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An Update on the Reiki Community Who Turned Their Back

Article by Tammy Hatherill, Reiki Master

Some of you may have read recently the trauma and ostracisation I went through, from a group of Reiki Masters in my local area. Where I overhead them talking about me and using the Reiki symbols to keep me from attending my Naturopathic appointments (who is also a Reiki Master) as well as not including me in their Reiki Master Meditations, and other things that I feel are not in alignment with Reiki.

I mentioned in the earlier article how the master who taught me in level one and two (Jane), had not responded to my email requests asking for clarification and advice on the non-traditional symbols that she taught. All my efforts went unanswered.

To overcome this, I know Jane is a member of a Reiki organisation that has members listed with an ability to contact them through the website. So I sent Jane yet another message, via this service, asking her about the symbols and what her issue is- causing consternation towards me. I also sent the Reiki organisation a copy of the message, to say that I hadn’t heard back from any of my previous emails, and that if I didn’t hear back from Jane from their website, then there must be a bigger concern going on.


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In actual fact I was once a member of this organisation myself, and left after the treatment I received from Jane and certain Masters from within her group. I could not understand how a Professional Reiki Body could allow such behaviour from its members. I found them unsupportive actually, and so chose to no longer associate with them. I’m now with a tremendous organisation that I recommend to everyone – the International Institute for Complementary Therapists is a profoundly professional body and whom I recommend to all my Reiki students. Having and being supported by true professionals has added such joy and contentment to my Reiki experience.

Thankfully, after some time, I did receive a short response from Jane in regards to my questions. However it failed to answer all my queries. There was a little bit about the symbols but nothing to indicate why she held consternation about me. So I wrote another email to her and ask her to please respond to the unanswered questions. That was many, many, many weeks ago and I have not received a response. It’s very sad. Ignoring genuine questions or difficult to answer questions, is not the loving way to go about a situation, in my humble opinion.

What could Jane have sent to me, to answer my questions and stop my need to email. Something along the lines of:

“Dear Tammy, I’m sorry I haven’t taken my time to respond, however I want to get the wording correct. I am dreadfully sorry you overhead us talking and felt ostracised. This was not our intention what so ever. As Reiki Masters we embrace all forms of Reiki and don’t believe ours is better than yours, and so you would have been more than welcome to attend our Reiki masters Meditation evening. It was an oversight on our behalf, and I do truly apologise.

Tammy, perhaps you are aware of energy and compatibility? The naturopath no longer felt she was the right person to treat you, and did not want to offend you, and so together we used the reiki symbols to determine if you were a right match for her or not. There was no malice involved, although I appreciate that overhearing this, may have indicated otherwise.

Please accept my sincerest apologies that you have been exposed to this dreadful situation.

With love and light.

Who agrees that receiving a nice email like that, acknowledging and validating my experience would have been much, much nicer than the few lines I did receive from her, with most of my questions left unanswered? As I won’t receive this from Jane, I have “heard” this coming from her on a psychic level and have accepted it as coming from her. It has helped so much more in my forgiving and letting go.

So what have I learned from all of this! I have learned that I need more compassion towards people. I thought I had let go of the anger, hurt and rejection, when I wrote my first article about the experiences with Jane and the others….. On reflection I had not. The mere fact I wanted an answer from this woman, demonstrates that perhaps I hadn’t quite let go of it. Isn’t that a “funny “insight… I thought by receiving an explanation to what her problem is and her justification for treating a fellow Reiki master so poorly, would help.

That’s not the case. I need compassion and love (genuine compassion and love) towards this group of Masters who hurt me. I need to take responsibility for my own reaction, which I thought I had, and through deep inner work over the past little while, have moved forward even more. Despite what they did to me and the hurt associated with it, plus the continued ignoring of me, I feel compassion.

What is going on in their lives to behave this way? Have they ever dealt with an assertive person before who asks out right what is on their mind and for answers? Are they capable of dealing with people with different energy levels? Truly I do not know what their experiences are or how they’ve learned to overcome obstacles. I’ve always learned to talk about it and get it cleared and that ignoring and sweeping things under the carpet only makes things worse. Perhaps not everyone is raised with this and if something is uncomfortable or challenges them, then ignoring the person is their method? With a compassionate heart, I have been able to move past this. I understand now that perhaps this group truly deals with things in a very different manner. Does that make me right and them wrong. NO – not necessarily I don’t think. It just means we are out of ‘alignment’ and their energy and mine don’t gel. Is that bad? – No!!! Not at all as not everyone will connect with everyone else.


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I’ve learned to stop putting right/wrong on the matter. I’ve learned to accept that it’s how I view the situation in my mind that counts. I chose to only replay the situation with that image of receiving a lovely email from Jane, validating my feeling, and apologising. I know this has not occurred in ‘real’ life, however do I want to live with anger and resentment, or do I want to live with a lovely feeling of peace and tranquillity? The latter of course, so I’ve now received what I was after… validation, acceptance and an apology.

It’s amazing with how my hear swells with love for them now. I don’t need answers anymore. I was allowing myself to be dragged down into lower energy, and wanting an explanation for behaviour I felt wasn’t in alignment with the Reiki precepts. Compassion and love, and not having the mindset of right/wrong, has helped me enormously.

Of course the power of Reiki itself has helped. I have sent this back to the situation, I have meditated on the symbols, and I have sent Reiki out to all the masters involved in this dreadful experience(permission granted from spirit to do so), and to myself. I now feel as though I have truly moved past it.

What a gloriously difficult lesson that spirit sent me with this experience. Now I’m through it and out the other side I can say “thank you spirit” with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Does this article help you? Sometimes we feel we are truly over a situation, only to learn later we are not, and this comes when your heart truly, truly feels light about it and you can look back and send love, love, love!!!

Big hugs to everyone. Love, light and harmony.
Tammy xxx

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Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill

Tammy Hatherill is the owner/operator of Tammy’s Tarot and Healing. She is a well known Tarot and and Reiki Master/Teacher, and shared her love of tarot for over 12 months with a regular radio segment on 104.1 Territory FM. Tammy is the author of two books: Trapped Behind Bars and The Diary of a Fallen Angel, and is a journalist for numerous organisation: Reiki Rays, Tiny Buddha, Personal Growth and Hypnotherapy Journal Australia. You can find her website at www.tammystarotandhealing.com
and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammystarotandhealing/

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  • Ronfladonf October 28, 2014, 7:55 pm

    Hi Tammy ,

    Glad to see you have evolved on this subject.
    I find this great you share this experience , thank you so much.

    I can feel you still hold a little emotional weight about this story but nothing like the first time I read you.
    I feel you have let go a great part of this weight. Congratulations!

    The way you handled this is very courageous, not everyone is able to behave the way you did.

  • Tammy Hatherill - Reiki Master October 29, 2014, 4:58 am

    Hi Ronfladonf, thanks for your comments and feedback. Yes I feel much, much lighter with this whole experience. It really did knock the wind from my sails and I was taken by surprise, no doubt about it. I do feel as though I’m 99 per cent there, although spirit will probably bring something to my attention again sooner or later, just to see how far I’ve come along on this particular lesson. I’m blessed to have learned it and still feel I’m blossoming. I won’t let anyone bring me down and in such a manner. Talking of ‘manners’ I still feel being totally ignored is not the solution to solving an issue with someone who is asking questions. That’s rude… however people live their lives as they chose and they have that right. Big hugs and thanks for your comment. Tammy xxx

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