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Five Element Seichem

Seichem Reiki is considered as one of the most effective forms of healing in West. The system is initially founded by Alex Baisley in Canada. The basics of Seichem healing revolve around the five elements that are considered as fundamental part of Universal life form. These five elements are used to promote healing process in Reiki.

Reiki Masters who use Seichem Reiki believe that each life element has its own energy vibrations that can be used to facilitate healing during a Reiki treatment. The use of Seichem can help Reiki master to remove the negative energies from each cell and to replace the energy of recipient body with positive energy. Five elements Seichem is a good way to ensure better mental and physical health. Today, in modern world especially west, these evolved forms of ancient Reiki are becoming more and more popular among people who believe that Reiki treatment can bring peace and balance into their lives.


Image by Sue Hasker

Many Reiki practitioners believe that Seichem with vital elements like water, fire and air represent female energy, while Reiki that consists of earth element is a masculine energy. While it was a common believe that only Men can become Reiki masters due to weak and emotional status of woman, new concepts like Seichem treatment that complement Reiki allows all genders to become Reiki practitioners.

Even though, the method is invented recently by a Canadian Reiki master, but the concept of utilizing five elements aspects of all Universal Life force that is part of every creation is an ancient concept based on theories found in old Buddhist, Christ, Egyptian, Vedic and Yogic teachings. Many tutors claim that Seichem treatment is very effective for treating chronic and critical illness. Soothing effect created by Seichem treatment can not only help in reducing side effects of intensive medical treatments for chronic diseases, but can also help in facilitating the healing process.

Seichem treatment known as Violet Flame Seichem is effectively used by Reiki practitioners for spiritual transformation. Its powerful effects can help people in transmuting themselves from lower self from upper and divine self with the use of higher vibrations. Seichem is a great way to transform your lower vibrations into higher vibrations.

Basically, Seichem is based on four vital elements that are fundamental part of Universal life force. These four elements are water, fire, air and ether. The basic Reiki that consists of the element earth when combined with Secihem, the Reiki treatment is called five elements Secihem. In Secihem treatment, Reiki is used for grounding purpose and to create foundation for the process. Secihem healing is a good way to connect all 5 elements of universal life force. This method is used by many practitioners for self healing, especially to connect themselves to divine consciousness of rays of each element. Reiki masters believe that by using this method, one can transform himself from Universal life to Universal light and could achieve divine status. With Reiki only allowing simple transformation of energy, more innovative and modern forms of Reiki like Secihem allows Reiki practitioners to practice different forms of treatments using Reiki.

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