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Know in Detail about Healing Crisis

Reiki heals a person on all levels. This healing involves smooth energy flow, removal of blockages and releases any sort of mental or emotional imbalances in the body. The levels of healing will depend on our state of body, belief on the Almighty and unique expressions of our God in mind. The experience of every individual for Reiki treatment is different and so is its reaction on every person. There is no way to indicate that healing occurs or not and a person can identify from their body or mind improvements to realize the impact of Reiki. There are energy conversions and transformations undertaken for Reiki patients and they have different experiences than other people, who have undertaken similar treatment. You can get concerned with your own mode of healing and the journey of getting better will be uniquely defined for everyone.

Each healing crisis accompanies feelings of well-being and better vitality.

The process of curing begins from head down and in reverse order with the symptoms appearing for them. You may or may not experience the common events felt by people as every case is different for Reiki practitioners. Healing occurs holistically for Reiki patients. The body of patient includes the attributes causing crisis in it and healing for such crisis is a natural way. Healing crisis can be handled with the body’s ability to go through it.

Clearing the body is essential

You need to cleanse the body as it will not be comfortable to begin any foundation without clearing your mind. The reactions involved will keep better functioning of the body. It is essential to clean up the wastage before beginning any Reiki session. There will be warm up cleanup session required to begin Reiki treatment for your body or mind. The healing crisis may help in getting rid of toxins from the body and put back the order of circulation to eliminate any blockages. There might be some effects included after clearing of Reiki:

  • Sensation of fatigue or restlessness
  • Unusual body odor, sweating and discharge from skin
  • Frequent urination, constipation or loose motions
  • Fever
  • Feeling of numbness
  • Pain in any body part(s)
  • Mental instability & restlessness
  • Awkward dreams
  • Decrease in sexual desire

Healing Crisis

These healing crises might occur for a few hours to days. The symptoms might depend on your present condition. If your body has many blockages, it will require stronger clean up and show up different discharge reactions.

There are gradual changes in diet made; you can clear up your body with it. The elimination process brings previous troubles in such a way that you will forget the older way of living and begin a fresh life. Healing crisis can get diversification from diseased processes and it will be in fact a stronger way to carry forward the healing process. Healing crisis can bring accumulation of better healthy conditions in the body and even makes better modes of improvement of body.

Healing crisis might occur after a person brings better changes in their lifestyle, diet, nature, detoxification cure, leaving addictions, adopting meditation techniques or new exercising or yoga schedule. There is actually feeling of well-being and balance during healing the crisis. In deep down attitude, there will be a good feeling hidden behind healing crisis.

When can be Healing Crisis observed?

In average terms, healing crisis develop within 3 months and in some cases, it might not appear even after year. Young people might get crisis quickly than older people. There can be single or multiple healing crises observed. There is deeper shifting of healing process, which shows the discharge of healing crisis symptoms. The recurrence of these symptoms can arise several times in a few months.

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