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Reiki and Yoga

Reiki and yoga are both considered as methods that can lead people to experiences of enlightenment and self-fulfillment. Both are compatible with each other and can be used together for acquiring better results. If you want to increase the flow of Reiki energy within your life, one simple method is to start practicing yoga. These two techniques assist each other for producing better results associated with both practices. Reiki can help people in understanding deeper energies of Yoga, while Yoga can increase the understanding level of Reiki practitioner regarding the energy.

Just like Reiki, Yoga is also all about balance. The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit language that means “union”. The purpose of yoga is to create balance between human mind, spirit and body to achieve a sense of fulfillment. As Reiki treatment revolves around 7 chakras, the seven basic Yoga postures are also connected with the seven chakras.

Many Reiki practitioners who start practicing yoga reported better results with their healing after the use of Yoga. It is now an established fact that Yoga can also add to the positive results for practitioners. As yoga basically deals with the physical body and Reiki with mind, combination of both practices can help people in having better control over them.

Both Reiki and Yoga practitioners believe that the key to life is life force energy or Prana. Both claim that following their practices can help people in better flow of life force energy within body that can help in promoting natural healing. They are considered as beneficial for both mental and physical disorders. These similarities between both practices are a proof that there is nothing in contradiction between the two techniques. In fact, except of the difference in techniques, both claim to achieve same results for humans. Both practices complement each other and can add productivity of Yoga expert or Reiki practitioner. It is also observed that senior yoga experts often supplement their practices with Reiki attunement. Many Yoga experts claim that Reiki enables them to feel the flow of energy in their body and even in their daily life.

Reiki and Yoga, if practiced in combination can bring a person to a state where you can feel the divine within yourself. It can bring you to a place of stillness, a void, a clarity that enables you to achieve greater awareness about hidden divine realities around you. It is combination and synchronization of mind and body. Some Yoga experts use Reiki to fill themselves with life force energy, while yoga is used to create better flow of that energy around them in their daily life.

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  • Neelima August 13, 2013, 12:04 pm

    Dear reiki rays
    Thanks for posting wonderful articles.
    Yoga with reiki .can u plz tell me what kind of yoga posters or breathing exercises to be practiced to improve my reiki energy.
    Kindly advice.

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