Spirit Guides, Angels, and Archangels

Article by Ananya Sen

Everyone has a spirit guide. These are usually deceased loved ones on the other side, people who we once knew in some lifetime and who have ascended. They become our guides. There are several dimensions above the earthly plane and these guides, angels and archangels exist in these dimensions.

Let us understand the differences between these higher beings. This is entirely from my own experience and understanding after working with them for sometime.

A spirit guide is your guide for life. He or she is a deceased loved one or a close soul family member or friend. This is your personal guide, they only cater to your needs.
Your spirit guide is always with you in all of your life’s experiences and hardships, in your sorrows and joys. They feel your pain and joy along with you. And I know from experience they appeal to God and the higher beings on your behalf for things you’re trying to manifest or struggling with.

As I have mentioned before, Zino Athens is my spirit guide. When I got to know him first, I was not sure whether I was imagining it or did I actually see someone from the Roman / Grecian era! I even thought he looked like a ‘Gladiator.’ I got to know about my other guides from him. I have a total of three guides in this lifetime. Each of them are responsible for a particular area of my life, though I am free to call them anytime for anything.

Snow Angel
Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

The Angels and Archangels higher than the spirit guides, they are not particularly assigned to you, but can be called upon by anyone and everyone. There are millions of angels in the cosmos and they are all waiting to help us. These angels are headed by leaders called the Archangels. The word ‘arch’ means chief. Archangels have a mission to help humanity in a large way. They only help if we ask for it as they never interfere with our free will.

The Angels and Archangels are also very close to the earthly plane, but help many people all at once. This is the main difference between the guides and the angels. The guides are yours exclusively and the angels can help many of us at the same time.

I am enclosing a simple and yet effective method to connect with these beings. I learnt this method in my Reiki 2 class. Do not give up as it may take a few attempts to make the connection.

  1. Connect with HSZSN to your spirit guide or any Archangel. When you use HSZSN, you instantly make that connection with the other being’s energy, so don’t doubt whether you have connected or not.
  2. Start by asking simple questions such as “Am I on the right path?” or “What do I need to know today?” etc. You will hear the answer as whispers in your head, you may feel pressure or goosebumps or a tingling sensation when the connection is made. That is a direct confirmation that your guide or angel is present with you.
  3. To know the name of your spirit guide, you need to say “I want to know the name of my spirit guide” a few times and wait. You will hear a name inside your head, the name may make sense or not. It doesn’t matter because names are an earthly requirement. Spirit guides do not have a name, they just have a vibration. Accept whatever you hear as their name and start your bonding exercise!
  4. Do keep a journal and jot down whatever information you gather after each connection. With time you will see the messages are becoming clearer and stronger, so persevere with the process. All the best.

(Spanish translation by Gustavo Cristian Fritz — available here)

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Ananya Sen

Ananya Sen

Ananya is an Usui and Karmic Reiki Teacher and is also certified in Magnified Healing. She teaches and reads the Akashic Records, Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards. She is highly aura sensitive and gifted with claircognizant abilities. She lives in Bangalore, India. Ananya can be reached at http://www.zinoathensreiki.com/ and via her email address zinoathens@gmail.com.


  1. Kya aap kisi or ka SPIRIT GUIDE kaun hai bata sakte hain ? Hum soch rehe the nxt tym jab aapse baat hogi tab aapse pouchenge ke ZINO ANTHENS kya hai aur mera jabab bhi mil gaya bina pooche..

  2. I dearly love all of your articles! ! Every time I have a question you seem to post something that resonates and I get an answer. Thank you so much!!!

    • Sylvia Schultheis- I was just thinking the same thing!! I am often directed to Ananya Sen’s articles for guidance 🙂

  3. Thanks for my Answer.. As always. Love your articles. So guardian angels can be said as spirit guide as they are personally assign to each of us? I know one of my guide I did the process of Doreen stating to know my guardian angel. I got very clear answer. Are they same ?

    • No guardian angel and spirit guide aren’t the same… guardian angel are angels, they are high vibrational beings…the guide as I said is a deceased loved one or someone who once was in an earthly body

  4. Kindly suggest few names of Angles for connection using distance symbol. Many thanks for your articles which is beneficial too much for us.

  5. If any1 posted anything in the public domain , its his/her duty to fulfill all the queries regarding the subject . If you don’t , then plz don’t put anything in the public. Lots of people asked you many questions but you did not answered. Its my request to you plz try to fulfill their queries.

  6. Neeha,

    This is NOT public domain it is a private site and all the questions don’t have to answered if the owner hasn’t the time or whatever. If you want to know about Angels or Arch Angels simply Google them but I am sure if you look back through the archives you’ll find information about them. I hope this was helpfulto you.

  7. I so needed to read this today. I know my guide has been there for me and has done much protection and guidance with me. I also know I have received Much protection from many others, and I am so grateful.

  8. Dear Ananya ji
    Aapni bhalo aachhen toh.
    This is my request to you personally. How can you help me if I m suffering from different problems and I am distantly very far from you.I m in macau, china and right now cannot come there.So please tell me in this situation how can you help me.

