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Why You May Be Picking up Pain from Another

Article by Justine Melton

As a Reiki Practitioner you have probably noticed that your life changes in amazing ways once you learn the healing art of Reiki. Often times people and animals become attracted to you like never before and you notice synchronicity occurring in your day to day life.

It is not uncommon for Empaths to be attracted to the healing art of Reiki or to notice that once you enter the Reiki world you develop Empath characteristics. Empaths are highly intuitive people who can feel others energy. Something that is not mentioned a lot is how being a healer can have some darker elements that are important to acknowledge and protect yourself from.

Because Reiki Practitioners are so sensitive to energy fields and are at a higher vibrational level than before learning Reiki, it is a reality that darker energies can be attracted to you as well. Here is an easy way to think of this. Think of a how a moth is attracted to a white light. The bigger the light the more moths that are attracted to it. It is very easy to feel drained, feel pain from another person and to easily absorb all of these lower energies coming at you.


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Empath Characteristics:

  • You can pick up others’ emotions mentally or physically. Basically you feel whatever another is feeling!
  • Openly feel what is outside of you.
  • Easily feel drained and are emotionally drained by crowds.
  • Highly sensitive to books, movies, and t.v. shows. You may feel that you relate to these fictional characters as if they are real people and grieve for them, feel sadness, etc…
  • Excellent listener: Complete strangers will often tell you very personal things.
  • Spiritually attuned.
  • You notice that you are highly sensitive and that the moon has a stronger pulling on your emotions that before.
  • Highly compassionate.
  • Read people’s feelings without trying.

If you are an Empath it is not uncommon to feel pain from another during a Reiki session. You may notice that you feel whatever is wrong with your client. While this can be helpful to guide you with giving them the best Reiki session possible it can be unhealthy for you as the practitioner. When a client comes to me with a broken heart I can immediately tell because I feel the sensation of my own heart being stabbed and then I feel my heart being dropped. Protecting yourself is crucial. If you allow yourself to be completely drained and be overwhelmed with all of the lower energies needing healing from your client you will not only NOT be able to help your client heal but you will be damaging yourself as well.

Easy way to protect yourself:

Before each Reiki session with a client I spend about 10-15 min doing my own guided meditation until the client arrives. I turn relaxing music on, light a candle and imagine myself being surrounded by a white bubble of light. This white bubble of light is there to protect me during the healing session. It does not allow any lower vibrations to cross over to me and is like a shield. I imagine that this shield will be with me for the entire session with the client. I put all of the Reiki symbols around this bubble and just sit in the space of protection until it is time to start with the client. This helps me to stay in the zone during a session with a client and not worry about what type of energy I will be sensing and helping to heal. Afterwards, I ground myself and wash my hands.

Wishing you all love and light.

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Justine Melton
Justine Melton

Justine Melton is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Intuitive Counselor. Reiki came into her life and changed it in amazing ways. It is her passion now to bring Reiki to others and help them to heal in a holistic way. Justine is lucky enough to be an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant. She is able to use these gifts with Reiki if asked to give extra messages during a session for the client’s highest good. You can follow Justine on her website SerenityOfTheMindAndSoul.com and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul.

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  • madhuri December 17, 2014, 10:13 am

    Very useful information.Thank you!!

  • madhuri December 17, 2014, 10:14 am

    Very useful information.Thank you.

    • Justine December 30, 2014, 1:14 am

      You are welcome! 🙂

  • Suzanne January 20, 2015, 12:02 pm

    i am a Reiki Master/ Teacher & Empath. Before a client arrives, my room is cleansed, protected & dedicated & only those that can enter, must enter with the intent of love & healing,they must enter the white light & are asked 3 times to do this. i then cleanse, ground & protect myself, as soon as the client leaves, the room is again cleansed & myself, and i rid myself of all that does not belong to me & all that doesnt serve me well.

  • Beena Rohra May 15, 2015, 1:15 pm

    I teach my students, that reiki wont bring the neg feelings. As its a one way flow. Like a waterfall. BUT its u who may pick beacuse of hr thoughts. Hence u need to protect. As nature needs balance. An island in the middle of the ocean ; often faces complete submerge , because of the low pressure created over it. And nature sending pressure with water from all sides. Hence protect self with white light.

    Thanks for the beautiful explaination.

  • swati lohia July 22, 2015, 11:07 am


  • Regina August 1, 2015, 8:19 pm

    I enjoyed this article. I am really new to reiki. I have only been practicing for a matter of weeks. I am getting many many different sensations from pain, emotions and being physically moved forwards/backward/side to side/head being pulled up. I think that I may be empath, but I have no idea. I can go straight from tears to happy with one hand movement during a session. I have no visions or audio, just feelings and maybe a little “knowing”, but I don’t really trust my knowing as I fear they are just “mind reading” based on my assumptions. I do my protection prayer prior to treatments. I was looking for a good resource to find out what different physical movements during treatments may mean,
    Thank you

  • Neelam Sawant February 2, 2018, 1:19 pm

    Thank you. Like so many times Reiki has addressed my issues and nudged me in the right direction, this time, with this issue through your guidance. Presently I used an affirmation to protect myself from negative energies and negative people during my daily Chakra balancing session. The other day just a casual hand on my friends shoulder and I felt that pain, on inquiring about his health, he admitted to a recent fall that was giving him a little trouble to his tail bone. It was a first of a kind experience and left me staggered, but your advice at a very opportune time is Reiki grace. Thank you so very much.

  • Diane April 18, 2018, 3:14 pm

    When doing Reiki on my niece who has cancer, i can feel where her pain is, my fingers vibrate, i don’t feel her pain but i can tell where it is located. Is this common ?

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