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Perspective and Helpful Tips: Exploring Reiki for the First Time from a Creative Point-of-View

Article by Travis W McCulley, Reiki Master

When I initially started learning about Reiki and making changes in my life, it was more than just practicing Reiki. I found myself exploring my whole life and using various ways to utilize this healing energy. I have always been intrigued by holistic studies, but never to the point of living it every day. When I started utilizing REIKI on a daily basis, it became a passion for me to learn and explore as much as possible. I wanted it to be more than just an experience, but a passion too. From my experience, I believe having a process that is meaningful can make learning the healing energy more effective (than just by the book and specific protocols).

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I found my own strategies to be useful in learning about energy. Hence, the reason I share this as a guideline to starting the process. First, I started a journal that represented me and the practice of energy healing. It was a way for me to connect to the energy and to be creative in the process. Second, I utilized a Chakra program to explore my energy fields and to work on identifying areas that lacked “balance” due to blockage. Additionally, I would journal each learning experience as a way to process the energy. Third, I would use Reiki cards to focus on specific areas in my life. The cards would give me a direction to direct the energy and a variety of ways to use the energy. I created more of an active stance to using the energy from different learning points than just “typical” Reiki sessions.

In concluding, I have found the utilization of various activities as a good way to learn and explore the practice of Reiki! From my perspective, the key is to follow the energy and allow for a creative process. I think being creative and enjoying the experience too allows for a greater learning experience. Additionally, “doors could open” to the healing practice, if the practice gives room for individualized/creative care. This is not to say that Reiki doesn’t work without certain methods, but creativeness can lead to finding more meaning in the process. Reiki could be viewed as more of a process than just a session(s), it could be an exploration guided by creativeness!

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Travis W McCulley

Travis W McCulley

Travis W McCulley works for a major hospital providing psycho-educational groups to adolescent patients in a psychiatric setting. He has worked in various capacities in the mental health field over the years. He has a graduate degree and other credentials related to the counseling field. Travis has always had an interest in holistic studies, which led him to the healing method of REIKI! Travis is both a Reiki Master and Certified Practical Reiki Instructor for Nurses/Caregivers. He practices REIKI every day and experiences something similar to a “running high” without the physical exhaustion! Reach Travis at http://www.tntawakenings.massageplanet.com/ and on Facebook (TNT AWAKENINGs).

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