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Reiki and Noisy Neighbours

Article by Tammy Hatherill, Reiki Master

I am blessed to have a tropical environment where I work. My reiki room is surrounded by our glorious garden, allowing nature to seep into every treatment and to help clients to relax and breathe in the healing properties that only nature can provide. It’s relaxing, calming and so very, very peaceful……So you can imagine how frustrating it would be, if suddenly the neighbours begin to blast music – that I call “doof” “doof” music. Unfortunately I had that dilemma.

Instead of becoming upset and outraged about the experience, I used Reiki to assist me. What I did was send Reiki to the ‘offending’ house. Asking if it was in the highest good for all, could Reiki please stop the music from playing when I had clients?

I don’t mind people playing music of course, as music can be very therapeutic and who knows what these neighbours were going through, perhaps they were blasting the music to help raise their own vibrations. It was the ‘timing’ that slightly off with them as it was occurring whilst I had clients. Whilst I was at it, I sent Reiki to the neighbouring house on the other side. Although we’d never had music blasting from there, it’s a rental house with changing tenants every six months. So I asked Reiki to please ensure that any new tenants, who moved in, would not play music while I had clients.

My garden

When I say I sent reiki to both houses, I beamed it from my palms over the homes and used all four reiki symbols, whilst asking for my needs to be met, if it was for the highest good for all.

Would you believe the rental house was soon vacant and it has remained that way ever since! Soon after doing the above exercise the ‘offending’ house was up for sale and vacated. It was empty for about a month. For one entire month I had no neighbours at all. It was peaceful and beautifully quiet, every single time I had a client booked in. What bliss.

Then the new owners moved in. Well, I’m happy to report that they are a quiet couple and in the 11 months since doing Reiki over the homes, there has been no ‘doof doof’ music at all. The rental house is still empty. I’m positive that should it ever be lived in again (which it probably will be) the people will not play music at an unbearable level. It’s amazing with how Reiki can be used to assist with different areas of life, and this is why I’m so confident that when new neighbours do eventually move in, all will be OK.

I’m blessed to say Reiki has assisted me in giving glorious treatments to my clients in the natural and beautiful environment of my tropical oasis, minus intruding audio from another house. Reiki is amazing, and I encourage you all to embrace it’s perfection in many areas of your life.

Thank you for reading this short article that captures how powerful reiki can be.

With love, light and harmony.
Tammy xxx

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Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill is the owner/operator of Tammy’s Tarot and Healing. She is a well known Tarot and and Reiki Master/Teacher, and shared her love of tarot for over 12 months with a regular radio segment on 104.1 Territory FM. Tammy is the author of two books: Trapped Behind Bars and The Diary of a Fallen Angel, and is a journalist for numerous organisation: Reiki Rays, Tiny Buddha, Personal Growth and Hypnotherapy Journal Australia. You can find her website at www.tammystarotandhealing.com
and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammystarotandhealing/

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