    Karna hang limbu

  9. This is interesting. I had a connection with, what I learned many years later, was an angel or spirit. It was a dream: he spoke to me, but without moving his mouth or opening his eyes. He just stood there in a very bright white light and he was dressed in blue. He gave me teachings about unconditional love and many things about life that would be hard to summarize here, but I had never heard or read about any of these things. When I had that dream, I was 20, now I’m 46, have become a level 3 reiki practitioner and am totally aware of so many things that are invisible to most people. I’d love to try this connection exercise, but honestly, it scares me. Please, give me advice on how to overcome this fear. I know something good is on the other side of this fear.

  10. Your method deffinently works!

    Always trust what you are given , but dont get too excited that you just forget everything you are doing lol , keep focusing on your flower , we aware of it , whilst your guide is there , it keeps your mind from nattering too much , im so glad it worked for you , it did for me too

    the main thing is being relaxed, they will always feel what you are feeling , if you are scared , they wont show up /communicate until you are ready , keep at it ! good luck

  11. I have only just been attuned tiki 1&2 in January 2015 reading all people’s questions and your replies is so helpful since starting doing tiki and meditating and working with angel cards my life has been so peaceful I love your articles thank you

  12. You have to be careful with spirit guides. i was under spiritual attack for Years from 2006-2014 because i tried to connect with a spirit guide and didnt do it right and was lied to forever about my life,my future, etc. Now i talk only to the angels because im fearful of who might answer.

  13. You should always start a session with the afermations for the highes good and I am caling out to the spirits and guides that love and care for me. My shaman teachings told me to stay away from anything that has fangs or looks like an insect keep your wits and reject anything that proves to be negative or mis leading. energys on the other side of the veil dont always have the best grasp on day to day human existance so you should take some of there advice with a grain of salt. Use your imagination to frame your questions with visual images sounds and any thing els you can concieve. Dont be surprized if they get back to you later with answers that will pop up in your life.
    There idea of time is diferent than ours and they like to surprize us sometimes and they defenetly have a sence of humer.


    steven grey coyotie Haines

  14. I had a level 1 Usui Reiki Atunement and love doing Reiki. My Reiki Master that thought me got very upset when I use card with my Reiki clients and said I am doing the Reiki she teaches wrong. That I am not alourd to us cards unless i get a speicial Atunment for it. That I am not suppose to use the Angels or any Guids and was told I cannot do Reiki like that because it is not Reiki, it is something else and i need a Atunement for what ever it is Im doing she called it .( modalities) I pull one card to help me know what the clients energy is like and the card will show what Chakra needs work on. The cards I use are Energy Healing cards From Lee-Anne Peter from Temple of Balance. Now I am very confused and need help with this. I do not want to do Reiki wrong but I did not find anything that says i need atunement for( Modalities) and Im lost now and feel very upset about it all. Everyone I did Reiki was very happy with it and even came back to me for Reiki again. Plaese can you help me and give me a anwser for what to do and if I do need another kind of Atunement . Feeling so lost and sad . Than you Madeline Garcia Namaste.

    • Hi, I am a 2nd degree Reiki Master. When you go to level 2 you will do a aura scan of your client. You will be able to feel which charkas are out of balance. Just keep doing reiki on yourself and when you receive your attunement for 2nd degree study your manual and you will see. Its easy to feel the energy.

      Please dont be discourage, reiki is beautiful no extra things are really needed. Crystals add extra enhancements.

      Take it slow and steady. There is alot going on in these dimensions.

      Be blessed

  15. I love these articles and like to print them out. I’ve noticed that some pages have a printable option, but not all of them do. Would it be possible to add that to all your pages? Thanks so much for your good information.

  16. Hello
    I have a question I have had two experiences within two weeks while sleeping, I feel a breeze of air flowing through one nostril of my nose coming out of the other. This sensation is freaking me out a little it wakes me up. I do have healing stones in my window that I cleanse and do reiki on them . I did buy some new ones lately. I did cleanse with sea salt and reiki .Anyone else have this experience and what it it?

  17. Not only do we have personal guides, angels and archangels, we also have animal spirit guides or totems. I have 3, a mammoth, an eagle and a silver wolf. The silver wolf often helps me with Animal Reiki treatments.

  18. Hi I’m ready to do my level 2 but feel freaked out, as another practitioner said she was attacked by evil spirits and it made her very ill, I don’t want to attract anything like this and just thought reiki was all about good energies, but I’ve been told there’s a dark side to it

    • I’ve heard that practitioners will sometimes experience negative energies emanating from their client during a treatment session. While it’s good for the client to be releasing these energies, it is not good for the practitioner to experience them. So, it’s important for the practitioner to protect him or herself with certain things like crystals, incense or smudging, or even calling on their guides or angels for protection. I understand Archangel Michael is the best for protection.

  19. Hi Ananya. I tried to reach you through your Email address give here but It says the email id is not correct. Can you please give me the correct email address.

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