The Way of Reiki

Article by Phillip Hawkins

Without understanding why or even knowing your name I searched for you, and invited you into my life. Softly you entered and helped bring about changes that left me in awe of your power and breathless by the beauty to unfold. Never against my will; you led me to discover new paths and remember truths learnt many lifetimes ago, with each new road the opportunity to break new ground and old beliefs in equal measure, to walk a path less traveled and leave a marker for those who would follow.

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Though my destiny is already secure, I must still take each step on my journey of discovery that will one day lead me back to my spiritual home. Where my foot falls matters not, for the lessons learned and the truths to be discovered are forever within, my journey merely provides the experiences necessary to discover them. My destination is not a place; it’s a state of mind that helps me discover my true self, and to be in harmony with all things.

The way of Reiki is a journey we all can take; a journey during which time we are both student and teacher, a seeker of truth and the giver of wisdom and each step taken gifts us the opportunity to find the knowledge and understanding we search for. Weary of this journey we will inevitably stumble and fall and question our beliefs, in those times of fear and uncertainty the voice we hear may echo the doubts of fellow travelers seeking guidance on their own journey of discovery. Solitude can provide us with a place of rest and contemplation, and gift us the opportunity to help others find their own way of Reiki.

Phillip Hawkins

Phillip Hawkins

Phillip Hawkins is a practicing psychic medium. He has been practicing Reiki since 1999, and he’s been a Reiki teacher since 2000. In addition to teaching, when time allows he gives talks and leads discussion groups on the above topics. Applying Reiki on a daily basis has transformed his life and continues to do so as each day brings with it a new and deeper understanding of Reiki and of life. Phillip would like the opportunity to share that knowledge experience with others in an open minded and non judgemental way in a Reiki Rays ‘community of enquiry’.

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