into that simplicity.

    I especially like what you say in point 8, which to me is key: If you are attuned, Reiki is already flowing through you.

    To borrow what James Thurber once said about humor :Every time is the time for Reiki.

    Do you mind if I link to this article from my blog?

  7. when you say “give yourself Reiki”, you don’t explain how to do that. This has been one of my biggest conundrums . What do people mean when they say “give yourself Reiki.” Are you just putting your hand on yourself and intending it flow, are you mentally intending it just flow to you, or are you drawing the distant symbol and holding up one hand and intending it flow or something else all together. I agree, more self-treating the better, but to me “give yourself Reiki” is just too vague.

  8. Patricia,
    I am not completely clear on what your question is, but I will try to answer based on what I think you are asking. It sounds as if you are speaking from the perspective of someone who has taken Reiki training, so I assume you have been taught how to do self Reiki. If you have taken a class and you were not taught how to do this, then please ask for guidance on how to do a self Reiki treatment from you Reiki teacher or from another Reiki teacher who may be willing to help you. I am willing to answer questions about this, if you are not sure how to do a self treatment and you have no one to speak with in person who can show you.

    So, assuming that you have been taught how to do a self Reiki treatment, I think the thing you may be getting caught on are the words I used on points #3 and #9—“Give yourself Reiki”. That can mean the same thing as giving yourself a full self treatment, or it can mean simply putting one or both hands on yourself and intending for Reiki to flow. It can also mean that you simply intend that Reiki begin to flow, as I mentioned in some of the other points. You can even ask Reiki to flow to you in meditation. There are many ways to receive Reiki on your own. You need not concern yourself with getting caught up in the wording, but simply open yourself to allowing the energy in to heal you.

    Reiki is actually fairly simple to use and to work with, if we let it do it’s work and open ourselves to it. Any of the methods you listed above would work fine, as would any of the methods I listed. The point of my article is to open people to the many ways that are available to practice self-Reiki as they go through their day, just as I write many other article telling of the many ways we can incorporate Reiki into the rest of our lives. It is available to us in everything we do. We just have to simply do Reiki.

  9. Well, I don’t know whether this counts as self-reiki or not, but every night I send distance reiki to the names that I have on a list. My name is also on the list. I feel the reiki intensely moving through all of my chakras as well as my hands.

  10. Those are some great ideas Angie! I have a meditation routine every, well most every morning. During that time I open up the channels and let Reiki flow through each of my chakras. Sometimes Reiki will linger in certain areas where it’s needed the most but it’s a wonderful feeling. When it begins to flow, I turn my face up and visualize it falling down on me like rain and it truly feels wonderful. It’s like an energy shower! But in reading these ideas has made me realize I can do that anywhere… just turn my face up and let the Reiki rain fall. Gives me an instant smile. 🙂

  11. Hello, when you say ‘ask the reiki to flow’ is it just a case of asking or would I need to do my symbols on my palms to activate the reiki each time? Thanks

    • Treena, It really is a case of simply asking. There is no need at all to draw the symbols on your palms each time, though you certainly can, if you choose to. If you think back to before you knew how to work with the symbols, you simply intended (or asked) for Reiki to flow in order to use it and it worked. The symbols are simply another tool we can employ while we connect with Reiki, but we don’t have to use them and we definitely don’t have to use them each time. Reiki energy is all around you and within you, so all you need to do is ask and it is available to you, anytime.

  12. Angie,
    These are, really, simplest but useful methods to give self Reiki. I’ll use them alternatively.
    Thank you. God Bless you.
    Love & Light.

  13. I have a Reiki Box where I send Reiki to several individuals at once. I have added my name to the box to receive Reiki for my greatest good as well.

  14. Beautiful, thankyou. I can remember lying down on the lovely grass at our gorgeous Client Hills, of was amazing to be so grounded and attached to our wonderful, loving, nurturing Mother Earth. I need to do that more. Love and light, happy day, Karen

  15. Angie, thank you for your tips. I was doubting my abilities as a reiki 1 practitioner. As I sit here writing this message I have asked the reiki to flow and of course it is. Love your article xx

  16. Dear Angie my Reiki Master told me never to wear any jewellery if you do self reiki or reiki on other people because it would obstruct the reiki flow. But a friend who is also practising reiki told me it is perfectly ok to wear your rings / bracelets when doing self reiki. So it make,s me wonder and I would love to hear your view

    • There are certainly differing views on this. It seems that it is possible that it depends on the person. I have not been a big fan of jewelry since I began practicing Reiki, particularly jewelry that has any sort of metal. For me, the metal creates a restriction in the flow of energy in my body that becomes extremely uncomfortable after a short period. If I persist in wearing it, it actually creates pain in my body. The only exception for me has been a fine silver necklace that I sometimes wear a crystal pendant from. Even that occasionally feels extremely heavy and dense, as if the energy is unable to move. These things tell me that energy flow can be restricted by jewelry, and in my case it is. When I wear jewelry, I have to choose all natural materials, like hemp cord with shells, stones or crystals. I have very little issue with those, unless the stone I am wearing disagree with my energy at that time or needs to be cleansed. I have spoken to others who have had similar experiences, but I have also spoken to many others who adore jewelry and have noticed no effects at all.

  17. I have a question about the point where you say to put one hand on your partner and one on yourself and send to both. This sounds lovely, but is it a good idea to send to two people at once? It seems like energy would get transferred. I am fairly empathic and protect myself every morning with the poser symbol to help me keep others energy separate from my own. I guess I have mixed feeling, it sounds amazing but, is this energetically hygienic? Safe? Would it be bonding?

    • This is a very bonding thing to do! I love it! If you feel the need, fill yourself with Reiki before you begin so that your own energy field is strong. When we are very close to someone, such as a child or a partner, our energy fields naturally intermingle to a large degree. Inviting Reiki into this is healthy and healing.

  18. Brilliant, thank you. I often wonder if I am giving myself reiki long enough, or should I do a whole treatment everyday to myself or is it ok to just give reiki to my knees when sitting down or my head if I have headache etc. This information has settle my mind, thanks again. 💖🙏💖

  19. Angie, further to your beautiful suggestion of sending reiki to your partner whilst sending it to yourself. I thought that one required permission before sending reiki to someone. So how would this work without their consent?

    • Hi Jeannette,
      Yes, you should not send Reiki to someone who you do not have permission from, or who has told you they don’t want Reiki. The tip was only for circumstances in which it is known that your loved one is willing to participate in the sharing of Reiki. It is not meant to imply that we should use an embrace or shared affection to force Reiki on anyone.

  20. Thanks for clarifying Angie. I was just curious because my partner is not keen on receiving Reiki but I thought your tip might be a way of my sharing Reiki with him without him knowing but I understand that I can’t do that.

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