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Kundalini Reiki

Article by Patti Deschaine

For those who are seeking, many flavors of energy healing abound, and as an avid student, I am unable to resist exploring the fascinating varieties. In sampling the many offerings, I have accumulated certificates in all sorts of modalities, including Violet Flame, Lavender Flame, Crystal Healing, Munay Ki, Kundalini Reiki, even Shiatzu massage. My personal library is a wealth of information, encompassing everything from Karuna Reiki, essential oils and herbal remedies to The Divine Matrix and the I Ching. My energy education has been interesting and so much fun!

In 2012, I was fortunate to attend a Kundalini Reiki class with a local master and became attuned to all three levels. Kundalini Reiki is similar to Usui Reiki, but it is a specific strand of energy, channeled by connecting to earth’s energy.

Image by John Tann

Image by John Tann

In Sanskrit, Kundalini translates to “coiled up, coils, the coiled power” and is often represented in drawings as a snake or serpent that rests coiled around the base of the spine, at the root chakra. This energy remains dormant unless awakened (known as Kundalini Awakening). Kundalini Awakening can happen through the attunement process or simply through meditation and/or prayer. Sometimes it comes suddenly and spontaneously, such as by a near death experience.

Kundalini is the force of the divine, intelligent, life-force (Prana) that resides in all of us. Like a serpent, Kundalini awakens from its sleep at the base of the spine and slowly rises. Once awakened, Kundalini energy opens and strengthens the root chakra and spirals up. In its snake-like form, it circles and clears the all chakras, releasing blocks and allowing the energy to flow smoothly. It is a very hot, powerful energy and can assist with spiritual awakening and divine communication.

Though you channel Kundalini with your intent, usually spoken aloud, there are no symbols involved, so it is a very simple energy to work with. Often referred to as Kundalini Fire, it is a very grounding and intense form of healing. It uses include working to bring resolution to such things as situation and relationship issues, past life and birth trauma. Because it is such a potent energy, it should be used with care. Too much too soon can be overwhelming and may create a healing crisis.

Image by Olof S

Image by Olof S

Kundalini energy works extremely well with meditation. Lighting a candle and calling in Kundalini fire energy daily will strengthen your connection and flow. Consciously decide to let go of all that no longer serves you and imagine the fire consuming reducing those things to ash and smoke. Feel the tension leave your body as you release negative thoughts, past trauma and memories. Breathe in, relax.

Mediation is key to improving the flow of Kundalini energy. With regular practice, you will find it easier to get quiet and call in the energy. You may find it helpful to use bloodstone or serpentine crystals in your meditation. When Kundalini energy has opened and cleansed all the chakras up to the crown, it is said that the practitioner has achieved enlightenment.

Kundalini Reiki is the gift of the Ascended Master Kuthumi brought to earth by Ole Gabrielsen. Master Kuthumi can assist with seeking higher wisdom and to use that knowledge for the highest good of all.

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Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, and owner of Maja Energy Works and Reiki Healing. She resides and practices in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys all types of Reiki and particularly loves using Reiki on animals. Patti can be found at http://majaenergyworksandreikihealing.com and https://www.facebook.com/MajaEnergyWorks.

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  • andy December 9, 2014, 9:37 am

    Thank you, nice article 🙂

  • corinne January 13, 2015, 10:25 pm

    this is interesting,i wondered what it was?but this is a easy way to explain it.im only level1 in reiki,waiting for my master to do level2 hopefully soon,i feel it flowing through me easy all ready,and do some on my family,and odd friend at times,and i enjoy getting some too,has i have ms,it keeps me going.

  • Ronfladonf January 14, 2015, 8:25 pm

    As far as I know :
    – one has to be reiki master before attempting to master this one (the overwhelming side of this energy)
    – when invoking the kundalini reiki, in my experience, usual reiki flow as normal through the crown, and kundalini rises from the root Chakra, both energies blend in the heart and that’s what give it that ‘taste’ so special

    Is it different for you?

    • jason L February 20, 2015, 11:30 am

      No you only need usui reiki 2 before being attuned to kundalini reiki . kundalini 1 is equivalent of usui reiki 3

  • Robin February 20, 2015, 2:42 pm

    This is so wild! I was practicing energy healing for some ten plus years before I learned it had a name and technique. Recently, I studied and received my Reiki Master/Teacher attunement…. BUT just like energy healing was something “I knew innately”, apparently Kundalini is too! I have used this energy w/o realizing what it was…. is that even possible since I’ve never been attuned and only recently knew the name/technique?!?! I know I am meant to heal, it’s my purpose and my passion, always has been; beginning w/working w/children and animals, then elderly and disabled and now using some combination of Usui & Kundalini Reiki w/crystals ☼ Now, how to become officially certified and attuned for Kundalini????? Thanks, in advance <3 Namaste

    • jason L February 20, 2015, 10:51 pm

      Robyn . if.your usui 2 or higher attuned its easy . I’m sure Patti can attune.you.
      I’ve trained 4,kundalini reiki masters .I’ve also been attuned in a.few different modalities .
      Violet flame reiki.master. purple reiki
      ( awesome for stuck energy or.blockage)
      Advanced kundalini . advanced kundalini boosters . nur qudrat riski . money river reiki
      Varja essence. Dragon reiki just.to.name a few. I use the chi ball method of passing distance attunements it works perfectly

  • Yogita March 20, 2015, 7:47 am

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a inspiring articles…I have done reiki 3rd degree &want to learn n know more about kundalini reiki…please guide me n share some articles related to this…Thanks once again love n light to u .

  • Ernesto May 29, 2015, 12:25 am

    I have experienced Kundalini energy myself and it is true that it can be a sudden and overwhelming experience it started with a kundalini mantra that was apssed on to me by a friend. After 40 days of constant chanting i felt a sudden surge of energy burning through me. All kinds of sensations emotions perceptions and even visions were part of my experience. Like Reiki energy which I am now attuned to, i could feel it from my hands and my head as well it was strong at times and even paralyzing it was through a friend who practices reiki and thru distant healing that I was able to balance out the energy. Even though I am grateful for this divine opportunity and experience I can also say thankfully that
    It could be dangerous if not guided by a teacher as i know now. Reiki to me is the best way to work on yourself as you learn to help others heal themselves. Namaste.

  • Somaja September 8, 2015, 11:53 pm

    This is a great article! I wish to know more about this. Is there any place I can read more. Is there any place where I can get attuned to these 3 symbols ?

  • Karl Wagner March 23, 2016, 5:50 pm

    No need to have previous Usui Reiki experience to be attuned to Kundalini Reiki Level 1.
    I personally asked Ole Gabriensen about this, and his reply was: “Since Reiki is already in the KR 1, no previous levels are necessary”.

  • Karen Marie November 2, 2016, 4:06 am

    I wanted to start my Kundalini awakening but I can’t seem to get into a meditative state. I am attuned to Reiki but it doesn’t feel very strong. It’s an amazing energy. Sometimes animals follow me.

  • Cassandra December 21, 2017, 6:43 pm

    I am about to embark on my reiki journey and will be attuned to Kundalini reiki. It is difficult to find Usui Reiki masters in my community.

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