[Infographic] Reiki Symbols


There’s a lot of information “out there” regarding the four “original” (or traditional) symbols used in Reiki.

For easy reference and convenience, we created this one page infographic, which shows a summary of the most important information about each symbol.

Click the image below for full size. For the printable PDF version, see the link at the end of the article.

Reiki Symbols
Reiki Symbols Infographic– click image for full size

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  1. It is a shame that you are dishonoring the tradition by putting these sacred symbols out to the public without proper training and attunements of the recipients.

    • Really Thresa? The symbols hsve been in books and on line for the last 15 years! The inly ones that realky want to keep them secret are the ones wanting to make money from them.

      • I agree. How can anyone think it’s okay to keep these symbols secret? The ‘tradition’ of reiki has been to charge
        outrageous fees for workshops and attunements, and in order to keep these symbols only for “those in the know”,
        which then gives one the feeling of superiority, of belonging to an inclusive club. To my mind, reiki is for everyone.

    • It was Takata who instructed that the symbols were sacred not Usui. There are many faults with what Takata, even Foromoto cannot describe the phenom that is Reiki. The symbols are not secret or sacred. They were developed by Hayashi to overcome the problem. The problem with the Usui Shiki Ryoho system (Usui’s own system) always started with a meditation to lift the vibrations up to a level that allowed a persons vibrations within the psychic/ emotional body. Hayaski’s symbols system allowed that to happen without the need of meditation.

    • These symbols can only be used for good, so how can it be bad to post them? Especially on a site dedicated to Reiki. Besides they can only be used by those attuned, and if they are not the symbols you were attuned with they are not as effective (understanding that intention is most important)

    • There is no dishonor in posting these symbols. They can only be used for good, so how can it be bad to show them? Especially on a site dedicated to Reiki. They can only be used by those attuned, and if they are not the symbols you were attuned with they are not as effective (understanding that intention is most important).

    • I asked for guidance on this subject and was given this vision. An adult hand was holding car keys and handing them to a toddler. The toddler thought they were pretty, but didn’t know how to use them! LOL Try to think in positive terms. There is no way I can think of to hold back technology. My potential students are very smart and look at the symbols before class. I can’t stop them from doing it. But then I show them how to turn the key!

  2. While I know some don’t agree with it I am grateful that this ‘cheat sheet’ has been provided. I have been looking for something to place in my work area until I memorize all of the motions for symbols, and I don’t like having to hold my book while doing my work. I have only just recently received my attunements to use these, but it will take time to memorize them.

      • Shirley, With the greatest respect, sacred is not the same as secret. Maintain respect for the symbols is the duty of every practitioner of Reiki. I think this is a dedicated place for it.

        We all know that the symbols are ineffective if we have not been receive the atturnements for them.

        Finally I think the Reikirays intention is to help Reiki practitioners around the world and not to violate the tradition of Reiki.

        with love


  3. Add to all this, mist of the info that has come out about Reiki in the last 5 to 10 years from Japan shows that the symbols were used like training wheels and discarded after a time. They did not become sacred or “secret” till Reiki came to the west

  4. sincerelly…..I don´t even understand why you are all discussing this….cause the one´s that have to see this information, will see it…attuned or not.

    Blessings to all.
    All barriers are gone now!…Open your heart and listen.

  5. Thank you for this. I have achieved the master level attunement and it has come in handy in many areas in my life. I really enjoy and appreciate the information you provide.

  6. Thank You, I love this site and the information you provide.
    I have completed the Master Level and love Reiki and what it stands for.
    Especially “Be Kind to all”

  7. Most of these have been in books for years. The intunements empower them and you together as one. The master symbols are usually not printed and shown.

  8. If all 4 symbols are shown and one is not a Master yet it could become confusing as they might try to use it. This symbol has never been shown and should be respected as all other symbols are. I know it does not work without attunement but is still sacred and something that is given when one is allowed to become a Master

  9. You are all right. The time have come. Soon the call to all the masters will be heard. I mean all the healers,whatever his practice may be, will be ask to give a one session on a specific day at a specific hour directed to the human species. That session will be held around the world on a continous movement. It will be called the Healing day of the humanity. No more secrets. The way is now open. The light will make his way thrue the gates. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, this is what i heard.

  10. Reiki symbles needs proper visualisation.we should learn to wright ‘A’ before ‘B’. Therefore, first three symbols can be made open for public.

  11. Whereas I agree that most people on here do reiki and are aware of the symbols anyway, I’m sure several non reiki people see these as well. I think it’s a little misleading to those who aren’t attuned. Who read this with the understanding that these symbols will help them only to discover it didn’t work. Which in turn gives reiki a bad name for those who don’t understand. I think it’s safer to keep them as hidden as possible.

  12. I think the symbol of turning the key is beautiful and so true. There are so many times in life we learn something or we have something explained only to realise Yes I already had this knowledge all along but didn’t have the key to use it to its full potential.
    Christine in love and light.

  13. To thank you for this information as I searched looking for a print out to assist me in my reiki training. I appreciate the help and advise and there isn’t anything wrong in help offered. Theres a lot to reiki and using these symbols – One thing for sure is reading all the negative replies on here makes me feel glad any of you aren’t anywhere near me – keep your bad energy to yourself : )

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