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Faery (Fairy) Reiki

Article by Tammy Hatherill, Reiki Master

I have been blessed to have studied and completed a course in Faery Reiki, to become a Faery Reiki Master/Teacher. At this stage the course is only available to those that are already attuned to Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher level, due to the requirements of understanding traditional Reiki and having the attunement experience as well.

When I received the following message from Katie, I knew I had to do the course:

Are you a Reiki Master who is drawn to the Faery Realm? Have you been told that you have Faery energy around you?

Do you have a special affinity with Avalon and the Faery Elemental Realm?
This magical course teaches current Reiki Masters how to connect with the Earth’s elemental energy and the sacred energy of Avalon.

Faery Reiki originated with the beautiful healer Violet Paille who was given this magical healing energy directly from the Fae in Avalon.

Fairy Falls

Image by Jocey K

The Faery Reiki Masters Course Includes :

  • The attunement to Faery Reiki
  • Learn the Faery Reiki symbols – how to attune others and use in Reiki treatments
  • The origins and traditions of Faery
  • How to recognise the Fae and connect with them -…
  • Learn about Elementals and Devas
  • Find out about Natural Portals and gateways, trees and tree spirits
  • Violet Paille’s story and the significance of Avalon
  • Enjoy a ‘walk in awareness’ around the local bush to connect with the tree spirits and FAE
  • Relax and connect during a guided meditation to meet your Faerie Guide and join the Faerie ring

The workshop includes the attunement, manual and certificate. Faery Reiki Master graduates can go on to teach and attune others to this beautiful energy.

Please note – this is a master’s level course, therefore only Reiki Masters are able to complete this workshop.

My master lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and I’m in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia so it’s about a 4 hour plane trip down south for me. As luck would have it, I was heading down to Queensland to complete an intensive five day workshop in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at the same time of the Faery Reiki course. Unfortunately both courses collided, and yet Katie (my master) was happy to teach me the Faery Reiki, one-on-one, a few days after the group course.

What a magical and beautiful experience!!! Kate is a glorious master/teacher as I knew already from my past courses with her – and this course was no different. It was magical and so meaningful to me. I learned how to connect with the Faery realms and to identify when I was having a Faery experience. The energy is different to traditional reiki, although it’s hard to pinpoint why. I have always called myself a ‘down to earth’ spiritual person, and so I guess connecting with the earth energy was so natural to me.

At one point during the course (after the glorious attunement process) we drove to a natural reserve, and I walked bare foot through the dirt and grass, taking in the trees and flowers, birds and bees. I felt as though I was seeing things so much more clearly. I had a heightened awareness of nature. It was magical, charming and enchanting.

Then I came to a natural ‘arch’ created by a trees branch, leaning over. We had covered ‘archways’ into the Faery realm, earlier in the day and I knew beyond a doubt I had come to one such portal into the land of Faeiries and Elves.

land of Faeiries and Elves

Wow!!!, without a word of a lie, once I stepped through this archway and to the other side, I was amazed to see so many butterflies. I had not seen any beforehand as I walked around. I saw none until I walked through the archway and into the realms of this hidden and very private world. I was in awe and enjoyed nature and all that was offer. I was a silent witness to this glorious world, where the energy was amazing. I could have stayed there all day. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the baby magpies (still with grey feathers due to youth) being parented by the darker and adult birds. I was impressed with how I was now ‘seeing’ this world so clearly and so full of wonder.

On returning to the ‘classroom’ Katie took me on an amazing meditation journey, where I met my Faery Reiki Guide. It was such a deep and powerful meditation where I went extremely deep. My Faery Reiki Guide made herself known and gave me her name. Her name is Gaillectic and is happy to be called Gail for short. She is a darkhaired Faery and looks similar to me. I remember thinking whilst in the meditation if she was some part of me? She of course is extremely beautiful with long, long dark hair, with beautiful wings, and so very, very petite. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful little Faery, who has a heart of gold.

So with the course nearly at a close, I enjoyed giving Katie a Faery Reiki treatment, connecting in to the Faery energy and using the Faery symbols learned earlier in the day. Although I was somewhat awkward (as most people are when trying out a brand new skill) I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was then blessed to receive a Faery Reiki treatment from Katie. Ohh my goodness. The energy was truly beautiful. Absolutely lovely!!! I could have fallen asleep. It was the perfect way to finish off a week of ‘stress’ induced by study and courses that I’d been completing whilst in Queesland. Ahhhh it was so relaxing.

The day and course was more than I could have imagined. It was magical and dare I say this – it was a ‘fairy tale’.

Since returning home, I’ve been lucky enough to give a Faery Reiki treatment to a beautiful soul who has given the feedback that she thoroughly enjoyed it and found the energy lovely. So that’s great. It just means I have another form of reiki that I can offer people. Yes there are elements of traditional reiki in the Faery Reiki (hand positions and the like) and yet the energy is different. I find the energy is more earth bound and grounding. I really like it.

Maybe you can find a Faery Reiki Master/Teacher in your area and treat yourself something a bit different.

With love, light and harmony.
Tammy xxx

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Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill is the owner/operator of Tammy’s Tarot and Healing. She is a well known Tarot and and Reiki Master/Teacher, and shared her love of tarot for over 12 months with a regular radio segment on 104.1 Territory FM. Tammy is the author of two books: Trapped Behind Bars and The Diary of a Fallen Angel, and is a journalist for numerous organisation: Reiki Rays, Tiny Buddha, Personal Growth and Hypnotherapy Journal Australia. You can find her website at www.tammystarotandhealing.com
and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammystarotandhealing/

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  • Paula Smith December 30, 2014, 1:42 am

    I enjoyed reading your story. I am a Reiki Master in Quebec and would love to take the Faery course. I am outside most of the time and adore nature. Lucky you!

  • Carole Weave-Lane August 17, 2016, 1:11 pm

    I too am a Faery Reiki Master. I love the energy.

    • Paula August 17, 2016, 1:32 pm

      Congratulations to You. I have my Master Reiki Course and would love to take the Fairy Reiki from you but I live in Quebec and prefer to take a course in person, not by the Net. Where do you live????

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